Six Ways To Charge A Vape Battery Without Charger ?

Do you know user can charge Vape battery without using a Vape charger. Yes, It is possible and we will be sharing six different ways of charging a Vape battery which enables the hard core vaper to keep the device charged even its charger has broken.

If you also want to know these six ways of charging Vape, then read them below one by one.

Six Ways To Charge A Vape Battery Without Using Its Original Charger ?

Apart from disposable Vape, every Vape device comes with its charger which enables the user to get its battery charged once it has been dead.

Whether the charger may have been broken or misplaced and you need a charger badly to get your Vape fully charged and enjoy the Vaping experience. At this point, there are alternative ways available which can help you in fulfilling Vape desire instead of feeling frustrated.

Things can happen with the innovative mind and same thing goes here in this situation. Original charger is not the last technique to charge a Vape, we are going to share six other ways in the following.

1. Use a Phone Charger

Mostly Vape devices are equipped with micro-USB charging port and mostly phones are also using the same type of port which makes things convenient. We can easily find at least one micro-USB charger in our household, in the time when every family member owns a phone. Though, phone charger will not be as effective as original charger, it will be a useful alternative for temporary usage.

In the contrary, there are types of Vape which do not come up with micro-USB charging ports; phone charger will not be helpful there. These types include JUUL and Vuse Vapes which do only offers own style of charging port.

Those Hardcore Vapers will be lucky who owns a Vape and Phone both equipped with micro-USB charging port, they are never likely to get out of charged battery as they can use either phone charger or vape charger anytime.

2. Use a Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank is already used for recharging many devices like laptop, smartphone, watches, tablets and other electronic devices. It also comes with two or three types of charging ports which enables the Vape user to get the device charged equipped with other types of charging ports.

Power Bank stores huge amount of charging power in its battery for transmitting it to other devices. It will not make the Vaper find the power socket to put the charger into, they can easily recharge their vape during travelling or somewhere system of electricity is not available.

One should know that a fully charged power bank can charge the vape many times. A Vaper can go into the long journey with a power bank which can recharge his vape again and again till reaches back at home. Though, they also require a charge but once its battery is fully charged, power bank is not going to end soon if only using for vape charge.

3. Use Laptop or Desktop As A Charging Source

Laptop and Desktop Computers have own USB ports and even few models having multiple USB ports which can also be used for charging the vape as long as you have charging cable. Multiple ports are going to be helpful in a way not limiting its full usage. To charge a Vape, user not has to remove any other device first.

It is advised not to make a habit of charging your Vape through laptop or desktop ports, the consumption of their batteries in long-run is going to end the battery life soon.

4. Use an External Battery Charger

Chargeable Vape pens like JUULs are equipped with the battery which cannot be removed and internally closely connected with the internal components of vape. Therefore, devices like JUULs are not going to be recharged by using external charger as it has own mechanism.

In the contrary, most box Mods are equipped with removable and rechargeable battery. Such box Mods are designed in a manner can be recharged by using external charger. The market share of such Vape Mods is highest and mostly Vapers love to consume this type.

The one big advantage of using external battery for charging a box mod helps in preserving the life of battery and user can enjoy its long lasting life means also good for pocket.

5. Buy Non-Rechargeable Batteries

If the Vape battery has been dead and also lost the charger, Vaper can also go for non-rechargeable batteries which can be used after removing the original battery. Since, most of the box Mods are equipped with removable battery then why should not we be using a fully charged non-rechargeable battery to fix the issue on temporary basis; otherwise it would be very expensive to take it as permanent solution.

After placing the non-rechargeable battery into your mod box, plugging the mod charger is not going to charge this battery because it was never rechargeable and it would be silly to try this.

Having number of rechargeable batteries at home is a good idea, since hardcore Vapers cannot afford losing the charger without any alternate solution available.

6. DIY Charger

DIY stands for “Do it Yourself” and here it means make the charger yourself. You can engineer and make own charger provided you have charging cable available. We will teach you how to engineer a charging cable comes with useless adapter that cannot be plugged into the vape for its recharging. Once, you have the charging cable; can engineer its adapter side.

Once you successfully applied DIY approach on charging cable, you will be able to recharge all three different types of Vape such as JUULs, Box Mods and disposable Vape pen.

If you do not believe to be capable of charging disposable Vape pen through DIY charger, then believe it because it’s a truth.

Let’s start making the DIY charger and this is what you need. Find a charger must be featuring USB adapter on its one side. The other side of charger can be a micro-USB as well as USB-C or lightening port. Any of three features are acceptable as long as other side having USB adapter.

Next thing to do, take a pair of scissor and cut the wire of charger from the side which is supposed to be used for plugging into the device. Then, you need a knife or any sharp object can be used for cutting the wire insulation by two inches from the same side snipped the wire.

It will expose two colors of wires, red and black. Once you can see these two wires of red and black color, again use any sharp object to also cut off the insulation from these two wires as long as you can see the copper wiring. Once you have done all this, you are all ready to use your DIY charger to get the devices recharged.

If you own JUUL device and want to charge it using your DIY charger, you will have to insert its red and black wire into the outermost slot placed at the bottom of device. You will find there two outer and two inner slots means total four slots, inner slots needs to be ignored.

Once you have inserted the wires into a device in a way mentioned, now place your JUUL properly which leaves no room for wires to slipping out of those slots.

How To Charge Disposable Vape Device By Using DIY Charger

1. Unscrew and remove the cover of disposable Vape from its bottom which covering its internal components and then remove these components gently.

2. Now, it needs to find the Vape’s battery and then recognize its positive and negative terminal. The red wire will be connected to positive terminal, whereas black wire is for negative terminal.

3. Try to connect both wires by pushing them against their respective terminals until it starts charging your vape.

To charge a box mod type of Vape using DIY charger is very much possible, but it takes more effort to do that and not worth it at the end. A box mod having four batteries inside and charging every battery individually by connecting the red and black wires with respective terminals would be the highly inefficient exercise.

The total capacity of batteries is higher and using DIY charger would not be a good option, though it can also charge your box mod but will consume more time. Otherwise, DIY charger options are amazing for charging disposable Vape and JUUL devices.