Best Monitors for Reading Documents in 2022 – Detailed Buying Guide

Computer monitors were never that advanced in its initial days as monitors are available in the present time. In the early days, computer monitors used to be only designed for displaying the images and video regardless its quality, number of pixels and screen resolution size. In the contrary, people have specific requirements and expectations from their monitor such as gamers want high refresh rate and resolution.

Whereas, video editors are even asking for 4K supported monitors which no one could even image years ago. Therefore, people are asking for best monitors for reading documents.

There are professions which require people to read long paragraphs and hundreds of pages on monitor, an ordinary screen can cause the strain on eyes after spending couple of hours on reading.

Professionals like lawyers, proofreaders, content writers, media person and freelancers spends lots of time on reading the documents and content to collect data. All this leads to the eyes strain and headache which reduces the work productivity and quality of work life.

Therefore, big corporate and companies identified the need of these professionals and developed such monitors which offers best reading document experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we will share the all relevant information which helps you in choosing the best monitor for reading documents.

What Features to Look into “Best Monitor For Reading Documents”?

Let us share with you the exact specifications which help in improving reading documents and text experience on monitor and you should give priority to them. Why should one go for a specification which has nothing to do with better reading document experience.

Screen Size

Screen size of the monitor is definitely the second most critical specification needs to be considered before buying a best laptop for reading text or document. The bigger screen size the better document reading experience consists of long paragraphs, small font size (if any), punctuation marks and narrow line spacing.

Monitors with big screen size will offer more screen surface to read the texts from. Therefore, user should ideally go for a monitor anywhere between 24 to 40 inches.

High Resolution  

Big screen size would be useless without high display resolution. High resolution displaying more content at one time and requires less scroll down. Otherwise, user has to keep hand on mouse and scrolling down to read rest of the paragraphs in lower display resolution.

There should be minimum 1080p resolution to enjoy the reading experience on monitor; otherwise it is full of frustration. Therefore, monitors offering below 1080p resolution should not be considered as best monitors for reading documents and texts in first place.

Anti-Eye Strain Features

There must be eye-care technologies features on the best monitor for reading, such as blue light filter or flicker-free technology. This eye care technology protects the eyes from strain even after long hours reading.

  • Flicker-Free Monitors

These monitors do not start flickering the screen while sourcing the light and adjusting the brightness level. Flicker-free screens put no stress on eyes and produce single continuous light source.

  • Blue Light Filter

Monitor screens produces variety of colors which leads to color inaccuracy. Eyes are highly sensitive to the blue color and it causes the strain on human eyes. Therefore, blue light filter technology is used to maintain the accuracy of blue color and eliminate where it is not required.

Adjustable Ergonomic Stand

Adjust ergonomic stand helps the user to adjust the monitor screen on the angle where can be sitting comfortably for long hours of reading.

Best Monitors For Reading Documents and Texts

1. BenQ GW2480 Black 24 Inch IPS Monitor

Overview: This monitor can be easily categorized as most affordable and best monitor for reading documents which available under $200. Its low pricing does not mean compromising on any requirements mentioned in buying guide and rather nailing every specification at its best to offer best reading experience.

BenQ established its worth in manufacturing top notch monitors and keep innovating to stay at top in the competition. This monitor is also one of the excellent build by the BenQ and offers excellence too. They specifically designed it considering every aspect of reader and accordingly set the specifications. Its screen size is 24” and as per our buying guide, 24-inches screen is recommended for enjoying reading experience.

Display: Its display type is IPS which comes with liquid-crystal display which promises visual enjoyment with all true natural colors. Furthermore, its wide-angle viewing experience will allow the reader to adjust the monitor at any angle still screen will be visible to the user and can read the text from; it ensures the visibility of every viewing angle.

Eye-Care Technology: Its eye-care Intelligence Adaptive Technology automatically adjusts the brightness level as per the environment which keeps the eyes strain free. It also offers zero-flicker technology and low blue light which good for eyes and reader can enjoy the reading for six to eight hours without headache.

Low blue light technology works as it reduces the harmful emission being released from the screen and in result prevents eye fatigue. Moreover, flicker-free technology produces the screen light from only one source unlike other typical monitors which keep flickering and causes eye strain.

