BEST LAPTOPS FOR NOTE TAKING IN 2021 – Pros & Cons, In-Depth Review

Being a businessman, manager or even a student requires you to take notes for important points and summarize them later. Note-taking is an essential skill to keep the things remember in their true spirit and what was instructed initially. Traditionally, pen and paper are used for note-taking, it is the more casual way now and official people use laptops and keep the file saved. We can help you in suggesting the best laptops for note-taking available in the market which offers an amazing experience.

Top 7 Best Laptops for Note Taking

The thoroughly conducted research has made us able to suggest following laptops best for note taking.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 can be turned into a tablet, laptop, and studio with a kickstand, you choose the mode convenient for you. You can easily carry it in a meeting in any mode you want whichever is convenient for note-taking. Its weight is only 1.70 lbs and can be carried around so easily from the meeting room to office and office to home.

The surface pen is highly responsive and can make you write on the screen easily. However, you will have to buy the stylus separately for the laptop as it does not come up with Surface Pro. The pen functions smoothly on the screen and note-taking was never easy before.

As far as its performance is concerned, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 features 8GB DDR4 RAM and Intel Core i5 processor, both can run high-end programs and capable of managing multi-tasking on the user’s behalf. These powerful features allow no lagging issues and only smooth functioning. Its 256GB SSD storage is more than enough to store your official and personal data as much as you want.  

Its battery will never disappoint you in the middle of taking notes and creating an official presentation because it can last up to 13.5 hours which relaxes your mind from the worry of a low battery.

Lenovo Yoga 730

This is the second laptop in the list “ Best Laptops for Note Taking ”, this is from the brand’s highest-selling brand Lenovo. It is very well known for its minimalist design and perfect for a backpack. Though it is slightly heavier than the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and its weight is 2.50 lbs.

 It can easily be converted into a tablet for holding it from one hand and other hand for note taking. Its pen is really user-friendly because its ultra-fine tip helps in smooth writing with natural pressure and writing position. Its wide and comfortable keyboard also enables easy friendly typing experience again for note-taking.

Most users buy it for its excellent productive performance comes from user-friendly keyboard, durability and multiple USB-C ports.

 Its other powerful features include 8GB RAM and Intel Core i5 processor are strong enough to support extreme level of multi-tasking without single lag. Its fingerprint reader would enhance security and prevent unauthorized access on your laptop. Its 256GB SSD provides big data space to not only store official data but can go for downloading Netflix content as much as you want. Its 13.3-inches Full HD screen is a good choice for watching Netflix shows at 1080p.

It also needs to mention two big “Cons” in Lenovo Yoga 730, first is its mediocre battery life which needs recharging every four to five hours on basic usage. Secondly, it lacks SD card slot which is easiest way to connect to laptop for data transferring and sharing.

There is still a fact that all best laptops for note taking have their own drawbacks.

HP Pavilion X360

This laptop can rotate at 360 degrees and convert into a tablet from the laptop. It has a Touch-Screen feature which get connected with HP’s Pen and enables the user to write anything he wants and also good for quick note taking. Let’s imagine using it on tablet mode for writing notes to recall the all-important points that were discussed in the meeting.

Its 15.6-inches screen provides ample space to write the notes and save it. HP Pavilion X360 has 1920 x 1080 resolutions which offer a satisfying viewing experience on big-sized screen and watching favorite YouTube videos is really enjoyable. Its IPS display produces sharp images giving full details of each pixel in a single frame; this is what a passionate Netflix lover wants.

Its 128GB SSD storage is enough to store work-related data but not enough to save personal data. The availability of multiple USB ports enables easy data-transferring and users can save much data on the flash to strategically extend the memory. Users are also not much satisfied with its build quality and desire for a body that is not prone to scratches.

Its bulky weight is also something undesired by users and carrying 4.30 lbs weight machine is not the best option in modern times, one cannot hold it by one hand while using other hand for something productive.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

This is the cheapest best machine for note-taking with all tempting features considering the fact why should waste money on features we do not need, only available at $398 on Amazon. It offers highly responsive “Stylus” support which sensors require the least force to apply.   

Its four main features make it one of the best laptops for note-taking, first is its “Elegant Tablet Mode”, second is “Tactile Keyboard and well-spaced Keys”, third “Highly Responsive Stylus to Take-Notes” and fourth & last is “Highly-Portable”. This Chrome-Book is easy to carry in meetings and sessions for note-taking, so no critical point is missed which impacts the job performance.

