How to Connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop? Complete Guide for Windows 10 In 2021

Yes, we are going to answer this question that How to Connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop Windows 10 ?

Establishing an internet connection through Ethernet cable is quite simple, but sometimes it gets tricky and may be confusing as well. This article specifically discusses about the topic how to connect an Ethernet cable to a laptop installed with Windows 10 on it.

First of all, it is not a complicated but a simple process to make a good connection.


Ethernet is a wire which needs to plug into the laptop to establish an internet connection. This is also called as LAN ( Local Area Network ).

The internet devices has to be connected within the range of LAN, otherwise, it interrupts the connection.

Ethernet cables were popular before the Wi-Fi technology launched; now everyone prefers internet connection through Wi-Fi to enjoy the ease. But laptops still offers Ethernet port as an option.

Ethernet cable is still widely used in offices and a good option for a company requires faster transfer of data less lagging issues, because it is more likely to suffer from lag while using Wi-Fi technology. Ethernet connection is still faster than Wi-Fi in data transfer. It also delivers stable internet connection.

Let’s discuss about its setup and how to connect Ethernet cable to laptop. Surely, you can do it in few minutes.

How to Connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop Windows 10?

It starts from turning on the laptop, booting Windows and now connects Ethernet cable to its port.

When the windows starts, needs to press Windows and X key simultaneously. It will open the power menu where you have to select the option “Network Connections”. It will open the new Window where user has to perform right-click on the option “Network Adapter”, then select the option “Properties” and click “Sharing” option.

You have to tick checkmark on the option which allows other users to get connected with internet through this laptop. Now, go to the option “Home Networking Connection” and it will show drop-down menu where select the option “Microsoft Hosted Virtual Adapter”. This is the right procedure to get connected with internet, if you are failed to do so then try this again.

How to Troubleshoot the issue about Ethernet Cable and Its Connection to Laptop?

Windows 10 comes with lots of possibilities in providing troubleshooting. User can take help from diagnostic tool as well as methods of normal troubleshooting. It will help you to find out what issues hindering the internet connection through Ethernet cable and also suggest solutions.

  • On the search box, type this “View Network Status”.
  • Once it opens on the bar, select it.

It will open new window where lots of options you can see, select and click the “Troubleshooting”. It will find out the problem about Ethernet cable and internet connection, will also suggest some repair solutions.

Out of all these suggestions and repair solutions, click the one you are most confident about having on your laptop, it will run the whole troubleshooting process and issue will be resolved. You are mostly to enjoy the stable internet connection through Ethernet. Otherwise, you are recommended to re-install the network adapter software.

How to Re-Install Network Adapater Software – Network Configuration

If the issue is still unresolved after performing the troubleshooting, there is possibility that network adapter software is not properly installed and needs re-installation. You can follow the simple steps to reinstall the software in Windows 10 and ensure the stable internet connection through Ethernet cable.

  1. Go to search box, type “Device Manager” and click it once shows on the search results.
  2. Select the category of “Network Adapter” and double click it.
  3. Perform the right-click on the option “Network Adapter”, it will show the option “Un-Install”, click it.
  4. It will ask for confirmation, click the option “Confirm Device Uninstall”.

On un-installing the network adapter software, you need to restart your laptop. No need to worry about, the device driver software will be automatically reinstalled. Once the driver installation completes, try to get connected to the internet.

  • Must installed with updated network drivers

Mostly users encounter the network issue because of installing outdated drivers. You can easily find its drives online and download them to install on laptop.

User must ensure to have latest update on the network hardware, find it with keywords like “Latest Network Hardware” then download and install. If you fail finding latest updates online, can go to tech store and buy it.

They can make it available through data transferring in USB. Once, you get it and install it. Now, you need to restart the laptop and get it connected to the internet.

WI-FI or Ethernet Which Better ?

Is this question still relevant because no one wants to use wire internet?

No doubt, Wi-Fi allows you go anywhere while using internet instead of gets restricted within the wire length which limits the enjoyment of using internet. On the other side, Ethernet cable offers you faster internet speed and downloads the large files in few seconds.

Mostly offices use the Ethernet cable and cannot afford a Wi-Fi connected by multiple users which reduces the internet speed. If you spend more time on desk using internet, should go for the Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi.

Ethernet cable is direct connection and offers high bandwidth which delivers higher speed data rate, whereas Wi-Fi is slow because it catches the signals in air and delivers slow internet speed. Ethernet cable works good as long as not damaged and it also not expensive.

How Ethernet Better Than Wi-Fi ?

There is low latency in Ethernet connection which makes it faster than Wi-Fi. Latency is defined as how long the route data takes to travel from device to its destination.       This concept is also called as “Ping”, this is pure networking language and online gamers are very much familiar with this word. There are lots of interferences in Wi-Fi connection because its route is longer.

The interference of the objects and overall home layout is blocking the signals from transmitting through router device to the Wi-Fi device. It enhances the latency of Wi-Fi connection and reduces the internet speed.

Ethernet cable works fine unless damaged and then needs to be replaced with new one. Damaged cable can affect the internet performance and overall download speed. It also delivers faster speed when get connected to only one device on one cable.

Final Comparison Ethernet Connection vs Wi-Fi

In the present time, things have been changed and people are working during travelling and in remote areas, where they do not need Ethernet connection but availability of Wi-Fi. People do not perform desk job as much as they used to be one or two decades ago.

Workplace flexibility has enhanced the significance of Wi-Fi which allows you to freely move from one place to other without being disconnected to the internet. The user only needs to ensure stay within the Wi-Fi range and then everything is good.

Whereas, Ethernet cable enjoyed its popularity decade ago and still is enjoying in offices for the desk job. In multinational companies and big corporate, employees prefer Wi-Fi connection because they do not like desk job sitting all day, its employees like to enjoy work flexibility and not choose fixed seat to work on. They cannot afford Ethernet connection which makes them restricted.

We hope that how to connect Ethernet cable to laptop Windows 10 is not a problem as sharing its steps for connecting the Ethernet cable to laptop worked for you and solved the issue.