How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually / Alternative Ways to Charge a Laptop – Complete Guide 2021

The laptop is a very productive machine that gets you connected with the Internet, enables you to enjoy remote working by using different applications without compromising on quality time. The laptop is also a piece of scrap without a powerful battery as it can go off anytime during something productive going on.

What if you experience the situation where only option has to charge the laptop’s battery manually, it is not quite impossible thing as there are ways charging the battery manually.

A laptop saves an ample amount of personal and works data which may need to be accessed anytime and the user cannot afford its inaccessibility. We can run out of battery in a place where no such arrangements to re-charge it or maybe for any other reason such as:

  • The charging port is broken.
  • The connectors inside is not functioning.
  • The charger is not working anymore.

You need to go through all the possible options before manually charge the battery.

We advise you to always keep the extra battery with you, so that you can use it if the old battery stops functioning, no battery go out of use in a day and rather shows you the signs of faulty which you must read before time.  

Alternative Ways to Charge a Laptop – Complete Guide in 2021 

We are going to share with you following alternative ways to charge a laptop, will be discussed in the following.


User is suggested to buy the external battery charger from the original manufacturer; because not every laptop charger can be connected with all batteries and only its manufacturer have this information. You can also confirm this by checking the connector of battery and external charger both.

You can also buy universal connector as it is good option. Otherwise, must check the specifications of external charger and ensure does it fit with battery. It is also necessary to mention here that this is the safest alternative ways to charge a laptop if original charger has broken.


Those days are gone when laptop charging was impossible with USBs, now mostly users prefer laptop charging with USB port. Modern laptops comes with the USB-C port, it is not same as old conventional USB ports and offers more power to charge larger devices like laptop. USB-C is the most demanding feature in new laptops as it is also used for faster data-transferring.

USB-C comes with smaller size connector and it is designed as reversible so it is easier to plug-in, its size is equal to micro USB connector. Its single cable can perform multiple functions and provides super-fast connectivity with other devices.

USB-C charger is easily available on retail markets and no need to contact the manufacturer. You only need to ensure that your laptop offers USB-C connectivity and then buy it.

You can find USB-C port on your own or can also enter the laptop name or model on Google to confirm it by checking its specifications. Therefore, USB-C port is another good alternative way to charge a laptop.


A Universal power adapter is one of the most efficient ways for charging the laptop. It is used for external power supply to the laptops and other devices which needs to be re-charged. It is compatible with most of the laptops because of its comprehensive design.

These Universal power adapters may not be available for specific models; you can buy one which is built for Dell & HP Laptops and Chromebooks. It will work on other laptops but may be not safe because volts and Amp are not matching.


In the modern time, portability is the big advantage in all electronic consumer products and allows you to be flexible. Same thing goes with the portable laptop charger which can supply power to your laptop anytime and anywhere.

You must be careful in buying a right portable charger. The best charger comes with variety of useful features light-weight, compatible with variety of systems and offering required power output you laptop needs.

There are several other alternative ways to charge a laptop, will be discussed in the following.


Not all laptops come with AC adapter hookup and one needs to make sure before pursuing this idea. It would be best to have its compatible port to get it connected with AC adapter. Go and attach this with the port directly, if you do not have a hook up then can get it connected through the connector. You can buy the connector from any retail store near your house. Connector gets you fully equipped and enables attaching AC adapter with port.


Solar energy is also being used for charging the laptops and this trend has been increasing rapidly over the time. Solar charging is enjoying its popularity among laptop users and in next few years have potential to become the top source of charging laptops.

Its solar panel works like any other normal solar panel used for housing power supply.

In the recent times, its modern technology has been improved a lot. It has been smaller in size and more productive.

There are foldable solar panels which can be carried around so easily, it’s like portable charger and batteries. This is the revolution in the batteries & charger industry.

No doubt, solar charging is the latest technology in offering alternative to charge a laptop.


Super laptop batteries come with extra-ordinary power storage capacity. It can last up to 10 hours which is very tempting for hard core users. Super laptop batteries can charge the laptop without using the original charger.

If your laptop comes with removable battery feature, then you should remove it and replace it with super battery. You can enjoy the longer hours of charged laptop which keeps your mind relaxed.

You can use the super battery at a time and use the external charger for charging the other one, you will have the backup.


We have shared multiple ways of charging the laptop externally and it is up to you which way suits you most. We all do not want to run out of battery and should be prepared for such situation in advance. An access to laptop may be critical when its battery dies in the middle and can cost you big time in terms of losing client or cancellation of the contract.

It is better to make pre-arrangements and take the advantage of modern innovative technology. There are several alternative ways to charge a laptop such as Super batteries, Solar charging and portable batteries can help you a lot in undesirable situation.