It also comes up with drawbacks that we do not like about ASUS Chromebook Flip C302. The first drawback is its very limited storage space, only offering 64GB Flash storage. Though, the availability of three USB ports including Type-C enables to save additional data on an external drive.

The second drawback is its 4GB RAM which takes a little more time in processing the multi-tasking data. Though, it should consider that its price is under $400 on Amazon.

Dell XPS 13

Dell is such a brand which launches laptops for its diversified market, from business laptop to gaming laptop meeting every segment needs. It is the lightest-weight laptop only 1.2 pounds and satisfied users define it as thin, light-weight yet powerful. This is also perfect for backpack, even easily fits into thin sized backpacks.

These features make it one of the best laptops for note-taking; can be carried easily from work-station to meeting room. Its “EYE SAFE” technology reduces harmful blue light rays and protects your eyes while you are taking notes or performing other tasks. This is the unique feature in any laptop you would find in the list “ Best Laptops for Note Taking ”.

Its other worth-mentioning features include 4K Ultra-HD Infinity Edge Touch-Screen which offers an amazing viewing experience and looks like a real object on the screen. Its Infinity Edge display is 7% larger than normal screens and the bezel-less screen offers an immensely satisfying viewing experience that increases all your focus from surroundings to screen.

Dell XPS 13 is the 10th generation laptop, this generation ensures maximum efficiency of the processor in a way that consumes less power and smartly processes the required data on an immediate basis. The laptop is designed to put the least pressure on the processor and other hardware to enhance their life and so the battery timings. 16GB RAM is another giant hardware to expect no fan noise even using one or two heavy software.

1TB SSD may only be filled with downloading hundreds of movies at 1080p, hundreds of seasons, and hundreds of games, still, space would be left. 4K Screen resolution already inviting the user to enjoy streaming content at its most especially services like Netflix.

As far as its drawbacks are concerned, it comes with Soldered RAM and SSD. You cannot upgrade both later because it does not provide upgradable feature in the laptop. Though, it is already offering 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD which is not going to be outdated in next five years.

The second drawback is not as such a drawback but its affordability restricts its market. It is expensive laptop and unfortunately not majority market can buy it to take advantage of powerful machinery.

Samsung Chromebook Pro

This machine is good at “Stylus Support” and its users turn back the screen for taking notes while using the touch screen feature for saving the data. It looks like someone is writing in the notebook which also gives a satisfying experience.

Once Samsung Chromebook Pro is fully charged, you do not need to be worried about the battery for the next nine hours. Stylus support is well-functioning and starts writing from the lighter touch on the screen. The best thing about Samsung Chromebook Pro is its cheap price, available at $293.

It’s 2400 x 1600 display resolution creates an image sharper than created on 1920 x 1080 resolutions which dramatically boost the viewing experience. This can also be used for Internet browsing, YouTube streaming, and watching movies without a single lag and any fan noise. This machine is powerful enough because 4GB RAM and Intel Core M3 processor are built-in hardware in the laptop.

This machine also has its own drawbacks which needs to be discussed. First of all, its keyboard is not comfortable enough for typing and user has to attach the external keyboard for better experience. The second Con in the list, its speakers are not impressive and user has to use the quality headphones for enjoying music.

Acer Spin 5

Acer built an amazing laptop offering 2-in-1 feature, its name is Acer Spin 5. Its display performance is the most satisfactory feature in this laptop; it offers 2K 2256 x 1504 screen resolution which produces sharp images looks real. It also looks like the image is coming out of the screen. The note taking experience will be amazing on Acer Spin 5.

Its 13.5 inches screen offers highly responsive touch screen technology; user can easily take notes with stylus which is also rechargeable. It can be converted into a tablet mode for note taking and holding it would be easier because it is light-weight device. Tablet mode is also good for watching Netflix while sitting comfortably.

Its comes with 10th generation most powerful processor Intel Core i7-1065G7 which can process the most complex data in no time. It can run and process all those software which requires high-end system without compromising on performance. This laptop is the investment which remains profitable even for next five years.

Its faster 16GB LPDDR4X RAM promises optimal performance even user running three or four applications at a time and engaged in extreme multi-tasking. Video editing software are supposed to be most resource-intensive software which requires high-end specifications, its 16GB RAM and Intel Core i7 processor can run all video editing software without any heating issues.

