How To Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard To Samsung Tablet ? Complete Guide

Tablets have become compact laptops that offering all powerful features and specifications same as. But using its screen keyboard is very unsatisfactory and users think what if we can use it through wireless keyboards. We can answer this specifically about how to connect Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to Samsung tablet?

Wireless keyboards are a great luxury as it can be functional even 30 feet away from a Samsung tablet. Using a wireless keyboard multiplies the better user experience on tablets.

Would you enjoy gaming on tablet through a wireless keyboard which is extremely portable and you can sit anywhere to enjoy the gaming experience.

Now, the question how to connect Bluetooth keyboard to Samsung tablet and does it require technical knowledge. A user has to perform configuration to smooth the connectivity process.

You do not need to be worried about configuration; we will explain the whole process and instructions in steps for your convenience.

How To Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard To Samsung Tablet ?

We are going to share with you the method of connecting the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to a Samsung tablet.

Steps To Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard To Samsung Tablet ?

  1. Go to the settings of the Samsung Tablet.
  2. Go to the “Wireless & Networks”, in the settings.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth in this section by switching to the Enable option, Once it is enabled, will show the green tick.
  4. Go to the Bluetooth settings.
  5. You will see the option “find nearby devices”, user needs to tap it.
  6. Now hold the keyboard and find its “Connect” button.
  7. Press and hold the “Connect” button until it starts blinking.
  8. It will be start appearing on the tablet screen by its name.
  9. Tap on the device name of your wireless keyboard, it appears pairing code.
  10. Type the pairing code and hit Enter button.

Now both the Logitech keyboard and Samsung tablet should be connected to each other by this time. Once both are connected, it will not show the keyboard window on your tablet anymore.

If both devices have not been connected with each other, try the following tips.

Try Reset Both Devices

User needs to reset both devices means wireless keyboard and tablet. Once they restart, you need to pair them again by following same steps and you are most likely to get connected both devices with each other. Sometimes, it faces issues in connectivity and resetting is the only option left.

Help From F11 Key

F11 performs the role of the magical key here and the user is suggested to press and hold F11 key until both devices get paired up with each other. Try this way and you most probably get the results.


You can also perform some basic level troubleshooting to check and process the keyboard software on Samsung tablet. This troubleshooting will provide you the exact issue and you can accordingly fix it.

Keyboard Software Updating

After trying to reset the device and also performing the troubleshooting, it is likely that something is wrong with the keyboard software and may be its outdated. You need to update it and then try the connecting process. Its Logitech keyboard and its software will be available on the official website.

You can find it by entering the keyboard model and it will provide you the link. Once you find it, download the updated software and then try to connect. If you are unable to find the required updated software, it means you already have updated one installed on laptop and you do need to update it.

Issue With Batteries

With the weak batteries on the keyboard, it is unable to connect with other devices. You may need to buy new batteries and replace with the old one. A powerful battery allows fast Bluetooth connectivity with other devices because it consumes power on a continuous basis.

Interference of Other Devices

There is the possibility that the signals of other devices near blocking the signals of the Logitech keyboard and interfering with the pairing process. These devices can be your router, Smartphone with Hotspot enabled, wireless headphones, and others. You need to remove all wireless devices near you.

Once you have removed all such devices away from you, try to re-connect and start the pairing process again. Hopefully, you get connected this time if this was the issue.

Customer Support

Logitech provides great customer support on the official website. The user needs to visit the site and contact the online customer support officer, explain the all issues regarding the keyboard and the agent will provide the solution.

Users can also choose the own model keyboard from the list on the Logitech site, they answer the most frequently asked questions which also helps in fixing the issue. They also provide you a box to write down your complaint and issues, they will contact you back after some time. Mostly users find its customer support very helpful when they are unable to connect the Logitech keyboard to Samsung tablet through Bluetooth technology.

Download Logitech App     

They also have an application available on PlayStore and IOS, go and download it because it is very easy to use. It provides easy solutions to customize the device as per your own choice.

You can find your device on this app and extract the all information to share on the application. It is an online app and would take some time to access your issue and the solution how to fix it. This application is more users friendly and would not issue the one with low skills. You should try an app if you had failed about how to connect the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to Samsung tablet in first place.