Ergonomic Stand: Its ergonomic stand promises comfortable seating position and can tilt the screen at any angle you want. This is critical feature for the users likely for long hours reading. Ergonomic stand is an amazing feature which really supports quality reading experience.

Design: Its edge-to-edge slim bezel design improves the focus on screen. Slim bezels leaves more screen surface area which virtually seamless. Its elegant design will impress everyone and perfect choice for home office.  

2. ASUS VL279HE 27” Eye Care Monitor

Display: This ASUS made monitor offers 27” screen size and 1080p Full HD display resolution which promises value for your money. These display specifications are hard to get in this price.

Eye-Care Technology: Its eye-care technology is using the two latest techniques to protect the reader’s eye. First, the flicker-free monitor does not adjust its brightness through flickering and causes no interruption in the light source. Otherwise, flickering screens introduces low light between high brightness. Sometimes, flickering is so unnoticeable but still may cause eye fatigue.

Second, its blue light filter technology reduces the amount of blue light and brings more natural colors on the screen which also looks good to the eyes. Blue light is very damaging for the human eye which usually monitor produces if fails to achieve color accuracy.

This is also the best monitor for night times readers, your eyes will feel ease during its night mode is turned-on and enjoy the long hours reading without strain.

Refresh Rate: This monitor supports 75Hz refresh rate which is above the standard 60Hz for desktop monitors. High refresh rate will not let the screen blur while scrolling down the document or blueprint. Besides the readers, higher refresh rate is also the demand of hardcore gamers.

Design: Its sleek design body looks attractive and beautiful in the room. Its thin bezels also improve viewing experience as only screen is visible in the eyes.  

3. ASUS Designo Curve MX38VC 37.5” Monitor

Display: ASUS made this monitor comes with 37.5” screen size and its curved shape even makes it look like wider than actually it is. Its Quad-HD screen resolution 3840 x 1600 produces realistic images with high clarity. The curved screen of ASUS Designo displays the videos like object is coming out of the screen.

The curved monitor improves the readers focus on reading as they fill all of your peripheral vision which does not let you distract from the happenings in around and rather increases focus on work.

Eye-Care Technology: Its ASUS eye-care technology received appreciation from experts which keeps display flicker-free to protect reader from eye-fatigue. Its blue light filter also releases least amount of emission from screen. It’s high-tech eye-care technology makes it one of the best monitors for reading documents.

4. Acer KB272HL Bix 27”

Display: Acer KB272HL offers Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution means screen will show more content on same page and no need of keep scrolling down every few seconds. This is VA monitor which stands for “Viewing Angle” which offers acceptable visual performance and reader can enjoy the text clarity from different angles.

Though, SVA display is supposed to be better technology than VA. This monitor is only available on $174.99 and offers full value for money. Moreover, its flicker-less technology does not frequently adjust its brightness through flickering but once a while which protects the human eye from strain and fatigue.

Eye-Care Technology: It offers “Blue Light Filter” feature which reduces the amount of HEV blue light being emitted from the monitor screen and affecting eyes, while no compromise on the display quality and visibility. This feature encourages long hours quality reading and even a book lover will also enjoying reading from screen.

Ports: It comes with HDMI & VGA port which offers great connectivity and ability of faster data transferring. Its HDMI can transfer 48 Gbps and readers often have to transfer e-books from one device to other.

Ergonomic Stand: Tilt Adjustment is the special feature on this monitor which enables the user to view the screen and display with more clarity.

5. Philips 276E8VJSB 27” Monitor

Display: Philips introduced this monitor to offer higher value for money and offered 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution screen available for only $269.99. Its ultra-narrow bezels are almost invisible for the eyes which improve the viewing experience.

This is 27” Led monitor and display quality is categorized as ultra clear 4K UHD. Its user will enjoy the IPS panel on this monitor which capable of producing more than 1 billion colors which supports deep details of all shades of colors. You will get the ideal screen size on this monitor as per we recommended above in the buying guide.

Eye-Care Technology: This monitor also features flicker-free and low blue mode technology which protects the eyes from harmful shortwave blue light. These two eye-care features help the reader to stay long in front of the monitor for reading documents.   

Philips has special offer for USA citizens if they buy this monitor, they will have peace of mind after 4-year advance replacement warranty.

