How Much Does a New Laptop Battery Cost ? Complete Guide

How Much Does A New Laptop Battery Cost ?

Once the battery goes down or broken, the laptop is just a piece of trash. You cannot even turn-on the machine without its battery charged. The question is how much does a new laptop battery cost and do we have same prices for all batteries? The cost and performance of batteries vary from one laptop to other laptop.

10th generation latest & powerful laptops require strong batteries because its hardware consumes more power to perform the heavy duties.

The laptop battery with higher mAh capacity is also going to cost big, typically mAh capacity is in between 2,000 and 6,000 milliamp hours.

It is also important to mention here that usable batteries are also great and can last up to several hours, again also depends upon its mAh capacity. But, it requires technical knowledge and skills to examine the old batteries before buying it.

On average, the cost of laptop battery is in between $40-$120 and this price variation is on the basis of laptop model and its supply. Laptop battery cost is a big concern for almost all users.

Average Age of the Battery   

A laptop’s battery cannot last forever and rather its average life is in between 2 to 4 years. User cannot avoid to spend bucks on buying new battery because the old one will go down anyway. Laptop’s battery reduces its performance on every new recharge and its charging period starts decreasing till it requires continuous recharging all the time.

What is Charge Cycles

All laptop batteries have certain number of charge cycles and mostly it is between 450 to 500 charging cycle. An extreme user of laptop is going to use all these charging cycles in shorter time period comparing to the user who only uses laptop for word-processing and web browsing. 

Battery Type

There are three types of laptop’s batteries exist, NiCad, NiMH and Li-ion. Mostly users use Lithium batteries as most common in all laptops and offers best performance. Its average cost is around $120 for 6 to 9 cell lithium battery.

Different Laptops and Its Battery Cost

One of the most popular laptop brands is Dell and they offer Lithium battery on their laptops which average life is in between 18 to 24 months. Our research shows us that its Li-ion, current 2.5A, capacity 4050mAh and rating 10.8V will cost the user around $70.

Lets come to the Toshiba laptop and its models. Its batteries are comparatively cheaper and its starting price is $20 but also depended upon its different models and verities. Users with old model of Toshiba laptops may have to suffer from limited supply of batteries which leads to its higher prices.

Before going to the market, you should make some basic research to avoid the fraudulent transactions.

Now, let’s discuss about the battery cost of MAC laptops. Everyone knows that nothing is cheaper about MAC machines and so its batteries. The starting price of MAC battery is $129-199, this price variation is model to model. If your warranty is not expired, can ask for the help to Apple’s official technicians and they can repair it.

According to the official statement of “Apple”, they claim MAC battery still retains 80% of its original capacity on competing the 1000 recharging cycle; it means battery is not going anywhere in two years.

HP is the most selling laptop brand all over the world, but its battery life is not impressive. Its battery would lost almost all power within two and half years, which is surprising for the user as how they see HP as big brand.

But, the good thing is its battery is not expensive and price starts from $18-$30 also depends upon the laptop model. According to the recent data, the battery of HP Pavilion series will cost you around $35.

The question how much does a new laptop battery cost is all depended upon the laptop brand and model.

Final Words

These days Lithium-ion battery is considered as the best choice which stays longer than other types of batteries and it does not accept charging anymore when battery reaches at 99% which means no chance of over-charging the battery. Mostly users forgets to plugged out the charger from laptop to avoid over-charging which otherwise reduces the battery life, but lithium-ion is good at this.

A well-maintained battery by the users can make them to use it even for four years. It is also depended upon the average number of charge cycles available in one charger and what kind of use on laptop. A graphic designer or video editor have to be performing heavy duty tasks which consumes more power from battery and more chances that charging cycle will be consumed in less time. In the contrary, normal routine tasks such as word-processing consumes less power which makes the battery stay longer.