Can I Just Buy A Router And Have Wifi (Internet)? Fact-Based Explanation

Do you really think that after buying a Wi-Fi router, you will be able to access the internet in your home or office?

A Wi-Fi router is only responsible for catching the internet signals and sending them to the devices connects with it.

However, the router does not create an active internet connection but only distributes the signals coming from the modem provided by ISP.

Actually, you get an internet connection by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and they provide you a modem device that directly catches the internet signals from the tower nearest your location.

As long as you do not have a router that comes with a built-in modem, the router alone is not going to get you connected to the internet.

How To Connect A Modem With Router?

Ethernet cable is used for connecting modem and router with each other. A modem converts the analog signals into digital signals that all electronic communication devices can understand.

At this point, we need a Wi-Fi router or otherwise, laptops and smartphones cannot be directly connected with a modem by turning on the Wi-Fi on the device.

The router picks these digital signals and distributes to the all devices to get them connected to the internet. It has to be turned on the Wi-Fi on these devices to receive the digital signals from Wi-Fi router.

The below YouTube video explain about how to setup a router and connect with modem.

How Can We Use Our Wi-Fi Router and Modem Without Internet Connection?

We can definitely use the Wi-Fi router for something good even there is no internet connection. We can setup a LAN (Local Area Network) at home or office which allows the other communication devices to communicate with each other wirelessly.

These devices must come within the range of Wi-Fi router and mostly it is up to 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors.

However, Wi-Fi router is never supposed to be catching the internal signals directly from the tower and gives you the access.

As far as modem is concerned, there is no use of it without the ISP as its primary and only function to get analog signals and convert them into usable form which all communications can understand and consume.

How Many Devices Can Connect To Wi-Fi Router?

There can be as many as 250 devices connected to Wi-Fi router at once. It allows several types of electronic devices to connect with and access on internet including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, appliances and many more.

Though, it also depends upon the bandwidth of internet connection and its capability of maximum amount of data transmitted in a given amount of time.

The internet speed will be too slow if maximum devices are connected and bandwidth speed is not enough to transmit the all data requested by devices.

Does Wi-Fi Router Has To Be Compatible With Internet Service Provider?

As long as Wi-Fi router is not compatible with the type of internet connection being provided by the ISP, there is no use of Wi-Fi Router and will not be able to distribute signals to all devices due to incompatibility issues.

There are several types of internet connection such as DSL, Broadband, Cable, Stall elite and ISDN.

For Example, if you have just bought a modern Wi-Fi Router supporting broadband connection while the type of internet connection ISP providing you to access internet through DSL line, this creates the incompatibility issue here.

Therefore, you must keep this in mind that whether the Wi-Fi router going to buy is also compatible with the type of internet connection you have.

How Exactly Wi-Fi Router Performs Its Function?

A Wi-Fi router establishes a network and allows the devices to get connected with its network and can share data with each other, this network is protected by a password which prevents unauthorized access.

This network sends data packets between its users, whether they are connected through wire or without wire.

This network provides the unique IP address to every device connected, this is to ensure that the one device which sends the data packet to specific destination would be received by to whom data was actually sent.

Therefore, it is critical to assign the unique IP address to every device to setup the communication protocol.

Can Wi-Fi Router Get Access On Internet Without ISP

Will A Wireless Router Work Without The Internet?

Wireless router is capable of creating own network and maximum 250 communication devices can get connected with its network for sharing data in the form of images, videos, documents and others. You can imagine wide range of data can be shared on router created network.

Furthermore, this network also allows its users to get connected wirelessly just by turning-on the Wi-Fi on own devices.

Routers are mostly used in offices to create own office network where hundreds of employees can share official data with each other which enhances the knowledge sharing and improves the work efficiency.

Can Wi-Fi Router Give Us Access On Free Internet?

Wi-Fi router can get you an access on free internet if you get connected with someone else’s internet for which you are not paying. It would be unethical without the permission, otherwise this is the only way router can give you internet without spending single penny.

Internet connection is a service which has nothing to do with the Wi-Fi router, except this device can distribute the signals to other devices.

Can You Get Wi-Fi Without Internet Service Provider?

Once you buy a Wi-Fi router and perform its setup successfully with modem, now router Wi-Fi will start be catching the internet signals coming in its range. This might be your paid-connection or the one neighbors using.

You can definitely get Wi-Fi without ISP as long as you know its password. It is highly unethical to steal someone’s Wi-Fi password by using applications available; one should directly ask if they share the password.

Otherwise, you can only access to internet with ISP or router can only establish own limited network.

If you are living in a remote area where internet service is not available, then can setup own ISP network which requires initial investment not more than $10,000.

What is Wi-Fi 6 and How Much Faster?

Wi-Fi 6 promises and offers higher bandwidth speed which plays crucial role in running all latest applications and games. Its internet speed has been increased from 3.5 Gbps to 9.6 Gbps. 

Furthermore, this latest generation of Wi-Fi improves the user experience when multiple devices are connected with same internet connection. It will maintain the bandwidth speed to support more than 25 devices connected, its users will never suffer from any interruptions and stoppage.            

Routers with Wi-Fi 6 technology can better communicate with multiple devices in the same broadcast, it is recommended to go for latest generation of router if going to buy new one.

Final Words

Before buying a new router, check its capability for how many maximum devices it can allow to get connected with. Then, also check what generation of Wi-Fi technology this router offers and it is better to choose with the one offering latest one.

Always keep in mind that router and internet connection must be compatible with each other, if router is only designed to deliver broadband internet signals then your ISP must be offering the same type of internet means Broadband and not DSL.

You need to make sure that the router and modem have been connected successfully with each other, if there is connection problem there will be no internet.