Can You Use AirPods On Plane? If Any Other Device Required?

While on a plane, we all are asked to turn airplane mode on and do not use the smartphone or any other communication device without it, those who cannot survive without their Airpods ask whether can we use Airpods on a plane or not? You can definitely use your Airpods on a plane because this device is different from other communication devices.

Actually, airplane mode applies such settings which does not allow the device to receive or transit those signals disturbs the airplane’s communication system by unauthorized interference which may lead to plane crash.

However, Airpods gets connectivity through Bluetooth which uses short range waves and do not interferes with the signals which connecting pilot with air traffic control officer.

As per the guidelines of FAA institutions which issues new safety rules for safe airplane travelling, it is allowed to use the Airpods on a flight. This is not limited to the Airpods but headphones are also allowed to get connected with other communication devices provided using on airplane mode.

How To Get AirPods Connected With Other Devices On Airplane Mode?

There are three simple steps involved and nothing complicated, but users often get confused here to make the successful connection.

  1. Go to the main settings of your device and turn-on the airplane mode.
  2. Once device is on airplane mode, now turn-on the Bluetooth.(Mostly people commits mistake and first turn-on Bluetooth and then Airplane mode.)  
  3. Now get your Airpods connected with device via Bluetooth.

If you tap on Bluetooth first and then turn-on the Airplane mode, it will automatically get the Bluetooth turned-off.

Can We Use AirPods On Plane TV?

Airpods users often complain about unable to use them with in-flight entertainment system because they want to enjoy the favorite content on bigger screen and different is always better watching videos on the airplane TV is not the frequent experience.

However, we can definitely use Airpods on plane TV but it requires a special device and following below steps.

Use Wireless Transmitter

These wireless transmitters are also called as Bluetooth adapters and easily available online markets. You will find this device in different price ranges and product quality varies accordingly. One of the most selling and popular wireless transmitters are as follows.

  • Twelve South Airfly Pro
  • Hagibis Bluetooth 5.0 Transmittor Receiver

The above recommended devices offer high value for money and are enjoying customer satisfaction. Now, let us share with you the steps involved in establishing the connection between Airpods and this wireless transmitter to get connected with in-flight entertainment system.

  1. Make sure to keep the wireless transmitter device fully charged.
  2. Turn this device on with its slide side switch.
  3. Press and hold its main button for few seconds to turn-on its pairing mode.
  4. Open the lid, then press and hold the Bluetooth button to get connected with other device. (Wireless Transmitter).
  5. On the successful connection, the light on your charging case will turn green.
  6. Now, plug your wireless transmitter adapter in the flight system switch using 3.5mm aux port.
  7. You need to check whether you can hear the sound on Airpods or not.
  8. If it does not work, repeat the whole process again.

This device has become a most favorite product for the airplane travelers who travels on the frequent basis and only finds time to watch favorite content during flight.

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Is Noise-Cancelling Feature On Airpods Also Effective On Plane?

People are very much impressed with its noise-cancelling feature while using Airpods on plane. This improves the flight experience multiple times and its noice-cancelling technology definitely works and allows you to only focus on music and streaming.

It cancels the passenger’s noise and also makes you unheard flight noise which otherwise used to be frustrating experience for the screen enthusiastic. 

Is Apple’s AirPods Noice-Cancelling Feature Better than Sony and Bose Devices?

There is no way the noise-cancelling feature on AirPods better than the Sony and Bose made earphones. They are far ahead this technology from the Apple and they just introduced this feature on Airpods to overall improve the users experience, otherwise they cannot compete for brands like Sony and Bose in this area so far.

Can AirPods Sustain During Long Flights?

The 3rd generation of Airpods can last up to 6 hours of listening time on a single charge. Any longer flight than six hours will make you to recharge the Airpods as well as its case.

The Airpods charging case is going to be fully charged in an hour, then further it will require 20 minutes to recharge your Airpods. To avoid the uninterrupted experience on a plane, keep the charging case fully recharged while enjoying the music on your Airpods.

Buying a power bank is also a better option to keep everything charged; power switch may be broken on the plane of your side.

What If We Find the AirPod’s Charging Case Empty On Plane?

It is funny to know that mostly people get astonish and angry after finding the charging case without Airpods, especially during the long flights, without the Airpods flights are full of boring and one can hardly pass the quality time.

The funny thing is mostly people later realizes they have already put their Airpods on the ears and just need to connect them with the in-flight entertainment system. There is possibility that you did not forget to put them on case and rather already wearing them.

Final Words    

There is no issue using Airpods on a plane and it rather helps the travelers passing the time and avoids the boredom. Though, we cannot directly connect our Aipods with the in-flight entertainment system but it requires a device which is not expensive.

Its noice-cancelling feature has really helped the users not to get frustrated with the passenger’s conversation around them because there is no way change the position on plane so easily.

All the concerned legal authorities have permitted the airplane passengers using Airpods on plane as it does not break the communication between pilot and air traffic control officer.