How To Connect PS4 To VGA Monitor Port? Step-By-Step Explained

If you still have a VGA-supported monitor in the room and want to connect it with your PS4 to enjoy the games on the old-styled monitor, then it will never be possible unless follow the method we will share in this article.

It is possible to be connecting (the old version of monitor without HDMI port) with the PS4, the solution involves six simple steps and our all readers will make it possible. There will be no compatibility and resolution issues, just have to enjoy the game.

How To Connect Old VGA Supported Monitor To PS4? Step-By-Step Explained

Let’s start discussing about the steps involved in the process of connecting old monitor to PS4 without HDMI port.

Required Stuff:

  1. HDMI to VGA connector cable comes with adapter
  2. Micro-USB Cable

We only require above two additional resources to make possible that PS4 connects with VGA supported monitor, other than PS4 and Monitor.

1. Get High-Quality HDMI to VGA Connector Cable

  • Buy HDMI to VGA connector cable because PS4 only supports HDMI to establish the connection with Monitor / TV.
  • User must be arranging HDCP compatible connector cable to no compromise on high video output.
  • Other than HDCP compatible cable will show the black screen only.
  • This connector cable must also be supporting sound output, a separate audio cable jack will be provided.

2. Now Connect PS4 To Monitor Using Cable

As we mentioned earlier in the above, a connector cable comes with adapter which must provide two types of ports, micro-USB port and audio port. The importance of these two ports will be discussed later.

  • Once connector cable has been arranged, it’s time to connect PS4 with monitor.
  • Connect the VGA side of cable with the VGA port on monitor, HDMI side will be connected with PS4.
  • Once both sides have been successfully connected with respective ports, PS4 and monitor will be connected with each other.
  • Audio cable jack coming from connector cable will be plugged into the micro-USB port provided on adapter.

3. Hit The Power Button

  • Press the PS4 power button and hold it for few seconds.
  • User has to hold the button until hears beep sound.
  • You should see recovery menu of PS4 after few seconds of turning on.

4. Time To Connect PS4 Controller

  • Now, connect the controller with PS4 gaming console by using USB cable.
  • USB cable provides the support and enables to play games on the monitor screen.
  • After connecting the controllers, press its buttons to check if they are working.

5. Fix the Resolution Compatibility Issues

  • If you have a monitor which offers not higher than 480p resolution will show the screen error instead play games.
  • The huge difference in display resolution of PS4 and monitor cause the issue.
  • If the screen appears, it will automatically be shifted on “Safe Mode”.
  • “Change Resolution” option appears on the screen; click it to make display adjustments.
  • It will show you the message “Reboot Your PS4” to apply new settings.

6. Choose Display Resolution After Rebooting PS4

  • On completing the rebooting process for PS4, it will automatically set any of the compatible resolution size for PS4.
  • If it does not match the PS4 requirement, go for manually adjusting screen resolution size.
  • Go to the Display Settings, where user needs to click on “Screen Video Output Settings”.
  • User needs to keep minimum 720p screen resolution, below this will not be accepted by your PS4.

If you set the display resolution at 480p, monitor will show the black screen or no screen at all.

Once the appropriate resolution size has been selected, PS4 will start be functioning and you can play own choice of favorite games on your old monitor.

Final Words

This is all it takes to connect both devices, PS4 and VGA-supported monitor. The two most important things to remember, the connector cable must be HDCP compatible and user cannot select below 720p resolution size. Now, it’s time to enjoy the PS4 games on your old monitor.