4K vs 1080p Laptop : UHD vs FHD: Easy & Simple Guide in 2021

Buying a laptop is a big-ticket purchase and sometimes people spend more than $1000 on buying a laptop. This decision must be informed and made after reading all content that explains the difference between 1080p and 4K resolution. People want higher screen resolution for enjoying Netflix, Gaming, Originals, and YouTube at its most.

A buyer needs to know how much more have to pay to get a laptop having 4K resolution as compared to the average price of 1080p resolution laptops and whether it worth to pay this more price for enjoying 4K or not? After all, large number of buyers makes the price-value comparison between 4K vs 1080p laptop.  

Screen resolution defines the clarity and quality of the images & graphics shows on laptop screen. At higher resolution, images appear sharper with more number of pixels. A Netflix lover would definitely enjoy its content at 4K resolution and can find the same TV shows more interesting at 4K comparing to 1080p.

In the context of Netflix, the debate about 4K vs 1080p laptop confirms us that 4K laptops win the battle.

It is true that 4K resolution comes with more pixels which create sharp images, but it does not mean 1080p is bad and does not produce quality images. Majority people still watch Netflix at 1080p because watching it at 4K resolution consumes lots of internet data.

According to the statistics, 1080p consumes 3.1GB per hour streaming at 6960 kbps and 4K consumes 7GB per hour streaming at 16000 kbps. Mostly people prefer 4K resolution only for selective content.

The Price Difference between 4K and 1080P Laptops

The average price difference between laptop with 1080p display and 4K display can range from $300 to $500. This is a big difference and buyer must be confident about demanding 4K feature in laptop because otherwise can save $300 to $500 with wise decision.

All about 4K UHD Laptops

With 4K, you enjoy more defined and sharp 3840×2160 images known as UHD and four times better than Full HD. Images that are down-converted from 4K to Full-HD 1080p enjoys better quality and sharpness as compared to original image taken at 1080p resolution in first time.

Laptops with 4K resolution also consume more power and battery drains is also at higher rate. There is no doubt that its maintenance is not easy for the average daily user.

There is no doubt UHD offers way more sharp and in-depth pictures comparing to FHD, UHD wins the race when its FHD vs UHD.

Pros of 4K Laptops

These are the two main advantages of 4K laptops discussed in the following.

Sharp Images / Better Picture Quality

4K laptops come with latest technology produces image looks more than real. There are no doubt watching movies and TV shows on 4K screen is much more realistic experience than watching in on 1080p resolution. A screen junky must go for a 4K laptop considering can afford the expensive maintenance.

Best for Video-Editors / Photo-Editors

The demand for 4K supported video and photo editing is increasing on freelancing platforms, such projects are only possible on 4K supported laptops only. “Adobe Photoshop” and “Adobe Premier Pro” have introduced its 4K mode which enables the user to create everything on 4K resolution with more pixels. This is the only best choice for those freelancers who are skilled for this.

Cons of 4K Laptops

There are mainly three Cons of 4K laptops, discussed in the following.


A laptop with support of 4K resolution are much more expensive than 1080p ones. Buying it as an investment for freelancers is definitely good. On average, it cost $500 more comparing to laptops with 1080p resolution.

Battery Drains Really Fast

4K displays delivers more pixels to create the image than 1080p displays, they maintain 6.22 million more pixels than a 1080p display, more pixels leads to more battery consumption and drainage. Moreover, there is no use of downgrading the screen resolution from 4K to 1080p; it will affect the same as. Consuming the UHD is very much expensive in all areas comparing to HD.

In the comparison between 4K vs 1080p laptop, this factor must be critical for the buyers because mostly users shows very much concerned about battery life.

No Good for Gaming and Regular Use

4K laptops suffer from low Screen Refresh Rate of 60 Hz and mostly AAA rated latest games requires high screen refresh rate of 120 Hz for best gameplay. In the result, playing the games on 4K laptops will experience you low FPS and screen tearing because the refresh rate is low and display takes more time to get refreshed.

