Chiclet vs Mechanical keyboard is a common debate that takes place frequently on online forums like TechSpot, Techweez and Reddit. One group of users believe that Mechanical keyboards is better choice for gamers especially who loves playing intense games, the other group believes Chiclet keyboard produces less sound and better choice for office usage.

Keyboard is a great source of productivity and right choice will make big difference. Every type of keyboard has its own unique features which caters the needs of different types of users. However, we will only discuss two types of keyboards Chiclet and Mechanical, also list down the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Chiclet keyboard cannot cater the needs of the kind of users looking for features only Mechanical keyboard offers and similarly vice-versa. Therefore, this article will provide in-depth guide on what type of keyboard is designed for you and then accordingly can go for the one meets your needs best.

We are going to share the guide on Chiclet vs Mechanical in terms of its Pros and Cons.

CHICLET vs Mechanical Keyboard GUIDE

These two keyboards have a different apparent style which can easily notice and also differs in internal design. Mechanical keyboards are the older version of the keyboard and the Chiclet keyboard was designed with the latest technique to improve user experience in modern times. Though, both keyboards have their own Pros & Cons which suit some users and also go against other types of users.

A mechanical keyboard has the capability which referred as “key rollover”, this term may be defined as the capability of the computer receiving the input from multiple keys pressed simultaneously and provides its output. A mechanical keyboard can register multiple keys if the user press them simultaneously, this feature makes the gamers love the mechanical keyboard more than chiclet keyboard, because fighting games like Tekken requires simultaneously pressing the combination of keys to make insane damage.

Keyboards with low N key rollovers are only able to get single input from multiple keys pressed by ignoring the others, Chiclet keyboard is the example.

Now, you start thinking either keyboard with high N key rollovers or low N key rollovers are better for you and which suits your requirement best. A gamer, programmer, and extreme user of a keyboard must get first-hand knowledge about this and buy the best-suited keyboard accordingly.

We are going to discuss mechanical and chiclet keyboards both and explain their physical features, mode of actions to get you loaded with the right information.


“CHICLET KEYBOARD” is known by multiple alternate names like a membrane, island-style keyboards and CHICLET. This name is given by the developers because it resembles to American brand chewing called Chiclet.

This type of keyboard is more common with MacBooks which enhances its stylish outlook. Its unique physical feature is its rectangular or square-shaped keys on the board. The space between its keys are not wider but normal. Chiclet keyboard allows faster typing speed and is portable as comes without any connecting wires. CHICLET keyboard is designed for daily usage.

Mostly Keyboards come with circuits installed inside them. CHICLET keyboard has a different design and its circuit connection go through two membranes installed; it needs to complete the round from one membrane to other, this is why CHICLET keyboard is also known as membrane keyboard.

When user press the key, the circuit get the round of connection completed and prevents any noise on tactile feedback, otherwise it would have been big noise on every key pressing. This feature improves the usability of CHICLET keyboard and enhances its demand.


There are several advantages of buying a CHICLET keyboard over Mechanical keyboard, discussed in the following.

Comparatively Cheap Price

CHICLET Keyboard is a comparatively cheaper price to MECHANICAL Keyboard, students can easily afford them.


Chiclet keyboard functions without wires and codes which makes it extremely portable. Users can take it anywhere in a backpack easily unlike a Mechanical keyboard.


The CHICLET Keyboard does not produce sound on pressing its keys. The user enjoys the quiet experience and can also take it places like library where it would not cause any noise.


Chiclet keyboard is made of lightweight materials like plastic and contains less amount of weight. Therefore, moving around with Chiclet keyboard while working is easy and user can even put it on lap easily.


There are specific reasons which discourage the user to buy CHICLET Keyboard, discussed in the following.

Not Easy Maintenance   

CHICLET Keyboard comes with small interspaces between the keys which make its cleaning thing complicated and its maintenance becomes challenging.

Difficult to Repair or Customize

Once it’s any key is broken, it becomes totally useless and stops functioning. Its repairing is highly skilled work and not everyone can repair it. CHICLET keyboard completes its circuit process through membranes which involves a complicated system unlike Mechanical Keyboard.

Not for Intensive Usage

Chiclet keyboard cannot survive the intensive usage and pressing the keys with force. For Instance, while playing fighting games players are used to be hitting the keys harshly which can damage it if using the Chiclet keyboard.


Mechanical Keyboard can be distinguished as it produces sound by pressing its keys. Its every key is designed as a switch and they behave accordingly in making some noise as a normal switch does on turning down or up.

There are three types of switches underneath the mechanical keyboard.

The first type of switch is known as “Linear” type, this switch ensures consistent resistance and is suitable for prolonged typing. The second type is “Tactile” and it does not produce sound or make noise on touching its keys. Its third type of switch having two features, tactile plus audio and produce sound on touching.

