Top 7 Best Cheap Laptops For Sims 4 – Without Compromising on Laptop Specifications

Best cheap laptops for Sims 4 are the ones which easily meets the recommended system requirements to play this game and not going for extra-ordinary high-end laptops which specifications are way over from actually required for Sims 4. Why should we recommend you expensive laptops if you only want to play Sims 4 on it. Though, we will also discuss what other games you can play on the laptops in our list and what gaming benchmark they meet.

We have made a list of best cheap laptops for Sims 4 which won’t compromise on the gameplay experience and also shows true vibrant colors of the game which players love most about this game.

Before starting from the list of best laptops for Sims 4, lets discuss the specifications we must consider on a laptop to play Sims 4 and accordingly make best decision.


Sims 4 game requires 4GB RAM and only Chromebooks come with this amount of RAM these days. Therefore, we will recommend you all laptops having 8GB RAM and avoid rest of the laptops come with 16 / 32 GB RAM, it would be wastage of money.


Sims 4 demands Intel Core i5 processor which shows this is a CPU intensive game. The simulator based games like Sims 4 always require powerful processor, especially in this game where a player can perform many actions comparing to other simulation games.

Graphic Card

Sims 4 is full of graphics game and it feels good when player virtual experience such an amazing world which looks perfect to live in. The graphic-side data processing of such complex data requires minimum NVIDIA GTX 650 or better graphic card. Player should not be compromising on GPU, otherwise have to compromise on game fun.

All latest laptops whether cheap or expensive, offering better graphic card than NVIDIA GTX 650 and this credit goes to the stiff competitive environment in laptop and gaming industry.

Hard Drive / Internal Storage

According to the official sources, Sims 4 game requires 15GB free space and also additional 1GB for saving the game data files. It shows that this game does not require much internal storage and no need to buy a laptop offering massive storage capacity.

Best Cheap Laptops For Sims 4

We are going to discuss all best cheap laptops for Sims 4 which easily meets the recommended system requirements and you can even play other latest games at medium. We are not going to recommend you expensive laptops as why you spend money on the features you do not want.

Acer Nitro 5

A best laptop for Sims 4 would be the one having big screen to make its player enjoy the game as it is supposed to be. Smaller screens suck the pleasure of enjoying a game like Sims 4. Acer Nitro 5 comes with 15.6” screen and also offers vibrant colors, Full HD and brighter display on 1920 x 1080 resolution. You can really feel living in Sims 4 on this laptop.

Its hardware side is powerful enough to run even the latest mod of Sims 4 without any lag. Its 9th Gen Core i5-9300H processor can easily process the all activities on the game and most probably could even run Sims 5 because the processing speed required of Sims 4 is 3.2 GHz for Intel’s processor, processor on Acer Nitro 5 can process the data up to 4.1 GHz speed. Plus, its NVIDIA GTX 4GB 1650 graphic card can easily handle the upcoming versions of Sims game.

Acer Nitro 5 can even run games like “PUBG”, “Watch Dogs 2” or “FIFA 20” at ultra settings, whereas only available under $1000 price.

You can perform heavy multi-tasking on this laptop by fully utilizing its 8GB DDR4 RAM which never let you suffer from lagging issues. This holds too much temporary data on its storage and its processor is not always engaged in processing the data which otherwise reduces the life.

If you are not used to storing junk data, then its 256GB SSD would be enough for you. Sims 4 game requires 15GB and on remaining storage can download more than ten games of the same size.

ASUS TUF FX505DY-ES51 Gaming Laptop

The brand ASUS is not coming slow and have been releasing top-selling laptops over the last three years. This is a gaming laptop which can run all addictive games like “PUBG” “Fortnite” “Sims 4” and others. It can also run games like “Assassin Creed Valhalla” and “Red Dead Redemption” at high settings which is not a joke.

You can enjoy true game colors of Sims 4 on its IPS level Full HD display which looks amazing on 6.5mm thin bezel. Whereas, thick bezels catches the attention and distraction from the screen.

Its powerful processor AMD Ryzen 5 3550H meets high benchmarks and can smoothly run latest versions of photo-editing software like PhotoShop.

AMD Radeon Rx 560X is a GPU installed on this laptop, this graphic card can run all latest Mods of Sims 4 without any overheating issues and no expensive cooling fans are required.

This laptop comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM which takes the work burden from processor if required and improves its efficiency for rest of the data processing.

ASUS TUF FX505DY comes with limited internal capacity and features 256GB SSD. Though, this SSD is faster in retrieving data on user’s request and opens the file in no time.

