How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Smartphone in 2021?

Technology have been enjoying rapid progress and enabling people taking maximum advantage of their gadgets to enhance productivity, achieve more efficiency and improve the security measures. One of those advantages are having the access on own laptop’s camera from android phone, It is helpful to keep the visual check on the employees and workers even from remote areas..

The all credit goes to advanced technology which not only made possible to have access on laptop but also controlling its camera. User needs to download the required app which enables to get the access on laptop’s camera remotely. Before we start discussing about that app available, you must know about VNC server.


VNC is the abbreviation of “Virtual Network Computing”, it is software used as a remote-control and enables user to control any computer system through the network connection. A user can perform multiple functions remotely on other computer using VNC.

User can move the mouse cursor and click any required folder, keystrokes are also possible and it also allows the user to provide technical support to the friend or family who allows user to get access on their laptops.

Readers must understand the fact that server plays the most critical role which establishes the network between two and allows user accessing laptop from android phone. The application we are going to share offering other different useful features along with VNC.

Accessing laptop camera from Android phone enables user to control all this while sitting remotely.

How to Set Up VNC in Laptop?

You need to visit RealVNC website and download its free edition. You do not have to enter username and email to proceed.

  • Find the “Download” button and click it, It will take you to other page.
  • Choose the Real VNC one from the list, download the software with its both versions for server use and viewer use.      
  • Open and run the server software on the laptop and get it connected to the network, otherwise it would not work. On its first time, It requires the user to set a password for accessing the laptop.
  • The version of Viewer software needs to open on other laptop. It would require you to enter IP address of the laptop.
  • Once you enter the information, Click “OK”
  • To enhance the security, set the password.

These are the steps needs to follow and hopefully it starts working. In case not working, then you should check the Firewall as most probably it is blocking the connection either or both devices / laptops.

VNC version is available for both devices Laptops and Smartphone. The phone version also acts as a server to establish its connection with laptop. There are several applications available but we will list down best ones which you can download and install to get access on laptop.

To access laptop camera from remote, VNC is one of the best choices.

Best Applications for Accessing Laptop Camera from Android Phone

These are the best applications for accessing and controlling the laptop from Android Smartphone.


“TEAMVIEWER” is the most popular app used for accessing the laptop from Android phone and mostly people have heard about it even they did not know the use of app exactly before. TEAMVIEWER enables the user to share his desktop and all system with the friend who can assist you in resolving the issue you are not skilled about.

It is available in two versions free and paid; the paid one comes with additional useful features which are more useful for the businesses.

There are some productive features includes in the paid version such as It can support multiple monitors, HD conversion for recorded sessions, no lag while dragging and dropping and overall more productive with better performance. The paid version also allows you to be a part of group chatting and attend the online meetings to reduce the communication barriers.


This app is only available on paid version and also offers best features. Once you download its laptop version, then have to follow the simple instructions given on its developer’s website, It allows user to make the most out of it.

This app enables the user to have full control on laptop’s webcam, programs and processor. You can manage the laptop’s camera and enjoy the full control. This app provides you full time access on your laptop, even you forget to bring it with you.


CONNECT BOT is an app designed for IT experts and it is not just used for basic purpose and rather helps in resolving complex technical issues. It is essential for the I.T. man to get connected with the server through device and get full access on your laptop to provide you the technical services while working remotely.


CHROME APP is designed by official Google’s developers and It compatibility with Android devices is supposed to be higher as both belongs to same parent company. This is one of the best and secure apps designed for Android users in comparison to others.

Once you download and launch it on laptop, you need to provide Pin before it starts Installation and set up, same process goes with the Android phone when downloading there.


SPLASHTOP is an app preferred by those looking for HD quality screen view. You need to install the app and get remotely connected through this app to get an access on your laptop; it can automatically find and detect your laptop. It requires the Gmail account for login. It is paid application on the Android Play Store and enjoying positive reviews.


This app also allows you to get remotely access on the personal laptop from using the Android device, it can get connected to various servers of VNC which improves the user experience. This app provides you more control over laptop through these features includes keyboard zoom, file transferability, remote printing, HD remote desktop access and others.

Final Words

The all mentioned above apps are good for enjoying good access on laptop from Android phone, “CONNECT BOT” app is especially designed for I.T. specialists to offer high-end expert level services to the user for which they demand full access on client’s laptop.

Most of the apps are available on its free edition but offering limited features. It is recommended to buy these apps for taking its full advantage through all features. Businesses can take more advantage of it comparing to individuals, such apps can save the huge travelling cost and time.

To access laptop camera from Android phone does not require high-end skills in the present time, we have many software available for this and all you have to learn its basic handling as mentioned above.