To be a gamer and choosing between 4K vs 1080p laptop, 4K laptops is definitely not a good option for next few years.

Pros of 1080p FHD Laptop Display

We will discuss here the Pros of laptops with 1080p resolution in the following.


We have also mentioned earlier that laptops with 1080p display are around $300-$500 cheaper than laptops with 4K displays and this is big difference. Watching movies on 1080p is still a very good experience.

Better Battery Life

Laptops with 1080p display deliver 2 million pixels and 4K laptops deliver 8.22 million pixels, this difference helps the 1080p laptops to enjoy longer battery hours. More pixels consume more laptop battery, an opportunity cost of enjoying the content at 4K.

Experts and popular game developers recommend gaming at 1080p Full HD, because it offers high screen refresh rate up to 120 Hz. Higher the screen refresh rate, the smooth the gameplay experience will be. Otherwise, low refresh rate leads to low FPS and screen shuttering. 1080p display is considered as the balanced display for performing daily routine tasks.

More Popular

1080p laptops are still more popular because they offer the balance between price and image/video quality. Mostly people still believe watching and streaming at 1080p is quite satisfactory and why should we go for 4K display which consumes more internet data and battery power.

Gamers are also looking for 1080p display as they want high FPS and no screen shuttering. They want smooth gaming experience and can compromise with less pixels.

Cons of 1080p FHD Laptop Display

Laptops with 1080p display come with two main disadvantages.

Picture Quality is not good comparing to 4K Display

It is quite understandable that why 1080p resolution produces low quality images comparing to 4K displays which offers 6.22 million more pixels.

1080p displays does not offer high color accuracy and saturation which results as producing less sharp images. But, it does mean that 1080p displays offers low quality and watching movies would be bad experience. We are just analyzing 1080p display in comparison to 4K display here.

In UHD vs HD, you can find the big difference while watching both screens simultaneously.

Unable to edit videos at 4K

Display with 1080p offers the maximum screen resolution is 1920 x 1080. It means editing the videos in 4K resolution is impossible on 1080p laptops and you can miss the growing opportunities as freelancer for editing 4K quality videos, clients are paying big amounts for such projects.

4K vs 1080p Laptop – Which Have More Worth?

The worth of both laptops depends upon the nature of activities are going to be performed on this laptop.

If you are an established freelancer and graphic designer, you are more likely to get 4K projects soon and accordingly must buy a new 4K laptop to entertain those clients and build the better future for own.

If you are an artist and perform the artistic work on 2D and 3D, client demands high quality which requires you higher color accuracy and saturation which only possible on 4K laptop.

In the contrary, If you want to buy a laptop for performing daily routine tasks like internet surfing, YouTube video streaming, watching movies and word-processing then should go for 1080p display laptop. You should not spend big money on 4K laptop just for performing daily routine tasks.

If you work a lot on laptop during travelling and it is part of duty then again must go for 1080p laptop, because they come with long hour’s battery life.

Interesting Fact About 4K Screen

A human eye has its own limits to perceive what he can see and would not be able to see all the details while sitting away from 4K screen. To sit on distance from 4K laptop and watching the videos on it, would be like watching the video on 1080p resolution because human eye unable to see all the details on 4K resolution and picture looks like what you get on lower-resolution screen.


Both 4K and 1080p displays offers Pros and Cons, a buyer should make wise decision according to own needs. If you are perfectly confident about buying a 4K laptop once identifying own needs, then should go for it. After, 4K Laptop is a big-ticket purchase and this decision must be wise.

If you do not expect to get projects for 4K photo-editing and video-editing soon in future, should go for 1080p resolution which display is also extra-ordinary. To perform daily routine activities, no doubt buys a 1080p laptop.

In the comparison of 4K vs 1080p laptop, 1080p wins the competition because having more Pros than the Pros of 4K laptop.