Can You Have Two Different Internet Providers In the Same House?

Using two different internet service providers is good to get connected with another network when having internet speed issues on one.

But, most users ask this question, can we have two internet providers and two Wi-Fi services in the same house? We will answer these questions whether or not this is possible and also sharing its technical details in easy words.

Can You Have Two Different Internet Providers in the Same House ?

We have been enjoying the fastest internet speed in modern time and can even download GBs size of files in few minutes, still speed becomes an issue when multiple devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi router

For Example, if you have an online gaming laptop, 4K TV, and numbers of Smartphone which all are connected with the same Wi-Fi router. Then, it can slow your internet and all users have to suffer from this, no one will be enjoying the better internet usage experience. It will also reduce the downloading speed and YouTube streaming will also be stopped.

One user can manage the dedicated Ethernet cable to get the stable internet connection, but still other users has to suffer from slow internet and it will only work for one.

In such situation, everyone considers having a second internet connection to share the internet usage and again enjoy the stable connection.

Here, the question rises in mind whether or not we can get two different internet service providers in the same house.

How Do Internet Service Providers Work ?

The Internet is global based network that connects computers all over the world. Millions and billions of Computers and other devices are part of this global network within which millions of small networks are interconnected with each other which makes the one big thing Internet.

So, why do we pay for internet service and why do we need internet service providers when it is all global ?

The simple answer is that, we cannot get connected with the Internet on our own and we need an internet provider. We need them because they have placed an infrastructure ( hardware and software ) both in order to get connected with one global network and then create thousands & millions of networks to distribute internet service to their clients.

Internet Service Providers routes the internet data which travels through the oceans. There are thousands of vast undersea cables which promises stable internet connection all over the world, else no one could be connected with each other and world would never have become global village.

Your ISP has established such a wider network which enables them to also get connected with other massive ISPs who owns one big network through thousands of miles of fiber cable, so that they can offer internet service to your internet service provider.

Such Tier-1 Networks are providing an internet to your ISP because there is an agreement between both, Tier-1 Networks or other massive networks have made big investment in cables and routers, they sell their services to thousands of small ISPs against nominal fee.

Therefore, one big network is actually the network of millions of small networks.

How Many Types of Internet Connections ?

The internet service can be provided in different ways, discussed in the following.

Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL )

Your telephone line will help to get you connected with internet. A telephone line needs to put into the router and then user gets the internet access. A DSL user has to pay for telephone and internet services both in the end of month.


Internet provided through cable is actually using coaxial cable. It is widely available and popular as offering faster internet speed than the DSL. It has only one disadvantage; cable can be easily broken or damaged which means no internet.


Fiber-optic cables are the fastest source of internet data transmits which is as fast as 70% of the speed of light. Fiber cables are highly resilient to bad weather conditions such as sea-storm. As far as its downside is concerned, It is not widely available all over the world and poor countries do not enjoy fastest internet speed through fiber-optic.

Satellite Internet  

The last and fourth type of internet connections is through Satellite, it is only viable option for rural areas where ISPs cannot find cables to provide the internet. Satellite offers slow internet speed but can deliver the internet facility where it is not possible by above three types of connections.

Can You Have Two Different Internet Service Providers in the Same House ?

Its answer will depend upon the type of internet connection you currently using. If you have DSL type of internet connection, then using another DSL connection would be challenging. To make this happen, you need to get a new phone line which is a lot just for second internet connection.

You can definitely have two different cable internet connections by two providers. The thing is, they most of the time have agreement not to provide the service in same area, building or neighborhood. Again, you will only have one cable internet provider which makes it impossible to have two different internet service providers in same house.

Mostly, cable providers sell its both internet and cable TV services together in package. This means a second connection would not be only an internet but also pay for TV cable services.

Therefore, it is better to have one DSL or fiber-optic and one cable internet connection to enjoy fast internet in same house. User just needs to make sure the DSL router is not placed near the cable internet which may cause interruptions.

It would be very challenging to have one type of two internet connections at same household and the mutual agreement of competitors also makes it less likely for the user. Therefore, a combination of DSL /  Optic-Fiber with cable internet is the only best solution for having two different internet providers in same house.