Design: Overall, Philips 276E8VJSB monitor looks elegant and slim in design which looks stylish in the room. As far as its connectivity are concerned, you can get connected through two HDMI 2.0 ports provided on this monitor.

6. Dasung E-Ink Paperlike 3 HD 13.3” Monitor

Display: As we mentioned earlier in our buying guide, e-ink display technology keeps the eyes refrain from strain and mimics a text printed on a paper. Users who only need a monitor to read a lot for long hours mostly go for this one. They are the one invented E ink display panel technology to capture this market.

Screen Size: Its screen size is only 13.3” and highly portable to lift by one hand and take it anywhere to enjoy comfortable reading experience. This portability definitely means a lot for a serious reader who otherwise does not want to be restricted and rather wants the access on monitor anywhere they like.

13.3” monitor screen is comparatively very small to the other monitors available. But, it is designed to keep it accessible everywhere and readers can take it with themselves to read during the travelling.

Resolution Size: It comes with 2000 x 1650 resolution size which is suitable for the readers as it requires less scrolling. It’s the highest resolution size ever on the monitor which features e-ink technology. Reader can enjoy crystal clear text on its screen which also improves reading experience.

Dasung E-Ink paperlike monitor can be connected with the PC through HDMI port along with USB power cable.

Types of Monitors

It is also critical to know how monitors are categorized as it also affects upon the visual performance and reading experience. Let’s discuss about the all types of monitors available in the market.

IPS (In Plane Switching)

IPS Panel is the improved display technology in comparison of other panel types. It delivers more color accuracy, balanced brightness-contrast level and comes with wider viewing angles. Mostly hardcore users also go for IPS panels even they have to pay more.

IPS panels are surely more expensive than other panels available and its users are willing to pay for it to enjoy high quality.


E-Ink is the best display technology for the readers which only use two colors black and white. It uses “electronic paper display technology” which exactly mimics a real paper and user feels like reading from it and not screen. It gives the pleasure of book reading without any eye fatigue and allows long hours studying.

However, user can enjoy colorful images and videos on monitor having E-ink panel type. It is specifically designed for the readers which only suit their needs and only fulfill reading habits. You can only find limited brands or manufactures which offering these panel type on monitors.

TN (Twisted Nematic)

This is the panel type mostly used in the monitors available these days. They are highly affordable and makes the monitors competitive in terms of its pricing. There are many advantages of using TN display type such as high refresh rate, minimum frame lagging issues and immediate response times. All these three features make the gaming experience better and hardcore gamers love it.

TN display type also comes with its own disadvantages such as poor viewing angles which ruins the reading experience and not good for readers at all. Secondly, these do not promise high display quality and even cannot enjoy Netflix or YouTube streaming experience.

Its third disadvantage bad color contrast which again directly ruins the reading experience. Bad color contrast affects reader’s ability to recognize the text and read the sentences.

VA (Vertical Alignment)

Monitor which comes with Vertical Alignment panels offers the display quality of both IPS and TN panels. Its viewing angles are better than TN panels and so the color contrast which makes it first choice of the Netflix and YouTube lovers. Moreover, it also competes with IPS panels by offering more brightness and higher refresh rate.

As far as its disadvantages are concerned, its user also suffers from color distortion which ruins the watching experience and it also outlines the unwanted colors which reduces color accuracy.

Benefits of Buying The Right Monitor For Reading?

There are surely the benefits of buying the right monitor and make well-researched decision. We are going to share the reasons why it is critical to buy the right one and offers advantages over other types of monitors.

Protect Eyes

The best monitor for reading comes with eye-care features which filters the blue light not good for human eyes and even cause blindness. These monitors are also using flicker-free screens and improve viewing experience. Otherwise, continuous screen flickering directly affects the vision of human eye.

Improved Reading Experience

You will have amazing reading experience on the monitors specifically designed for reading documents, PDFs and blueprints. Its big screen and high resolution delivers text clarity and its color-accuracy also contributes a lot in understanding info-graphic if provided in document.

The main feature needs to discuss that you enjoy reading while not compromising on eyes vision and without any fatigue. Its flicker-free screen ensures smooth seeing experience and no eye strain. Secondly, screen does not release harmful blue lights and rather filters it as equipped blue filter technology. Otherwise, higher resolution and big screen is a perfect receipt for eyes strain and fatigue.

