How Often Should I Dust My PC ? Complete Guide

The danger of dust outside and inside of the laptop is very significant and when user lets the dust building up the multiple layers on the hardware, it also badly affects the performance of laptop / computer. Dust can fill the space between the RAM and Processor which prevents the smooth signaling between them, in response the processing speed go slow down and hurts the user productivity.

Many times your laptop / computer do not need an upgradation but only requires removing the dust from its hardware and they will be starting giving best performance. We do not realize that there are multiple layers of dust inside the system and it does not become a center point of our consideration for all the issues facing on a Laptop / PC.

Many users have provided their feedback on this and told that they started enjoying better performance of the system after performing the cleaning process and removing the dust on the empty spaces. We can definitely take an example of human body which needs to be washed to avoid bad smell in nose which can break our nervous system.

Now, here the question raises about how often should we dust our PC, either on weekly or monthly basis ?

How Often Should I Dust My PC ?

It depends upon which area you are living, if living in an industrial or commercial area where traffic is extreme. Then user needs to clean own Laptop / PC twice a month with great amount of care. No area should be left filled with layers of dust and it requires your all attention.

If the user lives in an area away from city and population density is also low. Then, it is recommended to clean the Laptop / PC  every two month and this will be enough.

Which Areas Needs To Be Cleaned ?

There are mainly four areas which needs to be cleaned mentioned in the following.

  • Power Supply
  • Motherboard Fan Assembly
  • CPU HeatSinks
  • Case Fans

How Dust Affect the Performance of Laptop / PC ?

When dust covers the empty area of your system, it reduces the airflow and also affects the ventilation performance which leads to heating up issues. Its hardware starts catching the heat which is extremely dangerous situation and can go disorder anytime.

The failure of one internal component will chock the whole system and affect the user’s productivity. So, it is better to keep the inside and outside of laptop / pc clean to avoid system failure which can cost you big bucks.

How Can We Prevent Our Laptop / PC From Becoming Dusty ?

If you are living in a commercial / industrial area then it is definitely a tough job to prevent the laptop / computer from becoming dusty. Nevertheless, you can keep your room’s door closed as much as possible, a room where your system is placed.

Secondly, it needs to cover the all gaps like un-covered area under the door which can provide a big room for layers of dust. User can cover that area with the rubber made seal and it will prevent the dust coming into your room. If we do not often clean these layers of dust, it may take every effort to be removed later.

To What Extent Dust Can Affect Laptop’s / PC’s Performance ?

Dust can become a big trouble for your system and can even create un-repairable hardware issues. It can cost you big bucks for buying new RAM, processor and other hardware which went badly damaged due to continuous over-heating issues.   

Layers of dust directly affect the airflow and ventilation performance which keeps the laptop / pc heated. Hardware requires cool temperature to stay functional and else it blows up the system, just like human body needs fresh air.

How Should We Be Cleaning Our Laptop / PC ?

One should be using micro-fiber cloth or any soft object without sharp edges which can otherwise damage the hardware or one of its wires. It requires delicate handling while using the cloth for removing the layers of dust and cleaning the hardware.

Final Words

Laptop / PC user has to be very careful about removing the dust from its outside and especially the inside. When the layers of dust have not been removed for long time, it becomes sticky over the hardware and covers it from all over which prevents its heat to be released outwards. All this process starts over-heating the hardware and soon they stop functioning.

A dust can hurt the performance of system as virus. The only difference is virus corrupts the software and layers of dust corrupt the hardware. Therefore, all users are advised to keep their Laptop / PC cleaned all the time.

We also recommended some techniques which can protect the system from dust and dirt. One should try to keep the room’s door close as much as possible where using the Laptop / PC. To keep the door open all the time will invite the dust to make the system covered from all around.

One should very often dusting own PC / Laptop if living in commercial / industrial area where dust or pollution is the common phenomena. One living in remote areas with all greenery can take two or three month break.  

A little more care will enhance the life of your system and enjoy the quality user experience. User would not have to replacing the old hardware with the new one and also no suffering from performance issues while working on critical project.

It is also advised always choose the cover casing which having no fancy holes because these can allow the dust coming inside and stick over the hardware and again have to suffer from performance issues.