Best 2 in 1 Laptops Under 600 in 2021 – Pros & Cons, In-Depth Review

We have made a list of best 2 in 1 laptops under 600 dollars, it explains how its specifications are useful for performing certain jobs and tasks, the pros and cons for each laptop in the list.


To make the article more authentic and reliable, we have included the user’s reviews about the laptop they bought from list.


ASUS launched its cheapest 2 in 1 laptop without compromising the specifications and quality. This is one of the best choices, available at $299 on Amazon.

It offers you a 14-inches screen size and this is larger than the screen size of Dell Inspiron 13. ASUS VIVOBOOK FLIP comes up with the largest screen size on the list. You are recommended to go for it if the screen size is the priority among all specifications.

This laptop comes up with a free stylus to use for “Tablet” mode. ASUS needs to be appreciated here for providing free stylus as most companies do not even offer with their expensive laptops. Buying it separately would be time-consuming and inconvenient.

The storage capacity will not be enough for most users, it comes with 64GB eMMC, which can only store work-related data and no games or movies. You would also need to buy an SD card and then permanently insert it on provided SD slot and extend the memory this way.

You can easily run light-weight photo editing software and MS Office on this laptop, by using its 4GB DDR4 RAM and Intel Celeron N4000. It can handle your basic routine tasks and improves the online streaming experience.

Its fingerprint sensor keeps the laptop secure from the unwanted user and once it is locked, only you can open it by your own finger impression. Its battery can survive up to four hours and then needs to be recharged. Its battery is neither best nor worst but can rate as above average. This is for sure one of the best 2-in-1 laptops under 600.


Dell Inspiron 13 5000 also offers 2 in 1 feature and can be used as a laptop and tablet both. Dell brand is enjoying a good reputation in building laptops that exactly meet the user requirements and available at reasonable pricing.

It has a 13.3-inches touch-screen and featuring IPS display, the brightness level is quite satisfactory and users can expect amazing streaming and watching experience on vibrant screen. I wish, the screen had smaller bezels but fortunately viewing angles are good. Its body is mostly made of plastic and does not give premium looks; its developers put more focus on specifications though.

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 comes with 256GB SSD which seeks data in less time than HDD and more efficient. This laptop is good at performing multi-tasking by the user without a single lag, can also meet the minimum system requirements of heavy & big-sized software. It offers RAM upgradable option and can be extended up to 16GB, enough for running all heavy software like Photoshops easily.

The powerful performance is assured by the 8th generation Intel Core i5-8250U inside this laptop. Its efficiently designed processor consumes less power and fan noise issues are also rare, unlikely in other laptops. You will get Intel UHD Graphics 620 in this laptop; it is not a dedicated one but integrated. Its GPU allows you to only play and enjoy low specs games because it is not a gaming laptop.

You can carry this laptop wherever you want, it just weighs 3.6 lbs. Its backlit keyboard will be productive for night-time users, who are actively engaged in typing when there is dark around.

Dell Inspiron 13 will surely be a good choice and it offers value for money.


This laptop comes with the high build quality and its premium looks make it attractive to others. Its 12.5-inches touch-screen and Full HD display offer the best performance on Tablet mode, using it as a laptop is also amazing to experience. You can buy it from Amazon at $550.

LENOVO YOGA 720 offers 128GB SSD which most users find enough for data storage needs. It has 4GB DDR4 RAM and as mentioned earlier, 4GB RAM can easily support multi-tasking for basic tasks. This machine is powered by Intel Core i3 processor which also improves its functioning in coordination with RAM. This laptop offers all ideal features for the basic users while enjoying access to 2 in 1 features.

Its second version comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, available at $725. If anyone wants a more powerful processor can go for this one.

LENOVO YOGA 720 is very portable and only weighs 2.5 lbs. A blogger, streamer or writer can take it anywhere, and using it during traveling is also easier. You can easily open it wherever for quickly sending emails, reports or check the schedule.

 It has an impressive backlit keyboard in which beautiful lights start appearing beneath the keys and users can clearly see them during typing in dark. Its fingerprint reader protects the laptop and your data when you are not around.

The one weakest feature is its average battery life can only last up to 4 hours. Its portability would not be beneficial if the user runs out of battery while working outside. The user has to buy the power bank to keep the laptop running.

In my opinion, LENOVO YOGA 720 is worth buying 2 in 1 laptop under 600.


