What Is the Full Form of INTERNET -Revealed With Interesting History

A word Internet is actually a combination of two separate words “Inter” and “Net”. Mostly people believe that this word is the short form of “International Network” or “Interconnect Network”, unfortunately neither is correct. Now, you will be more curious then what the word Internet stands for and we are going to share every detail about this as how it was conceived.

What is the Full Form of Internet ?

No doubt, Internet is one of the most advanced inventions which not only changed the whole world but also our personal lives on individual basis. The question is when this word was suggested “Internet”, were they aware that this word would truly represent the all change happened to the mankind because of Internet.

Inter is the Latin word which means “Between” and Net was derived from the network. Therefore, the full form of Internet means “among or between networks.”

The Origin of Internet Idea

The concept of modern time Internet was conceived in August of 1962 and it was conceived by Licklider from MIT. He shared his vision as expressing the possibility of computers interconnectivity at the global level. He also stated that an information or data can be shared from one part of the world to other.

After few months he got promoted and became the head of computer research project and having ample resources to show the progression in his vision for the Internet. He also successfully convinced his other successors and made them believe in Internet concept which was only an idea at that time.

In the year of 1967, one of the predecessor who contributed into the modern internet published a plan and its name was “ARPANET” and also started a project to develop one of the most important components which helped the idea of Internet to come into existence. That component named as Packet Switches which used for allowing the remote computers to communicate with each other.

After the two years of hardwork in 1969, his team succeeded in sending the message between two remotely placed computers and it was the first successful step towards Internet. Thereafter, they added more computers which could send messages among each other.

In the next three years, different applications had been developed including an electronic mail used for sending messages in special format which allowed writing long messages which could also be saved in memory. 

The Beginning of the Internet

Basically ARPARENT introduced the architecture network which design was closed and all computers connected through this network were not allowed to communicate through the separate network. All computers were connected through the same network and no privacy was there.

Bob Kahn was the person who introduced the idea of open network architecture which enables the developers to design separate open networks which allows its user to maintain its privacy with whom communicating to. In the closed networks, all communication was disclosed to every user.

The architecture of ARPARENT was not sufficient to meet the requirements of open-architecture network, Kahn took the initiative and started working on creating new protocol which could meet the huge requirements of open-network comparing to close network. This protocol is known as Transmission Control Protocol.

As new inventions were taking place in Internet world and researchers were brining improvement to develop better internet, meanwhile the related technology was also improving such as Personal Computers, Workstations and other hardware.

Transmission Control Protocol was also improving over the time and it was also accommodating related technology to be a part of Internet. This was also the reason PC technology brought big improvement over short time period because there was so much to explore through the internet.

Numbers of internet hosts were increasing as the demand of internet increasing, It made the authorities realize the need of managing networks independently to meet such a huge demand.

Full Form of Internet

As of July 2021, UAE and Denmark are leading the world with highest internet penetration which is 99%. This statistics is something amazing which shows almost all population enjoys the internet access.

Advancement of Internet

The internet went through one advancement to next advancement and kept improving its technology. Thousands of new communities joined the internet and became connected to each other.

On October 1995, an institute FNC passed a resolution and first time they gave this technology a name “Internet” and they further defined the Internet as such a system which helps in creating a logical link on global basis and offers unique address space which provides support to the existence of this new world. This was the full form of Internet presented by its early developers.

It helps the users to communicate with each other while sitting in remote areas and having big distance. They also briefed that it also helps the users to share resources with each other.

The Internet Today

Today’s Internet is entirely the new world which is beyond the web pages, email box and discussion platforms. Now, Internet has become a source of entertainment, commerce, freelancing (outsource services) and many more.

Social Media brought and derived this whole change which now making millions and billions of people depending upon internet. Internet has also affected the electronic and television media which used to be enjoying its own monopoly in News industry but not anymore. The initial full form of Internet does not represent the usage of internet in today’s world.

As of January 2021, there are 4.66 billion total internet active users worldwide which becomes around 60% of the total global population. This shows that Internet as a commodity is one of the highest consuming commodity.

What Changes In Today’s Internet

Three decades back, Internet used to be use for sharing data and resources only in between governments, agencies and big corporate. Now, all individuals shares data with each other on instant basis and has become a daily routine of life.

Internet does not require wire connections but several computers can be connected with single Wi-Fi connection. Internet can also be used on other devices than personal computers like Smartphone, Tablets, TV and video consoles.

People can play much more big games online and compete with others who are also online. People use huge online database of services like Netflix for watching movies online which also enabled by progression in Internet. These things could not even imagine three decades ago.

Big corporate used to be taking advantage of big budgets in advertisements because only electronic and newspaper media was there. Both mediums used to be charging high rates for displaying ads which only big businesses could afford.

Now small businesses can also afford its product advertisement on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Social media is democratizing the world because thousands of new content creators have joined the online industry and influencing the world by sharing their own ideas.

The full form of Internet is changing over the time as new things have been discovering.

Full Form of Internet

Internet has saved the world’s economy from COVID-19, otherwise there was no other alternative source of communication which can replace the physical existence. CEO’s and Executives are using Zoom app for holding critical meetings to make on time business decisions and without Internet it was never possible.

Millions of school and university students are using such apps to follow the SOPs of COVID and still not wasting the time. All these are the blessings of Internet and without doubt saving the world.

Important Features of Internet

Let’s just go through the modern important features of internet which also helped the people and changed our lives in positive way. Those features without which cannot imagine living our lives and also contributing a lot to the society, discussed in the following.


There are an estimated 12-24 million e-commerce websites and does not include millions of other e-commerce stores maintaining accounts on sites like Facebook or Instagram. This shows that hundreds of millions of people are earning for living through internet and have become so much empowered through the technology.

Power of Amazon For Small Sized E-Commerce Owners

Millions of small size e-commerce business owners are also earning through Amazon. They invest in the goods which was manufactured in China and sold in all countries of the world through Amazon. This is the power of Internet which enabling people to keep the track of their business inventories even they do not physically possess it and make instant business decisions.

Power of Social Media For Small Businesses

These small e-commerce businesses are collectively giving the tough time to big corporate and industries, otherwise people were experiencing worst kind of monopoly from these big corporate.

There would also have been huge unemployment issues if the modern form of internet had not been invented. The big credit also goes to social media platforms which offer affordable advertisement for their businesses.

Power of social media has changed the initial form of Internet and People three decades ago could never imagine such advancement in Internet technology.  

File Transfer and File Sharing

In the beginning, the solely purpose of internet was file transferring and sharing between the internet users. Mostly, governments, researchers and developers used to be sharing the file resources with each other.

Today, billions of internet users are sharing the different formats of files with each other on daily basis and consuming millions of terabytes on daily basis. They are even downloading more than 1GB of file which was unimaginable even two decades ago.

Full form of Internet have been evolving by the communication apps like WhatsApp, uTorrents, SHAREit and many more similar apps.

Are Internet and WWW the Same Thing ?

The term “WWW” stands for “World Wide Web” and it is not similar to the Internet but a different thing. Internet is a thing which allows the interconnectivity of various networks through which people communicate. Whereas, “WWW” is one of the many applications that uses Internet to facilitate the certain type of users.

WWW is an application used for establishing the websites which can be accessed by entering its specific and unique URLs. WWW application maintains the database for all such websites and only accessible on Internet for internet users.