How To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop – 3 Easy Methods

Most of the times restarting the laptop is best solution to fix the problem, when you working on laptop.

In this article, we will discuss how to factory reset Samsung laptop and recover from many types of issues users encounters. We will also discuss the issue about if Samsung laptop recovery is not working and how to fix this issue.

Before we start discussing about reset Samsung laptop and recover issues, it is important to know that this procedure involves the risks and there are also chances of losing the stored data if you come without backup.

Let’s start from discussing the reasons why you need to reset your laptop.

Why You Need To Factory Reset Your Samsung Laptop – Reasons

There can be several reasons involved in a decision of factory resetting your Samsung laptop, but we will discuss only which occurs most frequently in the cases.

  • Let’s suppose, you are switching to your new laptop and handing old Samsung laptop to your sibling or selling it to the stranger. You need to perform factory reset to remove all your personal data before handing it over to the buyer.
  • If you experience a bug or having malicious files on system which badly affecting the performance and the installed anti-virus has also been failed in clearing the virus. Then, you have no other choice except performing a factory reset on your Samsung laptop and take a new start.
  • If your laptop performance is very bad and going through crashing and freezing issues. Then, this is most likely a systematic issue which can be resolved by resetting your Samsung laptop.
  • If your laptop is running out of internal space and well-performing laptops always require specific minimum free space. Then, factory reset option is for you, which will remove all the data and your laptop will be multiple times faster than before the reset.
  • If you do not remember the password to enter the Windows, you no need to be worried about. You can apply factory reset on your Samsung laptop and put a new password on it.


You must have a backup of all critical data stored on Samsung laptop or can transfer it into USB flash before applying the factory reset. Once, it starts performing factory reset on laptop, your all data will be erased.

You can see a video below in which explained about how can a user factory reset a Samsung laptop by three different methods.

Hot Keys Method To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop

There are following steps involved to factory reset Samsung laptop by hot key method.

1. Hit F4 key multiple times.

2. Choose factory reset.

3. Click the option, factory reset.

4. Once you click it, start performing factory level resetting.

5. Your PC has been reset.

6. Now, click restart option.

7. Once it restarts the laptop, start using it.

Recovery Solution Method To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop

A Recover Solution is the second method to apply factory reset on Samsung laptop. The steps involved mentioned in the following.

1. Press ESC button.

2. You must see an option on the screen, Recovery Solution.

3. Go and open it.

4. You will have three options. Restore, Backup and System Software.

5. It needs to select Restore.

6. Once you select Restore, you can drop-down its sub-options in which select      

     Computer Restore.

7. Now, click on Computer Initial Status and then Click Next.

8. Once you click the Next button, it will start the procedure which will last for

     thirty minutes. During the procedure, there will be PC rebooting multiple times.

9. Once the procedure has been completed, restart the laptop.

Congratulation, your laptop has been reset successfully.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop If You Using Windows 7, 8.1, 10

You need to take following steps to apply factory reset on Samsung laptop using Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 operating system.

1. Go to the Settings.

2. In the Settings section, go to Update and Security.

3. You can see an option Recovery on the left side of screen, select it.

4. Now, you can see reset option and click it.

5. Now, you will have two options. The first option is Keep my files (it will not remove your stored data but all installed applications), the second option is Remove Everything (this will remove all your files and Installed applications).

6. It is up to you, which option you select.

7. Once you select one of the two options, it will ask for your confirmation last time and reset process will take place. Now, restart the laptop to apply the new settings.


We have shared with you three methods to reset your Samsung laptop; these are the easiest methods to perform. However, if you have failed in successfully try these methods and unable to factory reset. Then, download the Samsung recovery solution; it will also be very helpful.