How To Find Serial Number On Laptop ? Complete Guide

Laptop serial number contains critical information and data which is also very useful for its users sometimes. It is used for sharing the serial number with Manufacturer Company and availing the customer support. They always ask you about a serial number and then can provide customer service to fix the issue. Now, the question is how to find this serial number on laptop because this piece of information contains too much data required by repairers and manufacturers.

User also needs this when they upgrade the BIOS or going to replace the internal components of the laptop.

There is no need to be worried about this as we are going to share the all methods in simple steps which answers how to find serial number on laptop.

Easiest Way of Finding Serial Number on Laptop

Usually laptop serial number is mentioned on the sticker which is posted on the bottom of laptop. Basically, a laptop manufacturer uses this sticker to mention the serial number, so its user can easily find it. However, if sticker has been removed or lost due to some reasons, then there are definitely certain other ways to find this number.

How To Use Easy Command For Finding Laptop Serial Number

Windows 10 users can easily find the serial number of laptop because this operating system enables the user to perform certain functions and easily get it.

You will have to follow the below steps without any error and then can get the required serial number.

First of all, go to the search bar and type CMD. Once you type this, it will appear Command Prompt feature in the menu window. You need to click this Command Prompt option.

How To Find Serial Number

When you click it, there will be screen appeared like this.

Now, you need to copy and paste this command “ wmic bios, get the serial number ”. Paste this command where the cursor blinks. If you do not want to copy and paste it, then perform this manually.

Once you have done copy paste or manually given the command, it will appear the serial number of your laptop in next line.

We hope, you did not find this difficult and rather an easy way to find out the serial number. This method is not limited to the Windows 10 only, but can also try this on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and even the 11 a latest version.

What If Serial Number Doesn’t Appear After Using WMIC Command ?

If it does not show the serial number after using WMIC command, then it indicates that a laptop manufacturer has not provided serial number inside the BIOS. You still have option to contact your laptop manufacturer and will likely to get the required information.

If you are not interested in contacting the manufacturer or unable to contact the company, then there are also some other ways to find this information which going to discussed in the following.

Check the Laptop Documents

At the time of buying a laptop, every user gets its warranty and registration document. You can find its serial number on warranty or registration documents which contains all necessary information about the laptop. Warranty document is more likely to have serial number, because it also helps in claiming the warranty which contains all critical data on manufacture’s side.

Serial Number In Laptop Box

Every new laptop is packed in a box and this box also includes all essential data about the new purchased laptop. User needs to find and check this box, it is more likely to get the serial number mentioning on the box. It’s all sides’ needs to be checked and most probably can find it.

Serial Number on Laptop Battery

An original laptop battery also contains its serial number. If you have not removed it and still having it, then must check and find the required number on it. Usually, original batteries come with a sticker where this serial number is mentioned. Users should make sure they save all the given information on original battery before throwing it away. Otherwise, original batteries must be kept and stored anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your frequently asked questions in the following.

How to Find Serial Number on Dell Laptop ?

Dell laptop users has to follow the below steps to find out serial number of the laptop.

  • Type CMD on the search bar and then click the Command Prompt option.
  • In the opened window, type WMIC BIOS get serialnumber and press enter.
  • This command will appear the serial number of dell laptop on the screen.

This is not the only solution to find the serial number on dell laptop. User can also find it on the backside or bottom of the laptop. It can also be written on the laptop battery, warranty card or any other document.

How To Find Serial Number on HP Laptop Using Windows 10 ?

It is comparatively little bit easier to find serial number on HP laptop while using the Windows 10 operating system. Try to hold and press these keys; Fn key + Esc key or user can also try Ctrl + Alt + S, these two combination of keys needs to try separately to find out the serial number of HP laptop.

If you do not see serial number appearing on the screen after trying the combination, it is better to try WMIC command method, the one mentioned earlier.

How To Find Serial Number for Microsoft Devices ?

Microsoft devices like Surface books come with serial number which is twelve digits long and it does not include any letter but only numbers. Its serial number is called Microsoft Serial Number.

You are more likely to get and see its serial number on the packaging as receives the laptop. If you do not find it there, then try Surface app which can definitely help you in finding serial number.

  • Launch the Surface App and find the Feedback Button, then click on it.
  • Once you click and it will open new window also appearing the serial number of the device using.

Why Laptop Serial Number is so Important ?

Serial number is used to contact the manufacturer and ask for any kind of query from its customer service department. They can share all essential details about your laptop only by asking serial number. This information includes manufacturing date, model number, laptop specifications and other critical data.

How to Find Serial Number of MacBook ?

It is easier to find serial number on Macbook. Go to the Apple Menu and then go to About where you can have all details about your Macbook such as serial number, hardware information, manufacturing data and others. To get some more additional information, go to the System Report Button where you can find rest of the required information.

Final Words

It is very easy to find the serial number whether using Windows or any other operating system. It does not require you to have any technical skill before finding out the serial number and just follow two or three simple steps. Serial number of laptop can further help you to get other critical information about the laptop.

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