Can We Put A Wi-Fi Router In A Cabinet? Fact Based Explanation

Every home is looking for an area where they keep the Wi-Fi router to get signals with its full strength in every corner of the house. Every family member wants full access to the internet while sitting in their own rooms.

Some people believe that a Wi-Fi router should be kept inside furniture such as cupboards, cabinets, dressers, or closets to avoid connectivity issues because other electronic devices are interrupting it.

This is totally wrong in the view that keeping the router inside a cabinet or closet cannot only block and disrupt Wi-Fi signals but can also cause overheating issues with the router which harms its functionality because it needs a proper ventilation system.

Can We Put A Wi-Fi Router Inside A Metal Cabinet?

It is strongly not recommended to keep your router inside of a cabinet or anything made of metal. Actually, metal is a kind of material that has the ability to absorb the radio waves being released from the router and block Wi-Fi signals coming from it.

To put the router inside a metal cabinet, either it will completely destroy the signals or greatly diminishes it which slows down the internet speed or users will not be able to stay productive.

It is better to place the router at the top of furniture made of wood and it should not be placed near the concrete wall. Wi-Fi signals can hardly pass through the wall made of the thickest building material which is known as concrete.

Even, the Wi-Fi booster does not remain very effective in distributing the signals in long-range if the router is placed somewhere it should not have been.

Where Should We Put Wi-Fi Router To Get Full Signals?

Router should be kept six to eight feet in height and somewhere in the center of the house. You must have a wooden shelf that is exactly six to eight feet in height and can place the Wi-Fi router at its top where zero chances any other object can block its signals.

You can also mount it to a wall and this is also a good technique to position your router somewhere can distribute equal signals to every house member.

As far as its overheating issues are concerned, router should maintain at least 4 inches of space with any other object placed near it; this will allow the router to release the heat from its air vents which improves the ventilation and helps in keep functioning without overheat problem.

Can You Put A Wi-Fi Router On Its Side?

Mostly Wi-Fi routers are specifically designed to place as either vertically or horizontally, its air vents are also designed accordingly. If you lay the router on its side because do not have enough space, this is most likely to block its heat ventilating area and it will cause the device to get overheated and stop working.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to lay it on one side which is against its original design. Once the device has reached at its highest heating point, it may damage the router permanently.

It is a better idea to buy the wall mounts and mount the router to a wall somewhere no other object blocking its signals, there will be no space issues and neither air vents will be blocked.

Is Mounting the Router On Ceiling A Good Idea?

It is a good idea in a way that there will be no object in its close range and nothing is interfering with it in a room. Though, theoretically, it is good idea to get good Wi-Fi reception and enjoy the signals everywhere in the house.

But technically speaking, mostly routers comes with upward-pointing antennas which are designed to keep sending the Wi-Fi signals everywhere upwards, sideways but not downwards. Its developers never designed it to keep in mind that anyone will mount it on ceiling.

Furthermore, it will also not look good that cables are running everywhere in the room towards the roof to fix the router on ceiling and this arrangement will disturb the other family member in their daily routine activities.

If you still think that mounting router on ceiling is actually a good idea which needs to be refined, then you are recommended to install a ceiling mountable access point to enjoy the best experience.

In order to find out how to install a Ceiling-mount Wi-Fi access point, you need to watch below YouTube video.

Can I Keep My Router In the Attic?

It is strongly not recommended to keep the router in Attic because this area is full of humidity and temperatures are extreme there. It will be extremely bad idea during summer, the heat and humidity will damage your Wi-Fi router or may also affect its performance in a way decreases its signal strength which eventually leads to poor Wi-Fi reception.

Can I Put My Router On the Television?

Television is a device which already transmits electrical signals by radio waves and it will greatly interfere with the signal transmitting system of your router. Both devices are going to absorb the radio waves of each other; Wi-Fi router will not be functional to distribute the signals.

Can I Put My Wi-Fi Router Near the Speakers?

It would not be a problem keeping your Wi-Fi router near the speakers, if they are properly shielded. Big reputed companies always ensures that they build a speaker which only release its electromagnetic field within small range to avoid its interruption with other electronic devices also releasing own radio waves.

If you have bought speakers made by any reputed company, no issue to keep router next to them. You should not take a risk with any non-brand speakers.

Secondly, if you notice the performance of router has been downgraded after placing it next to the speakers; you should place a sheet of metal in between the speaker and router.      

Final Words: May I Put Router Inside the Cabinet?

Wood made furniture is not going to reduce the signals strength but a metal object will do this, therefore avoid to keep the Wi-Fi router near or inside something which is made of the metal body.

However, keeping it inside the cabinet is going to affect the strength of Wi-Fi signal anyway but still this option is better considering you want to keep the device secure from mishandling.

You should never be placing router near any kind of electronic device such as Television, Smartphone or Micro-Wave oven because its radio waves absorbs the Wi-Fi signals and prevents it from distributing to all connected devices.

Wi-Fi access point is a good option if it is not accessible in every room or somewhere signals are weak.