Experience the Intensifying gameplay is one of the amazing pleasures in hard-core gamers’ life and they would like to have such experiences every time. But what about when your operating system goes slow down and starts experiencing lagging issues, it kills all enjoyment for the gamer. The best operating system for gaming always maintains the intensity during gameplay.

The amazing gaming experience is not just about the high-end system but also associated with the operating system, not all OS supports intensified gaming.

It’s time to discuss experts’ opinions who have tried gaming on different operating systems and experienced things which made them decide about the best operating system for gaming.

Experts believe that operating system actually matters and makes big difference from worst gaming experience to best gaming experience journey.

Before we start discussing each and every OS and its gaming experience, one should know that it also depends upon which category of game you like to play.


We make a list of the best operating system which supports amazing gaming experience, this list goes from best to better in the following.

1. Microsoft Windows XP

2. Microsoft Windows 10

3. Microsoft Windows 7

4. Ubuntu

5. Linux


7. Microsoft Windows 8

We are going to justify the list shared above and will explain to you how these all operating systems in the list from best to better, affects the overall gaming experience.

1. Microsoft Windows 7

Let’s just start from its introduction to have a better idea.


Windows 7 has emerged as the most efficient and popular operating system in comparison to all other versions of Microsoft Windows released. Gamers also love Windows 7 and do not want to uninstall it from their gaming system.

The latest version of DirectX software can easily run on Windows 7 and this makes the gamer stay with this version, no matter what other good features are being offered on the latest Windows version.  

Windows 7 is very user-friendly and its installation is easier than other OS, a person with basic knowledge can install it. In terms of ease and compatibility, Windows 7 is the best operating system for gaming.

Windows 7 OS Requirements

Desktop computer or laptop cannot run any operating system unless meets its system requirements, Windows 7 requires low-end system and user do not have to buy an expensive system for running Windows 7 on it. Its processor requirement is 1 GHz and 32 to 64-bit processor. There must be 1GB RAM for a 32-bit system and 2GB RAM for a 64-bit system for running Windows 7.

As far as available space is required, It requires 16 GB free space for a 32-bit system and 20GB space for a 64-bit system.

Windows 7 can easily run DirectX 9 Graphics with WDDM 1.0.

Display Features

Windows 7 supports vibrant colors, extreme brightness, HD display, and a smooth gaming experience without lag. Windows 7 can play all the latest games at its Ultra settings from the system support while delivering full brightness and Full High-Quality display.

A gamer can enjoy detailed graphics for every object designed in the game and can feel it like real. Gaming is quite better on Windows 7, especially when you play games like Battlefield, Far Cry, Resident Evil, and Hitman, where not only graphics but overall gaming experience matters. Gaming is not just about graphics but also demands support for smooth gameplay and Windows 7 is best at it. Display feature is one of the most critical one to call the OS as best operating system for gaming.


An operating system good at gaming can easily perform all types of high-end tasks. Gaming is one of the toughest benchmarks to measure the high-performance for any OS. Windows 7 can perform on 1-2GB RAM and 1-2GHz processor.

Anyone can afford the system with these specifications in the present time; you can buy the laptop for under $300 with pre-installed Windows 7 and can enjoy the best performance.

Gamers often complain about suffering from slow system while gaming on other operating systems. The main reason is playing heavy games for hours and mostly OS crashes.        Quality of gaming is the most demanding feature from the gamers’ community.

If you are a hard-core gamer then most likely get used to spend the weekend nights by playing games, how about system starts lagging and it ruins the whole gaming experience and so the weekend night. This thing is least likely to happen on Windows 7 and experts rest assures that gamer is going to enjoy a gaming experience.


Microsoft DIRECTX is API-based software that is responsible for handling multimedia-related tasks. It deals with high-end game graphics and makes its loading process smooth on Microsoft platforms. This software enhances the overall capability of CPU, GPU and RAM for handling tasks such as rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. The latest version of DIRECTX software is compatible on Windows 7 and performs its all functions.


Let’s discuss about its merits and demerits one by one.


  • User-Friendly GUI
  • Light-weight
  • More Customizable than any other Windows


  • Vulnerable to many viruses
  • Old platform for gaming


Microsoft Windows 10 comes with lots of positive facts and overall enjoying very good popularity. It is preferred by the gamer because of its stability and modern software structure. Its other features are very user-friendly for beginner-level users and become the first choice for them.

Windows 10 is designed with smart way coding which reduces the chances of system failure during gaming. Moreover, Windows 10 boots faster than Windows 7 and gamers loves it to start the game in no time.

Windows 10 is also integrated with Xbox through the app which allows the user to stream Xbox games on the PC.

Windows 10 is also way better platform comparing to its predecessor Windows 8/8.1. In the several benchmark tests, Windows 10 overtook Windows 8 though by small margin.

As far as its weak side is concerned, Windows 10 is not secure for the gamer when it is about online gaming and relevant platforms. Windows 10 does not offer good security from then virus attacks sent through online gaming communities. This can also not support the old version of games which mostly gamers miss a lot.


UBUNTU is such an operating system that combines the qualities of both Windows and Macintosh, also offers good platform for gaming. It lacks in customization and does not offer a user-friendly interface.


  • Highly-Secure
  • Less Chances of Error


  • Need skills to be used
  • Less-Friendly Interface


LINUX is a popular platform among programmers and back-end professionals who prefers this OS because of its sophisticated options provided to the coders.

LINUX is also the most secure OS which can be trusted for developing any software with great idea worth millions of dollars without any system risk.

LINUX is like a free world for the gamer who can explore all options, unlike Windows which puts lots of limitations.

In the Cons side, LINUX is very bad at gaming performance and speed which makes gamers stay away from this operating system.


  • Secure
  • Unrestricted Options


  • Bad Gaming Performance
  • Slow Speed


Gamer who wants to exception graphics and visuals during the Gameplay is suggested to go with MACINTOSH. This OS is the best deal for such gamers and they would love it.

It is not just over here and also offers high secure system which prevents all viruses to penetrate the system and maintains the overall OS efficiency.

MAC operating system can cost you little bit higher compared to other OS and also show decline in performance while loading heavy graphic games.


  • Keeps system secure while online gaming.
  • High-Quality Visuals


  • Low performance with heavy graphics
  • High Cost


No doubt, Windows 8 responded to all flaws in Windows 7 and came up with better platform. Its performance was better than its older version in many areas.

The performance of Windows 8 was critical to the hardware drivers being used in the system by gamers. It also had become the best platform for gamers after its release; online gaming industry experienced the boom due to Windows 8.

Until the Windows 10 released, Windows 8 was supposed to be the best operating system for online gaming and online gaming industry experienced rapid growth.

The only issue with Windows 8 was, it requires specific hardware and run it with certain software which used to be a problematic for the gamer meeting the requirements.


  • Offers stability
  • Promoted online gaming industry


  • Requirement of expensive hardware
  • Customizable

Final Words

Three features are essential in every operating system for enjoying a better gaming experience. These include performance, hardware compatibility and user-friendly interface.

The gaming industry have been growing so rapidly and introducing new innovative techniques & modern engines challenging the older operating systems to run them on their platforms. Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and LINUX have been upgrading their systems to become the best platform for gamers.

In 2021, a gamer must spend ample time on analyzing each and every OS, its Pros and Cons before buying the new gaming system. To choose a best operating system for gaming is not an easy decision now.

We have shared with you the true facts about all operating systems and how good they are for the hard core gamers; it will surely help you out in deciding about best gaming system to make the best out of it.