User can enjoy its 512GB storage and SSD technology, this capacity is enough for the gamer and other users who used to be downloading movies on frequently basis. Its SSD technology has less data seeking time as compared to HDD, this also puts the less pressure on processor and CPU life improves.

There are also several other useful features which mostly users looking for these days. Its backlit keyboard is useful for accurate typing in night time; its shinning keys are visible which enables the user to type without error. Its Wi-Fi 6 technology is future and offers better internet connectivity.

User can enjoy multiple connectivity options through all types of USB ports available on laptop. It offers two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, thunderbolt 3, USB charging, USB 3.2 and HDMI.

We also noticed some drawbacks in Acer Spin 5 which needs to be discussed. The first drawback is, its touchpad is made of cheap plastic which not looks good. Secondly, its screen could be bigger than 13.5 inches which would offer a better watching experience. It is true that mostly 2-in-1 laptops come with smaller screen sizes to easily convert them into tablet mode and also keep them portable.  

What Specifications Defines Best Laptop for Note Taking

There are certain specifications & features in any laptop which makes it the best laptop for note-taking. It must be portable, convertible, and having responsive stylus support for the touch-screen. We explain in more detail about the best laptops for note-taking in terms of their specifications which enables the user to conveniently engage in note-taking while actively responsive as a listener as well.


Portability is the first essential feature in any note-taking laptop. A portable laptop is a hassle free in holding up from one hand and the other hand used for taking notes and making bullet points.

Its light-weight and slim design make it portable because it will be miserable carrying heavy and bulky-sized laptops even from both hands. Those laptops which can convert into tablet mode are also highly portable, convertibility reduces their size.

Why portability is important for note-taking because mostly it needs to take notes during meetings with officials or attending seminars means you are not sitting at a desk and using the proper system, means you need a flexible device which can be easily carried for taking notes and it is easier to hold it from one hand and another hand is used for writing notes.

Secondly, you may need to travel for attending the official meeting, and carrying a lightweight and slim laptop would be an easier and more good experience instead of holding a bulky laptop that does not fit in any backpack.


Convertible laptops are highly recommended for note-taking as opposed to traditional laptops. Most users find tablet mode is more convenient while taking notes because of its portable design. Once the tablet mode is used for note-taking, the user can convert it back into laptop mode for enjoying other features.


Taking notes requires all focus on the screen while typing the all critical points. It would involve scrolling for moving pages up and down which is a frustrating experience. Laptops with higher resolution actually display more content in one frame and require less scrolling.

You are recommended to buy a laptop that has at least a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 which requires you less scrolling and offers a satisfying viewing experience.  

Secondly, texts are more clear on higher resolution and so the overall clarity. A Low-resolution display will cause stress in your eyes and will be anti-productive.

Battery Life 

Any good feature does not matter as long as the laptop has a weak battery and does not last long. Imagine the laptop’s battery dies in the middle of a meeting and you would not able to take notes anymore, the portable and display features would be useless then. You must get a laptop that can ensure at least six hours of battery life, which gives enough room to find some time and put it on recharging.

Laptops with eight or ten hours battery life enable you to keep the laptop fully charged since the working hours have started, it would not last even working hours are over.

RAM & Processor

A laptop must be having moderate level RAM & Processor at least, the rest is dependent upon usage. Note-taking simply means word-processing which does not require the latest powerful processor and high ram. 4GB RAM is good enough which can even process the multi-tasking in note-taking, core i3 processor would be more than enough for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

– Why portability is so critical for note-taking laptops ?

Portability is referred as light-weight and thin body laptops which can be easily carried. Users wants note-taking laptops to take it with them in meetings and other events where they can easily hold it for taking notes on it. Heavy-weight laptops are going to be less effective.

– What is the Significane of Battery Life in laptops will be used for note-taking ?

Long battery life will get the laptop alive which enables the user to take notes on it. Otherwise, weak batteries are going to die at the time when user needs laptop for note-taking.

– What is the Ideal Screen Size for a note-taking Laptop ?

 User should be go for 14″ laptop if going to use it for note-taking. Laptops with bigger screen will not offer any extra benefit, because 14″ screen will be more than enough for taking notes on it.


You do not have to go for expensive laptops if it is only required for note taking. However, if buying a laptop also for watching movies, streaming content and using editing software then it definitely requires high specifications. Stylus or Pen helps a lot in quick note taking and this feature is only available in limited laptops which we mentioned in the list above.