You can get connected with laptop through MicroSD card slot. This laptop also offers USB Type-A and USB Type-C slot for data transferring.

This machine is designed to be portable, only 1.02” thin and weight 4.85 lbs. You can easily carry it anywhere and also play your Sims 4 game at café.

ASUS TUF Gaming F17

ASUS is offering one of the best cheapest gaming laptops while also offering decent specifications and mostly fall under $1000 price range. Sims 4 is not such a game requires higher specifications and accordingly we only recommending you cheap gaming machines, ASUS TUF Gaming F17 is one of them.

Its 17” 144Hz Full HD screen can make all justice with a game like Sims 4 popular for its colorful graphics. A player can fully enjoy own build in Sims 4 game on 17” vibrant screen. No doubt, big screen is the most critical specification in best laptop for Sims 4. This game does not require extremely fast RAM and Processor, but bigger screen.

Its Quad-Core Intel Core i5-10300H processor can achieve up to 4.5GHz processing speed, this is way above the benchmark of system requirements of Sims 4 game.

GeForce GTX 1650 Ti is a graphic which can even the most demanding GPU games on high settings. For Instance, “Red Dead Redemption 2”, “The Witcher 3” or “Assassin Creed Odyssey”, these games can smoothly run on this laptop and price only $850.

Acer Aspire 5 A515

Acer Aspire is the cheapest best laptop for Sims 4 and only good for similar games like “Cities Skylines”. Its 15.6” screen improves viewing experience while player building the structures in the game. Otherwise, laptops with small screen size frustrate the player as Sims 4 requires focus and mental involvement during designing the structure.

All best Simulation games require powerful processor; all these games are CPU intensive. Acer Aspire 5 A515 laptop is powered by 10th Gen. Intel Core i5-1035G1. Its processing speed is 3.6GHz and can run “Sims 4” on 1080p resolution at high settings. This is definitely a budget laptop which amazingly offers powerful processor meeting impressive benchmarks.

This budget laptop does not compromise on RAM and having 8GB DDR4 of RAM.    A good laptop which supports the multitasking and allows letting you meet the challenging deadlines.

Its graphic card is not that powerful and this laptop using Intel UHD Graphics which can only play games like “Sims 4”, “Cities Skylines” and other simulation games. Though, it can run big games but on low settings and without higher FPS.

As far as its connectivity options are concerned, its user can be connected to the laptop through USB 3.1 Type-C which transferring speed is as high as 5 Gbps. There is also USB Gen 3.1, USB 2.0 Port & 1 – HDMI port.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15.6-inch Micro-EDGE Laptop

This HP’s laptop is a budget laptop but offering decent specifications for all hardware without compromising in one specification to trade-off for other powerful hardware. This machine is powerful enough to smoothly run Sims 4 at high settings on 1080p resolution. Its Full HD 15.6” screen offers vibrant colors which multiplies the pleasure of playing games like Sims 4.  

Its narrowest thin bezel improves the viewing experience and focus only stays on the screen.

Its user can enjoy optimal performance through maximum utilizing its Intel Core i5-9300H processor which 4 Cores and 8 Threads ensures the capability of processing all complex data. Its speed can go maximum up to 4.10 GHz which means running Sims 4 does not make full utilization of this processor. This laptop can run all latest mods of Sims 4 on 1080p resolution at high settings.

It is important to mention here that this laptop offers 8 GB SDRAM and not DRAM technology. SDRAM is more efficient in storing temporary data and stays synchronized with computer’s clock. This RAM shows its multi-tasking muscles and allows its user to run multiple applications simultaneously without single lag.

NVIDIA GTX 1050 3GB graphic card is installed on this laptop, powerful enough to smoothly run Sims 4 game on high settings. This card enables its user to perform photo-editing functions on PhotoShop which is supposed to be tough benchmark.

This laptop is good choice for the kind of users always looking for powerful batteries. Its battery can last up to 10 hours with mixed usage, 9 hours video playback and on wireless streaming can last up to 7 hours and 15 minutes.

MSI GL65 Gaming Laptop

MSI is leading in gaming notebook and enjoying largest market share globally which is 19%. This gaming laptop is definitely a good value for money and mostly its users calls it as a beast. It meets all the required specifications necessary for enjoying the Sims 4 game at its most. Its Full HD 15.6” screen is a treat to consume the favorite content on.

In this price range, all laptops are offering only 8GB RAM but MSI GL65 Gaming laptop comes with 16GB RAM, more than enough for Sims 4 and even not all latest games do not require such a faster RAM. Multitasking is not an issue on this laptop and can even run more than 10 applications simultaneously.  

