How New Discord Screen Share Feature Works ? Pros and Cons

Discord screen share feature is another good feature introduced by VoIP application recently in its latest software edition. We will be discussing this new feature in more detail and explaining how to use it, its pros and cons. This new feature definitely contributes to improving the user experience on VoIP applications and using it as the primary source of communication.

What is Discord Screen Share Feature in VoIP ?

Thousands and millions of users especially passionate gamers were sending requests to its discord developing team to develop such a feature that can exceed their expectations. Fans of VoIP applications also wanted to enhance the screen sharing experience which does not let them feel alone while watching movies or streaming YouTube videos.

Fortunately, its development team catered to all these requests and introduced a new screen share feature which made this application more perfect than ever. Though, the user has to get a subscription of its premium package to avail all types of screen sharing facilities.

How To Use Screen Sharing Feature In Direct Message (Discord) ?

I am used to be contacting my friends through direct messages where I share my screen with them while trying to change game settings for a smooth experience. My friends always help me in having the best graphic settings to enjoy GTA 5 new Mods at higher FPS.

You can also try the screen sharing feature in Discord, by taking these steps.

  • You need to get connected first before sharing screen, so make him/her call first.
  • It needs to click on the “Turn on Screen Share “option which starts this.
  • It will appear the small window on your screen; user needs to select the steam / video quality. Once it is done, and then clicks the Share option to start the screen sharing process.

According to my experience, screen mirroring offers you the best experience on 720p at 30FPS. You must keep in mind that it requires faster-uploading speed, though there are no advanced hardware requirements for enjoying the smooth screen mirroring experience.

How Can We Share Screen In Discord Server ?

Though the voice channel is a great source of communication and I enjoy the talk with my friends through this. But, sharing the screen with fellows provides a more valuable type of communication and it enables me to share my current gaming situation in a better way instead of only using voice channels.

The screen sharing feature helps me in mirroring my gameplay and it feels like my friends are enjoying the game and sitting with me.

You can share the screen in the voice channel by taking the following steps.

  • Go and join one of the voice channels available on server. Then, click on the option “ Go Live ” button to start the screen sharing process.
  • It will appear the small window on your screen under the option “Screens” with this name Screen 1. User must be connected with secondary display, and then he/she will be able to select “Screen 2 or 3” for mirroring it.
  • Once you have done all this, it will begin the steam and all connected members can watch it.

One thing must keep in mind that only connected users of the voice channels can watch and enjoy the stream. All other members in the server have to be manually joined the live streaming and else they cannot watch it anyway.

How To Share the Screen For Only One Window

If you do not want to share your other open applications, programs, and software, just want to share only one window and keep other screens hidden. It is understandable that because everyone wants to maintain his/her privacy and only wants to share something with own desire.

The user needs to take the following steps, to share the screen for only one window.

  • Go and join one of the voice channels and then click on the option Go Live.
  • First of all, select the option Applications and then select the required Window which user wants to share from the list.
  • You will see a new window on the screen, find the “Go Live” button and click it to start the one window screen sharing process.

How Can I Stream Games On Discord ?

First of all, user must be having a machine with such specifications can run games instead expect something magical from Discord.

  • You will have to launch the game first and keep the window minimized. Check if it is showing the title of game on the left side from bottom. Then, click on the computer icon next to the game title.
  • There will be a new window pop-up on the screen; user can “Go Live” by clicking its button.
  • It will start the streaming on the new window.

It allows the registered user to keep the streaming window minimized while browsing around and checking here & there. User can also see the number of viewers watching his/her streaming right now at the moment.

Discord Screen Share Feature On Other Devices ( Android Phones, iPhone and iPad )

This application is also offering video calling feature while using Discord on the Smartphone. This platform access your webcam and microphone to provide you support for both types of communication on any voice channel. This feature is available in both platforms Android and iOS.

iPhone and iPad also allows sharing its webcam and microphone technology to get the support against these two on voice channel.

  • Go and join one of voice channels, which you like most.
  • There will be an icon for video camera on the bottom left side.
  • All Apple devices automatically turns-off the camera while user using third-party apps, so go to “Device Settings” and grant permission to access camera and microphone.
  • Tap on both Camera and Microphone button to grant permission.
  • Once you have followed all above steps, now can go live while sharing camera and microphone capabilities.

We have used video calling feature on both devices Android and iOS , enjoyed the great experience without any voice or video interruption. We tested this feature on 4G technology and believe that it would also be good on 3G technology.

The bad news is, user cannot share phone screen on Discord and this feature is not offered yet but can expect soon to be launched by the developers.

How To Perform Video Calling In Discord Server

Discord recently launched video calling feature in its latest update. Its development team has enhanced the capability of Discord’s user, so that they can better communicate with other players, colleagues, team members and others by using webcam.

This is how we can perform video calling in discord server.

  • Go and join the voice channel in discord server.
  • There will be an Video option which needs to be clicked to turn on the camera.
  • It will appear the new where user can see own webcam visuals.
  • You will find many options in the webcam player, one of those options also enables the user to use the discord in new window separately from other tasks.

User is enabled to mute own microphone for maintaining privacy, user can also disconnect the webcam stream. They can also share the screen from the player and get the call disconnected. But, they are not enabled for disconnecting the webcam stream and still can stay in the voice channel.

Soon user disconnects the webcam stream; he/she will not be able to stay in the voice channel and will be exited automatically. The video calling experience is amazing without any issues unless your system comes with computability issues. However, users must also be having a good internet connection to enjoy a smooth video calling experience.

Final Words

A discord screen share feature is a treat for the gamers who can enjoy a better gaming experience by using this feature. It helps them in the configuration of game settings and also enjoys quality time by sharing screens for their favorite content. They can also hide other screens from sharing and grant permission for only allowed windows.