If you want a tablet that can be more than just a tablet, Microsoft Surface Go is for you. The philosophy behind its design and specifications is allowing the user to take it anywhere quite easily and to able to perform the basic tasks on it whenever and wherever you want.

Its weight is 1.15 lbs which are extremely portable and screen size is 10-inches. As we gave opinion earlier, It is more than a tablet and less than a laptop. The idea behind this device is to offer you the flexibility which need most in the busiest times.

It comes with 8GB DDR RAM and an Intel Pentium Gold processor enough for light and basic work. Its battery is impressive and can go as long as nine hours which makes it portability more meaningful and less need of any power bank when outside.

You can store enough data on its 128GB eMMC storage. It also provides a microSD slot to insert the SD card and extend the memory. Soon you slide it into the slot, it will be recognized by Windows 10. According to the buyer’s reviews, they are quite satisfied with its speed, available at 64GB.

Acer Spin 3

Acer has proved itself as a brand to be innovative while remains on the budget. They successfully stepped into making 2 in 1 laptops under 600, working on features and affordability both. It is available on Amazon for $615.99.

It comes with a rechargeable stylus perfect for drawing, sketching, and taking notes on its tablet mode. Its stylus is highly responsive and certified by Microsoft. Its body is ultra-slim and light which keeps it portable during traveling. Its 14-inches touch-screen and HD display improve the working and watching experience both. IPS display ensures high brightness and sharpness.

The screen has narrow bezels and its edges look beautiful in shape. Its screen-to-body ratio is 78.9% which means less body and bezel to be distracted during watching.

The battery life is the most impressive feature in Acer Spin 3 as it can last up to 12 hours. This maximizes its portability because no need to worry about running out of battery before going out if you has recharged it.

It guarantees powerful performance through an 8th generation Quad-core processor in Intel Core i5 and 8GB DDR4 RAM which makes it a beast machine. Its power further can be defined by base speed and turbo speed, which is 1.6GHz and 3.9GHz respectively.

Intel UHD 620 GPU is installed on Acer Spin 3 which handles the graphics side of all software like photo-editing and designing applications. You can expect to run moderate-level photo-editing and designing software on the system easily.

Its 256GB SSD offers you enough space for both working and personal data to store. Windows 10 home edition is pre-installed on the laptop which offers user-friendly features.

Its cons side includes only one drawback which is its poor build quality. Build quality looks cheap plastic which also makes it look like a cheap price laptop, actually, it’s not.

HP Pavilion x360

HP also realized the huge consumer demand for 2 in 1 laptops which can also operate as Tablet for note taking or enjoying flexibility. They launched HP Pavilion x360 which can easily rotate at 360degree to be converted into Tablet mode.

Its 14-inches Full HD Touch-screen looks good and offers more clarity on tablet mode. It features multi-touch screen which allows multiple users to touch the screen and interact on same screen. It creates endless possibilities for application developers. HP’s team ensured to leave more surface area from thin bezels which improve multi-touch experience.

HP Pavilion x360 is best in terms of offering multiple tempting features in any single laptop ever. It comes up with deadly combination of 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 16GB optane memory. One of the benefits of optane memory is intelligently understands the user habits and streamline personal workloads on immediate basis, you can search rest on Google.

Its Quad-Core Intel Core i5 processor provides the processing through eight ways which guarantees maximum efficiency and further benefits the laptop as its life enhances, battery timing increases and less need of hardware repairing. This 10th generation laptop gives huge performance boost using its turbo feature.

Its cons sides include two drawbacks, first is its not impressive battery life which can go as long as six hours on full recharge. The second drawback is not impressive SATA SSD technology which is not as efficient as it was expected.

Dell Inspiron 5481

Dell Inspiron hits the home run with its portability feature. Its thinness is 0.78″, weight 1.76kg and easiest 2-in-1 convertibility. It allows you using it anywhere home or office for daily routine tasks. This makes travelling more productive and offers best value for money.

It comes with 14-inches HD touch-screen and resolution size 1366 x 768 which improves the working experience, the perfect combination of screen size and display resolution definitely increases work productivity and so does this laptop. Its narrow-border and tiny bezels dramatically boost viewing experience.

Its power is coming from 8th generation Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB DDR4 RAM can easily handle user multi-tasking and basic routine tasks. Its Intel UHD Graphics 620 is responsible for processing graphics related data and efficiently run moderate level software.

