Does RAM Affect Streaming ? Does Faster RAM Improves Streaming Experience ?

Does RAM affect streaming is one of the most frequently asked questions on discussion platforms like Reddit and Quora, this questions is also used to be discussed a lot on many tech based forums like TechSpot and Hardware Zone. Therefore, we decided to also cover this topic which have become a concern of thousands or may be millions of Laptop / PC users all over the world.

To give a short answer of this question, Yes RAM does affect streaming but a million dollar question is how much it affects really without cook up.

What is RAM ?

We all have read the basic definition of “RAM” hundreds of times, but still hardly anyone can exactly brief what the actual function of RAM is? RAM stores the memory which applications are using on frequently basis and RAM access that information to entertain the user’s request.

RAM shares the work load of processor and instead every time processor is processing the repeated data again and again, RAM performs this function, whereas processor starts functioning when any totally new input is given by the user which was not already stored on RAM on temporary basis.

Does RAM Affect Streaming ?

As we mentioned earlier, RAM is going to affect the streaming and a faster RAM can make you enjoy the video streaming without any interruption. Lets understand this by an example, to stream online games like GTA 5 Mods, Pubg at 1080p would definitely require more RAM at least 16GB and it is recommended to have 32GB of RAM to enjoy such big titles games online.

A faster RAM is definitely going to improve your streaming experience and it can reduce the impact of low Mbps internet to some extent.

How Does RAM Affect The Streaming ?

There are two factors in RAM which affects the streaming.

  1. RAM Size
  2. RAM Speed

The Size and Speed of the RAM equally affects the streaming. The faster the speed of a RAM, less time it will take to process the streaming data. People also use the term “Frequency” for the RAM instead of “Speed”, which would be stated as RAM 3200mhz or RAM 3600mhz.

How Much RAM Should Be Enough For Streaming Video ?

Let’s start discussing this from 4GB RAM. Should 4GB RAM be enough for streaming the video without any interruption ? The answer is No, 4GB RAM is definitely not enough and won’t allow you to enjoy the non-stop streaming on platforms like Netflix or YouTube, except if you have fast internet connection with higher Mbps. 

Furthermore, User cannot even run imagine to play big size games on platforms like Steam because 4GB RAM is out of the market for long time.

Is 8GB RAM Should Be Enough For Streaming Video ?

There should be minimum 8GB RAM installed to expect good performance in streaming videos. User will enjoy non-stop streaming experience watching videos at 1080p resolution having 8GB of RAM.

As far as popular games are concerned, 8GB RAM can run all demanding games on Steam, but using OBS software will further improve the streaming experience. OBS software is highly recommended for all users using streaming services like YouTube, Netflix and Steam.

Is 16GB RAM Should Be Enough For Streaming Video ?

16GB RAM is very much enough for streaming heavy-graphic and latest games on Steam. User can even manage better user experience by closing down all unrequited apps running in backgoround. Users do need to borrow the additional RAM from other sources like Virtual Memory or SSD, because 16GB can handle the streaming of high-end games and 4K resolution videos very well.

How Many Types of RAM ?

There are mainly two types of RAMs, Static RAM and Dynamic RAM, then each type comes with unique features. DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5 are the most selling types of RAM sold in the market. The latest DDR5 was released on 14 July 2020 and it comes with the ability of doubling bandwidth which is also very good feature for streaming services.

Final Words 

We explained that how 4GB RAM is not enough for streaming videos at higher resolution and running heavy games on platforms like Steam. In the present time, 8GB RAM is the minimum standard for expecting good streaming services; otherwise you are living in the old times.