What is Ergonomics in Monitor?

An ergonomic monitor is the capability of monitor to be adjusted at any angle by the user where it allows maintaining a healthy position which enhances the work efficiency. Monitors which offers this feature is better for reading documents comparing to those monitors which cannot change its position.

It is never possible sitting and reading for long hours while maintaining same body position, but reader has to move the monitor’s screen from one angle to another every half of hour.

Here are the techniques which helps user in maintaining neutral posture to enjoy the reading experience effortlessly.

  • Adjust the monitor screen as eyes should easily see the center of the screen.
  • Maintain the distance from screen as much as the screen size.
  • You should tilt back the screen from 10° to 20° to reduce the glare.
  • Text size should not be way smaller or bigger, keep it at which does not make eyes strain.

What are the limitations of monitor only good for reading document?

There are certainly the limitations of monitors good for reading document, which essentially does not fit it into other activities to perform. We will discuss the type of users for whom, monitor for reading documents is not worth buying.

Hardcore Gamer

The best monitors for reading documents must offer flicker less screen, blue filter technology, high resolution and comfortable viewing experience, all these improves the gaming experience. In the contrary, they also offer low refresh rate and input lag which not only ruins the gaming experience but soon they will quit it.

Users have not much desk real estate

These monitors are mostly occupies more desk real estate and until you do not get big scale of monitor table, no use of buying as keeping it in limited space will ruin the experience and also create problems in your living.

What should the other significant features “Best Monitor for Reading” be having?

There are also other specific features which enhances the display quality and directly impacts upon the reader’s ability to read for longer hours.


A best monitor must offer high level of brightness which display each and every text clearly to the human eye, otherwise dark screen is going to put a lot of pressure on eyes and also slow down reading speed. Though, screen dimmers are used for night reading to adjust with the room environment. But, otherwise day reading requires full of bright screen.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the ability of monitor that refreshing the display at specific rate in one second. It is better to go for minimum 60Hz refresh rate to avoid any blurriness on the screen while user scrolling down.

Color Accuracy

If you reading a document which also includes the images and graphic representations to learn the things, color accuracy will assure that only true colors of the image using showed up to the user. Overall, it will improve the reading and learning experience.


The best monitor is the one ensures the connectivity through number of variety of ports which allows transferring data from one device to your monitor. You can get the required document or e-paper to read on your own monitor screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

What feature is critical for best reading documents in Monitor?

All eye-care features such as screen should be flicker-free and also offering blue light filer which keeps the eyes protected from strain.

Should we go for higher resolution to avoid eye fatigue?

Higher resolution offers high pixel density and produces the sharper image. It also displays the text crystal clear on the screen and easily readable without putting pressure on eyes. Furthermore, higher display resolution shows more content in one frame and less need of scrolling down. User will not have to keep scrolling while reading documents having tens or hundreds of pages.

Should we go for bigger screens?

Higher resolution displays will benefit more on bigger screens. It is a perfect combination of fit more text on screen and read all of them without any delay of scrolling.

How far reader eyes should be from the monitor screen?

It is recommended to maintain eyes-to-screen distance somewhere between 20-inches to 40-inches.

Who are used to be reading a lot on monitor screen?

There are professionals such as proofreaders, content writers and graphic designers who are used to be reading or spending time a lot on screen which causes eyestrain.

Final Words

Screen size, high resolution, adjustable ergonomic and display type are the four main specifications which mentioned above in the buying guide. A best monitor for reading documents, texts and content will have all these specifications at its best.

We also have already discussed above high resolution and big screen size helps in fitting more texts, lines and paragraphs on same screen without scrolling down and just enjoys reading experience. Furthermore, adjustable ergonomic feature must also be considered because it helps in increasing the reading efficiency. To not be able of maintaining healthy position will affect the reading experience.

If you still have not decided yet which one is best monitor for reading document to go with, then I would recommend you to buy BenQ GW2480. It will offer best reading experience as features effective eye-care tech and adaptive brightness for image quality. Its screen size is also reasonable 24-inches and comes with Ultra-Slim Bezel.