How Much Data Is Consumed By WhatsApp ? How Much Data Used By Audio & Video Calls ?

WhatsApp is definitely one of the most consuming data apps for mostly users by sharing and receiving videos, images and text from many groups created on WhatsApp (Friends & Family Groups ). A user with limited data package must be concerned about how much data WhatsApp actually consume and accordingly manage the data plan.

How Much Data is Consumed By WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used apps for millions of mobile users, they need to know what data plan is more economical which offers something best for WhatsApp users.

We most of the times have been using only WhatsApp for texting instead of using mobile service network and voice message definitely uses more data.

WhatsApp consume 740Kb per minute for a voice call and only 1 MB will be consumed for sending and receiving 13,500 texts. This shows that voice and texting should not be an issue for the one concerned about data consumption.

According to the test, 25Mbs will be consumed for 5 minute video call on WhatsApp which will be 300mb for an hour. It should also not be a big concern for the users because per GB data in any plan is not that expensive which makes WhatsApp video calls unaffordable.

Mostly data is consumed by YouTube videos share by the friends & family on WhatsApp. When we tap the play button to start the video, first it downloads the full video and then plays it for you. It means no matter user watches the full video or not, data has been consumed.

A YouTube video having 720p resolution and one minute long consumes 25MB data which is five times more than the video call. Whereas, 1080p quality one minute video uses 50 MBs. Therefore, you must only be tapping and watching must watch video and not the random videos.

Strategic Usage of WhatsApp To Reduce Data Consumption

We can strategically use the WhatsApp and reduce our data consumption. While using own data, we can only opt for texting, voice and video calls to maintain the communication with friends, family and colleagues. This usage of WhatsApp uses low amount of data and allows us the most efficient usage.

Soon we get the access to free Wi-Fi or get internet at work, we can tap and download all the sent video by friends & family and can watch them later. All these videos will start be downloading and can watch them later at home without using our own data.

How To Reduce WhatsApp Data Usage

WhatsApp itself offers solutions to reduce the data usage on WhatsApp, discussed in the following.

Turn-Off Media Auto Downloads

Most of the data is consumed by media files ( video, images ) which automatically starts downloading on your phone when sender sends it and you receive it. Sometimes, internet users consume the all data for no good use and they have no idea where all this data consumed to. They actually consumed the data to auto downloads.

Therefore, you are advised to turn-off auto downloads and then all the videos & images sent to you will not be automatically downloaded as long as you do not hit the button.

Auto-Download option can be turned-off by following these steps. Go to Settings, then go to Data and tap Storage Usage. Then user needs to tap an option When Using Mobile Data and un-select photos and videos which consumes largest amount of data.

Activate the Low Data Usage Mode

WhatsApp offers its user an option to reduce data usage during audio and video calls. Once you select this option, it also reduces the audio and video fidelity of your calls. Something needs to be compromised to save data and mostly users having no issue with this option.

You can activate low data usage mode, open the WhatsApp and then go to its Settings, then select Data and Storage Usage. If you own iPhone, then the option will appear as low data usage which needs to be turned-on. On Android device, it will appear as Use less data for calls option.

The Maximum Downloading Speed of 5G Network

We will have to be staying vigilant while using WhatsApp on 5G network which maximum downloading speed is 1-10GB per second and on average 100MB per second. Faster download speed amaze the user and keeps playing more & more shared videos because it takes no time to start which keeps us engaging and addictive.

Therefore, using the WhatsApp on 5G network will consume huge amount of data and only these techniques which mentioned above will help us in controlling the data consumption.

Maximum File Size Allowed On WhatsApp

It is not allowed to send the file having more than 16MB size and this is the limit. User can neither receive nor send bigger size of file than 16MB on WhatsApp. It would approximately be 3 minutes long video; this platform has its own limitations.

This feature also helps the user in limiting the data usage and otherwise if sending and receiving 500MB-1GB was possible, WhatsApp would have sucked all data from the plan.

Data Management and Usage of Apps

An average user has been using multiple apps and not just WhatsApp which makes him require planning the data consumption accordingly. There are several factors involved in calculating the rate of data consumption and it mainly depends upon type of media used by each app.

An app only used for texting would be the lowest data usage app, whereas platforms like YouTube are the highest data consuming app on phone as it only plays the videos.

We are also going to be sharing with you the most frequently used apps and how much they consume data.

Facebook Data Usage

Facebook usage has become a daily routine for millions of users all over the world. According to the latest survey, average American spends 58 minutes a day on Facebook app which aggregates 325 hours in a year. Facebook app is also the leading app among all other social media apps in terms of spending time.

One minute average usage of Facebook consumes 2.6MB per minute which includes browsing through the News Feed, watch the videos, viewing photos and reading content. This is also provided watching the video at 480p quality, 720p or 1080p will definitely consume more data. Using Facebook for an hour will consume 156 MB which should not be enough for average user.

According to another survey, 73% of American Facebook user’s login daily which shows high commitment of usage.

Interesting Data Usage Facts On WhatsApp

100 billion messages are sent and received through WhatsApp on daily basis and majority WhatsApp user’s uses this app on daily basis without any single day break. It means millions of GBs data is being used by WhatsApp users all over the world.

On average, an Android user spends 38 minutes on using WhatsApp every day which makes it a daily routine app. India is ranked as the top country using WhatsApp having 390.1 million active users.

FaceTime Data Usage  

FaceTime is a must use app on iOS and it consumes the data very efficiently comparing to WhatsApp. On video calls, this app consumes 3MB per minute and only 600 KB per minute for audio call. In the comparison of WhatsApp, FaceTime only has 125 million users worldwide which is not even one-tenth of WhatsApp active users.

Data Usage of Messenger App

Messenger is an app having multiple communication features such as sending Emojis and animations consumes little more data comparing to text messages.

Since Facebook Messeger is efficiently developed, its voice call uses 350 KB per second comparing to WhatsApp consuming 400 KB for the same.  

As far as video calls are concerned, Facebook Messenger app uses 3.20 MB per minute which makes it most efficient app for video calling because WhatsApp consumes 5 MB per minute.

Techniques To Save Internet Data ?

There are techniques available which can help us in saving internet data without compromising much on user experience. First of all, it is recommended to get connected with Wi-Fi when it is possible and download all the video and audio media type data shared on your WhatsApp. Media and audio data type consumes highest amount of data.

It is better using own data only for texting and emergency calls. You can send one thousand messages on WhatsApp using only 1MB which means texting is not going to end your data plan.

Free Wi-Fi is available at many public places where you can go and enjoy the free internet data for downloading videos and making free video calls. It just takes little effort to put and internet data can be managed in the most efficient manners.

Final Words

We have shared each and every detail about WhatsApp data consumption for all types of media. A video call on WhatsApp for five minutes will consume 25Mbs which means 5 Mb per minute. Whereas, audio call will only consume 740KB per minute which is way cheaper comparing to video calls obviously. As far as texting is concerned, it will use only 1MB for sending and receiving 13,500 texts.