How to Cast a Zoom Meeting / Online Class to TV From Laptop? Explained Step-By-Step

COVID-19 introduced us with the Zoom app and it became common phenomena to attend official meetings and it used for setup virtual classrooms all over the world.

Zoom has become integral part of our official routine and also enhanced the significance of online learning as better alternate for the traditional schools and universities.

However, mostly laptop users are coming with the one same question “How to Cast Zoom to TV from laptop?”. They want to run Zoom meetings on bigger screen to make this possible for other officials to see from the one big screen.

The process is very easy and simple provided you already have a laptop and updated TV screen at your office or home.

Let’s start discussing the process step by step to make it convenient.

How To Connect Zoom to TV By Using Chromecast Device?

Chromecast device makes it very convenient for you to get the laptop connected with your TV or Projector and it will start be running on bigger screen.

Things You Must Have to Apply this Method:

  • Zoom app must be installed on laptop
  • A laptop must be having 4GB RAM and Dual-Core 2Ghz processor
  • TV / Projector to get connected with
  • Must use Google Chrome Browser
  • Buy the Google Chromecast  (Official Google Dongle Device)

1. Open the Zoom App on Laptop

You just need to launch the Zoom app on your laptop, invite the participants and start meeting, this is all normally you do and nothing new.

2. Click on the Cast Option on Google Chrome

Once all participants have joined the Zoom meeting, you need to minimize the Zoom window and open the Google Chrome browser.

You can see three dots on the top of right side of browser, click on it. Now, you can see the Cast option and here needs to click this option.

3. Select Chromecast Device Once Found

Once you click on Cast option, it will start looking for devices and after few seconds find your device, you need to select your own found device and then click on “Cast Desktop”.

4. Click on the Share Button

It will pop-up the new window showing two screens, first with the name is “Your Entire Screen” and second one is “Application Window”. You need to click on second window to only allow sharing the Zoom meeting screen.

Once user chooses this window, click below on Share button to approve it.

For better understanding, you can watch below YouTube video from 1:08 to 1:30 timeline.

YouTube Video

5. Now Zoom Running On TV / Projector From Laptop

It will take no time running your Zoom meeting on bigger screen, right after clicking on share button.

Your television is actually performing the screen mirroring from the laptop which is the original source of Zoom meeting.


You and your team members has to sit in front of laptop webcam, so other people can see you to whom online meeting with. You are only visible to them through the webcam on your laptop and there is no other source can see you through.

How To Cast a Zoom Meeting On Television / Any Other Screen from Your Mobile?

This is easier to perform the same thing from mobile and all you have to do is installing the app name “Google Home” and it will help you in casting a Zoom meeting on television from your mobile.

Once you have installed the above mentioned app, need to follow the below steps.

  1. Start the Zoom meeting and invite the participants.
  2. When all other participants have joined the meeting, now launch the “Google Home” app from your mobile and start searching for your Chromecast device to get connected with bigger screen.
  3. Once it appears to you, select that Chromecast device to cast the Zoom meeting on TV connected with.
  4. Now, you need to tap on the option “Cast my Screen” which you can see at the bottom.
  5. Hopefully, now you are already running Zoom meeting on bigger television.


You need to turn-on the “Auto Rotate Option” on your mobile and set the screen horizontally, so that the screen of meeting will also be set horizontally on television.

How To Cast a Zoom Meeting From Windows 10 Laptop To Roku Device?

If you are a Windows 10 user and want to get connected with Roku TV to cast the Zoom meeting on, you cannot do this with Google Chromecast as Roku TV does not recognize it.

Then, follow the alternate method:

  1. Type “Devices” on the search box in the taskbar, click on “Bluetooth and Other Devices Settings”. It will open the new window, where needs to click on Add Devices.
  2. Now, you need to add a device “Wireless display or dock” appearing under the “Add a Device” option.
  3. Once your Windows has found the Roku device in the range, click on it to recognize and your Windows 10 laptop will be connected to the Roku TV and can cast the Zoom meeting on.
  4. In the last step, you need to select Duplicate option which will allow the Zoom meeting to start be mirroring on Roku TV which originally sourcing from Windows 10.

How To Cast a Zoom Meeting From Mac To Television / Other Screens?

It is possible and Mac laptop user can cast Zoom meeting on the television and screens made by other brands, all you need to enable the Airplay and use the Apple TV app.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Your Macbook and the TV connected with for casting Zoom meeting, must be using the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Now, it needs to click on Airplay icon on your Mac and then further have to choose the Apple TV.
  3. Now, you can enjoy the Zoom meeting on connected television originally sourcing from your Mac.

YouTube Video

Final Words

It does not require much except a Chromecast device to cast a Zoom meeting on Television or any other bigger screen from laptop / mobile.

It is simple for Windows 10 operating system where do not have to install additional app. Whereas, Mac requires installing Airplay before it allows casting Zoom meeting on Television.