This laptop does no compromise on graphic side and again comes with one of the most powerful GPUs name NVIDIA GTX 1650 which exceeds the recommended system requirements of Sims 4, still it is the budget laptop. You can even play all upcoming games in coming years at high settings.

Its 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10300H processor delivers high performance on processing the data for photo-editing software like PhotoShop. This laptop is also good for performing freelancing projects.

This laptop has multiple USB ports, 3 USB Type-A and one HDMI port. Its users will not be able to access Type-C on this machine.

Dell Inspiron 17 3793

This laptop has big advantage of large 17.3” screen which is rare to have on any laptop whether falls in budget or expensive category. Its screen is Full HD and having 1080p resolution, good for enjoying Netflix content at higher resolution and so the Sims 4 game. A gaming and Netflix content looks more real on 1080p resolution as compared to 720p resolution.

This laptop make little compromise on graphic card but offering powerful processor name Intel Core i5-1035G1 which max speed is upto 3.60 GHz. Sims 4 game is not a challenge for this processor and even powerful enough to perform other heavy duty tasks like photo editing on PhotoShop.

Intel UHD Graphics is responsible for processing graphic-related data on this laptop. Though, it can easily run Sims 4 game on high settings and high resolution, but not capable of running latest games.

You get ample space and can store enough data on its 512GB SSD. It is least likely one can use its full space and only possible by storing junk data.

It offers wide range of connectivity options including USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 2.0, HDMI port, SD Card Reader and USB 3.1 Gen 1. Its ample storage capacity and easy connectivity options make great combination.

A Guide For Choosing Best Laptop For Sims 4

Sims 4 does not require high-end specifications on laptop, then why should we buy an expensive laptop having extra-ordinary specifications when we do not require them. We recommended all such laptops which are not very expensive and mostly available under $1000 price.

We are going to share a complete guide on the essential specifications required on laptop to play & enjoy the Sims 4 game at its most.

Screen Size

The larger the screen size, the more you would enjoy Sims 4. Since, this is a city building and simulation game which requires the player to perform wide range of activities from building the structure to managing the traffic flow. Smaller screens are going to be very frustrating and no fun. Sims 4 is supposed to be enjoyed on larger screens, so better to buy a laptop having minimum 15.6” screen size.


This game is CPU intensive and demands minimum Core i5 processor to perform better. Therefore, you are recommended not to go for Core i3 and rather invest more money on powerful processor. It will provide you smooth gaming experience and no lagging.


The recommended RAM for Sims 4 is 4GB and all latest laptops offering minimum 8GB RAM. Therefore, we only recommended you all laptops having 8GB RAM except the one MSI GL65 Gaming Laptop. This laptop was recommended because it was already cheaper and offering good value for money.

Graphic Card

This game ideally recommends AMD Athon X4 graphic card which is categorized as low-end. Even a cheap laptop is offering way powerful GPU comparing to this one and this specification is not going to be an issue on any laptop.


It is better to go for SSD to enjoy faster performance. SSD also retrieves the data from storage quickly comparing to HDD technology. It takes less time in opening the stored file on SSD and also using own memory to perform the tasks instead of depending upon the RAM.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Which One Laptop Specification Should Consider Most for Sims 4 ?

In my opinion, screen size should be preferred most among all other laptop specifications. The reason is larger screen size is truly going to enjoy you the Sims 4 game at its most as it is supposed to be. Its CPU, GPU and RAM requirements are not that high-end and these days all laptops easily meet them. Larger screen size is still not very common in all laptops.

Can We Play Sims 4 Game On Chromebook ?

You can play Sims 4 on Chromebook having minimum Core i5 processor. Furthermore, its other requirements are very basic and even cheap Chromebook can smoothly run Sims 4 game. There is possibility that a cheap Chromebook can only run this game on medium settings at 720p resolution, whereas expensive Chromebooks can run it on high settings at 1080p resolution.

What is the Best Price Range of Laptop for Sims 4 ?

You can find a decent laptop for Sims 4 game in the price range $700-$1000. No need to buy extra-ordinary expensive laptops.

Final Words

If you only want to play Sims 4 game on a laptop, then go for a one having powerful processor. Sims 4 is highly processor intensive game and demands more cores. Its demand for other specifications is neither high-end nor critical.

Laptop is very competitive industry and offering you laptops at cheaper price without much compromising on specifications. We only recommended you budget and cheap laptops which powerful enough to easily run games like Sims 4, can even run all latest games at medium settings.