How to Fix the Issue “ Dell Inspiron Won’t Boot Into Windows? ” Guide 2021

We understand that a buyer expects a lot from newly buying laptop and having its issues can make you emotionally suffer. This same thing mostly happens with Dell Inspiron users as Dell Inspiron won’t boot and they face its booting issues from the initial days. We are here to share some actions which can be performed to solve the booting issue.

Before discussing about the solution, it needs to mention here that the problem exists of two types. First issue faced by Dell Inspiron series laptop users is, it won’t start up. Second issue is, turns on but can’t boot to Windows OS. We will discuss about both issues and provides the solution.

Causes of a Dell / Inspiron Series Laptop Not Turning On

These are the most possible reasons causing your Dell laptop not turning on, in the following.

  • Battery Issues
  • Broken Hardware
  • Affected by Virus
  • BIOS has corrupted
  • Windows has corrupted

Once you confirm plugged in properly and still won’t boot, then something is wrong with your power supply or the internal hardware has been broken. If it turns on and then stalls during startup, it is most likely the issue about software.

How to Fix a Dell Laptop That Not Turning On / Starting Up

We can share some solutions which can offer troubleshooting for the Dell / Inspiron Series laptops that not turning on. Some requires basic level actions and others are advanced fixes.

Check the power supply

When you properly plugged-in its switch and press the power button, still laptop does not turn-on and neither the lights on PC. It means there is an issue in power supply and needs to be replaced. If you see the charging light is turned-on on plugging in the switch, it could be an issue with cable and you need to buy a new one.

Power supply often gets disrupted during the summer season and you might be facing the same problem. Though, there are several other factors may lead to its disruption. The internal wiring issues also leads power supply interruption in supply and in result no laptop would turn on.

Remove the drives one by one

Your Dell laptop might be booting from the wrong drive and can check this by removing all one by one unless it starts booting. If this was an issue, then must change the boot order and keep the booting drive on the top from other drives.

Remove the external devices 

First turn-off the laptop and also unplugged it, then remove the all external devices like USB drives, mouse, printer and others. Then, hold and press the power button for 15 seconds, it will drain any residual power. Now, switch on the laptop and see if it turns-on.

The reason to remove the external devices like mouse or keyboard, it might have become corrupted and also causing the disturbances in booting. Dell laptops are vulnerable with affected external devices and its user needs to be cautious about this. Once you remove the corrupted external device, it will start booting into the Windows.

Remove the battery     

When you plug-in the switch and charging light comes on, still laptop is not turned on at all which means the problem exists with the battery. Latest Dell laptops does not offer removable battery feature, so you can only replace them with the new one.

Latest and modern laptops come with complex design and its solution also become more complex. User can claim the warranty for the battery and go to the customer support for this. This is basically a manufacturing fault where they put the faulty battery on your piece of Dell laptop.

No doubt, this would be the expensive solution if it takes buying a new battery to replace with the old one.

We have shared with you the four solutions for the issue with Dell laptop, when it stops working or does not start up.

Now, we are going to discuss another six solutions about its booting issues occurs after successfully turned-on.

How to Fix a Dell Laptop That Not Booting into Windows

We are going to share some solutions for those Dell laptops not booting into the Windows.

Use the Diagnostic Tool

The developers of Dell Inspiron laptops installed the built-in tool on the laptop which offers the troubleshooting delivery to the users. It identifies the problem once laptop turns-on and fails to boot. On identification of the issue gives you the error code which helps you in recognizing the issue and then finds the solution on your own. It gives you the right direction to fix the issue.

You would be thinking giving you the right direction is not enough and must be sharing the complete guide. This is not true because once you know the issue through error code; you can exactly take those steps to resolve the issue on your own. This is why error code is very important to exactly identify the issue and act accordingly.

Use the Safe Mode

If your Dell laptop is not booting into Windows after turned-on, you can boot into the Safe Mode. This mode can be used for scanning the all viruses and deleting those files causing booting issues.

“Safe Mode” is especially designed as a platform where user can perform required functions when unable to boot into Windows. We also install the Windows from the “Safe Mode” on having corrupted Windows.

Remove the malware / viruses from Dell laptop

Viruses and malware can cause big harm to the system and most probably results as prevents the laptop from booting into Windows. User can boot into “Safe Mode” and there run the anti-virus software to resolve the issue.

The virus and malware leads to corruption of Windows and then Dell laptops unable to boot into Windows. You should know that downloading the data from unreliable and unauthentic websites gets the virus on your system. Sometimes, the anti-virus software you installed also go against you by subscribing the feature do not want. To avoid the malicious files requires the knowledge and one should have it.

Reset the system BIOS

This solution is quite technical and categorizes as “Advanced” level. BIOS is system software which any laptop runs before any other software, user needs to clear the CMOS to reset the motherboard’s BIOS settings. Once the settings have been restored to the default level, it could easily fix the booting issues.

You are also advised go to the expert for applying this solution and do not try on your own. To deal with the motherboard settings is something very complex and technical. It will cost you nominal fee instead of paying big cost by making a serious blunder.

Customer Support

Dell is very popular for offering satisfactory customer support. You can visit its official website and type the laptop model for specific result. You may claim a free repair as long as warranty period is not expired.

You can also call service centre and explain the issue in detail and listen the representatives carefully. You can also record the calls for following the instructions lately. It is also good to confirm about warranty if applicable on battery and any other hardware component.

Factory Reset

The only nuclear option is “Factory Reset” after trying everything. Once you hit this option, It will come up with clean version of Installed Windows on your laptop. This is very simple solution and it takes everything from the laptop stored so far. This is why this option always the last option and one should go for it.

Culprit Software

Culprit software can cause the laptop not to boot into Windows because it has spread the virus. Users often install the security software which has its own issues with the system and it performs the culprit role in the Windows. You need to remove such software from drives and ensure downloading from reliable sources.


It is expected to easily perform basic level troubleshooting from the ordinary Dell laptop user; advanced level troubleshooting requires knowledge and must go to the expert for this purpose. You should know that Dell / Inspiron series laptops have two types of issues. First is not turning on and second not booting into Windows, both requires different ways of troubleshooting.

This problem exist more in Dell Inspiron series and generally all Dell laptops have such issues. Dell Inspiron won’t boot is the most common issue and its troubleshooting methods have been shared above.