We also have other kinds of switches available in the market. “Cherry MX” switches are very popular among consumers and these are classified in different colors such as black, red, brown and blue. Each color represents how much force needs to apply for pressing single key to get recognized and send the input. Keyboard with black switches means high force needs to apply and it will be rigid to press the key and send the input. Keyboard with red switches are translated as gaming keyboards which requires push the key with less force.


We have multiple reasons to list down explaining why one should buy a mechanical keyboard, discussed in the following.

Easy Maintenance

Mechanical keyboard has wide interspaces between its keys which provide a space to keep it clean. Its maintenance experience is quite easy for the user comparing to the CHECLIT keyboard.

Easy to mend

The broken keys on the mechanical keyboard can be easily replaced and fixing them will not be a big problem.

Good for Gamers

Gamers prefer Mechanical keyboard because it prevents jamming and keep the intensified gaming experience maintained during high-speed games. This keyboard also has the capability of N key rollovers to recognize the multiple keys pressed simultaneously and send the input without ignoring one, this feature is ideal for gamer who often press random keys in intensity, they cannot afford always pressing the right key.  


Mechanical keyboards can last longer and they are designed for heavy usage, its durable system is not sensitive unlike CHECLIT keyboard.

Comfortable for fingers

This keyboard is more comfortable for fingers and hands, allows working for longer hours. It will not let your hands get tired.

Satisfactory Sound  

On pressing the keys on mechanical keyboard, it produces very satisfactory sound which makes the user feel to be productive.

Removable Keys

User can easily remove the all old and broken keys on mechanical keyboard and replace with the new keys which best suits the new theme and helps in make the keyboard look beautiful and customized.


There are certain needs which makes mechanical keyboard less-tempting, will be discussed in the following.


The mechanical keyboard is more expensive than chiclet keyboard and puts the burden on user’s pocket.


The Keys of mechanical keyboard make noise on every pressing and it may be disturbing for the others. You may not get a good welcome on places like library with mechanical keyboard.

Low Portability

Mechanical keyboard has connecting wires which thick & long and folding them is not easy. It also cannot fit in a backpack and low portability is the big disadvantage.

Why Gamers Should Go For Mechanical Keyboard ?

Mostly gamers love mechanical keyboard for enjoying the intense gaming experience, its keys can survive when user pressing them hard with full force while using multiple keys as combination to win the enemy. Moreover, the sound production on pressing the key is very satisfactory and also confirms the gamer that it has been registered.

In the contrary, chiclet keyboard produce no sound and stays quiet which is no thrill and good for only office usage.

Furthermore, mechanical keyboard comes with “N-Key Rollover” feature which can register multiple keys pressed simultaneously by the user. Fighting games like Tekken or Mortal Kombat requires the user to press more than one key simultaneously to get the Combo and kill the enemy.

In the last, mechanical keyboard offers its users to customize the keyboard by placing new colorful and themed based keys which also blinks in the night. Chiclet keyboard does not offer such attractiveness to the gamer.

In the race of Chiclet vs Mechanical keyboard, gamers would always go for later one because it improves the gaming experience.

Who Should Go For Chiclet Keyboard?

Chiclet keyboard should be the choice of one who works in the office within a quiet environment and requires a keyboard to type a lot of words. Since it does not produce a sound unlike a mechanical keyboard, therefore an environment remains silent during the use of a chiclet keyboard.

Furthermore, one who used to travel a lot with a laptop and also requires a keyboard to type should go for the Chiclet keyboard, whereas a mechanical keyboard would be the worst choice. This is because Chiclet keyboard are light in weight and extremely travel friendly. User do not have to carry heavy-weight while lifting up this type of keyboard.

Chiclet vs Mechanical: Which Better Keyboard ?

The needs and requirements of a user will decide whether Chiclet or Mechanical keyboard is better ? A user who wants a keyboard in affordable price and for casual usage also has to perform lots of typing, then chiclet keyboard is best option. The typing on chiclet keyboard will not produce any sound and no disturbance for others in room. In the contrary, mechanical keyboards can survive the intense usage and more durable as designed for rough usage by the gamers. They produce the sound on pressing key which confirms the user that the command has been registered.

Final Words

It has been crystal clear after reading the article that each keyboard type has its own Pros & Cons. It depends upon the user’s requirement and accordingly they can make best decision after knowing which Cons affects them most and which Pro they need most.

A gamer who wants to enjoy consistent gaming experience while maintaining all focus on screen, mechanical keyboard is the best choice for him. A blogger who needs to write down hundreds and thousands of words on daily basis again recommended buying mechanical keyboard for sure.

If you are a daily traveler and backpack the laptop, CHICLET keyboard is for you.

It’s the attributes of the each keyboard which lets you decide which one is the right choice for you. The decision of CHICLET vs Mechanical keyboard is up to you now.