Its keyboard is definitely one of the strongest pros in Dell Inspiron 5481. Keys are well-spaced on keyboard to avoid typing error and more frustration. The keyboard is designed to type easily but numeric pad is missing but its normal on other laptops. The touchpad area is wider and multi-finger gesture is highly responsive.

Acer Premium R11

Acer comes again in the list proved itself rapidly growing brand in laptops world. It targets the moderate income group needs laptop for basic routine task at affordable price. It is available at the price of $476 on Amazon.

This convertible 2 in 1 laptop comes with 11.6-inches touch-screen and having HD IPS display which produces sharper images and more brightness. Its display supports multi touch recognition and can even support 10 finger touches on screen maximum. This feature can increase the user productivity and efficiency in work.

Its 4GB RAM is good for handling multi-tasking and work intelligently through identifying user working patterns and coordinates with the processor. It comes with Intel Quad-Core Celeron N3150 processor which has limited potential but can promise you no system lag or slow down issues. User has to keep the expectations realistic in this price range.

It offers 32GB SSD storage which may be not enough for mostly buyers. They can expand the memory through inserting SD card permanently; Acer R11 has its slot available. According to the buyers, SD functions perfectly without any issues.

Acer Premium R11 weights only 2.80 pounds and includes in the list of light-weight laptops. You can be productive even during travelling or someplace other than your workplace.

Its battery life is very promising for outdoor users and can last up to ten hours. You do not need to recharge it during working hours if it was fully charged before work.

Lenovo Flex 5

Lenovo Flex 5 is single 2-in-1 laptop having 15.6-inches big screen, mostly other laptops in the list have 14-inches screen. Lets imagine, streaming YouTube videos or watching movies on Tablet mode will be amazing experience. Its 360-degree hinge enables you to view screen from any angle where you feel comfortable.

Screen display is Full HD and maximum display resolution size is 1920 x 1080. Users sets 1080p resolution to get more defined images made of higher number of pixels.

It features Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM, both works in coordination to show the powerful performance. It can run photo-editing and digital drawing software which gets the user a chance to show their skills by using stylus and sketch something on its Tablet mode.

It offers 128GB SSD, SSD is advanced technology than HDD, seeking data in less time. SSD loads the windows faster, open the software quickly and overall improves the working experience. Data transferring in SSD is also faster than HDD which is another plus point of Lenovo Flex 5.

Battery life is more than enough and can last up to 10 hours for basic use. This laptop definitely offers good value for money. Fingerprint sensor works properly and unauthorized user cannot have access to your system.


You need to follow the following tips as a buyer to make good choice in buying a best 2-in-1 laptop because its big ticket purchase.


It depends upon nature of use and then decides which OS you want to go with. Windows 10 comes with more applications and software available on its OS, its large number of diversified developers are actively engaged in developing problem-solving programs.

The Chrome OS is light-weight and good choice for devices with lower specs. Chrome OS is better option if user only wants internet surfing, checking emails and performing other basic tasks.

Decide on between standard or 2-in-1 laptop

Mostly 2-in-1 laptops arevery portable and light-weight. These are developed for offering flexibility and performing tasks like note taking or drawing. If you want a laptop for advanced level and complicated jobs, you would probably find required specifications only in standard laptops.

Choose the Screen Size of 2-in-1 Laptop You Want

The buyer needs to choose the laptop accordingly its screen size which primarily depends upon nature of use. You may need bigger screen for enjoying Netflix content or streaming YouTube videos. If you want a portable laptop for taking notes and using during travelling, you should go for smaller size laptops.


The features of 2-in-1 laptop can be availed in two forms, detachable or rotating. You are suggested to go for keyboard detachable feature if you do not type much in routine. If you need a keyboard for typing and other purposes, rotating laptop is for you.

Meet Your Budget

The top most important factor is budget and accordingly set your priorities. There are wide-range of 2-in-1 laptops under 600 available. This budget can make you buy 2-in-1 laptops with tempting features.

No Compromise on RAM and Processor

You can find 2-in-1 laptops having 8GB RAM but mostly comes with 4GB RAM. You are recommended to go for 4GB RAM if have to perform basis tasks and multi-tasking. 8GB RAM is essential to run photo-editing and graphic design software.

If you buy laptop cost you in between $500-$600, it must come with at least Intel Core i3 processor.