How To Get More RAM On A Laptop ? Complete Guide

Do you also experience lagging issues and applications get stuck while running multiple programs on your laptop? You also feel that the overall user experience is going very frustrating over the time and laptop running slow has become a routine phenomenon. Then, you are most likely not having enough RAM and need to get add more on laptop. You need to increase the RAM capacity which can handle your multitasking without any lagging issues.

However, it is not essential that RAM would be the only reason behind lagging issues; other factors can also make the laptop sluggish in its performance such as low-end processor or overheating issues. But, low RAM is the issue in mostly such cases.

Every laptop user must be having a good idea of whether requires additional RAM or not ? Adding more RAM can improve the system’s compatibility and overall performance. Low RAM puts more pressure on processor which reduces its average life. Moreover, not having sufficient RAM itself causes overheating issues. Therefore, it is definitely important to know whether it is worth to get more RAM on laptop or not ? 

We will answer all these questions which becomes you more educated about to decide should we get more RAM on laptop or not ?

How To Get More RAM On a Laptop ?

Diagnose the problem is very critical to fix the issue. Therefore, we have to find out the real issue why laptop is running slow and stuck while switching to other application.

If your laptop is going through the following issues and problems, most probably suffering from low RAM issue.

  • User will experience random freezing issues on laptop. This issue occurs because currently running programs have consumed system’s entire RAM which leads to performance issues.
  • User will experience random rebooting on laptop. This issue occurs when RAM is already running out of total capacity.
  • Whenever, user starts typing on app and laptop starts lagging. This is also a big sign of having insufficient amount of RAM.
  • If programs and apps remains nonresponsive on user’s request, this issue is indicating insufficient RAM.
  • A persistent low RAM issue can start displaying the blue screen.

However, you must also know that a laptop filled with full of dust in its inside and RAM also having layers of dust can also cause such issues, as RAM needs to be cleaned. Once you clean the RAM, you can expect its better performance and no all issues mentioned above.

How Can I Add Up RAM On My Laptop ?

Once you have determined that the issue is insufficient memory which actually leading to all these problems such as lagging, slowdown, nonresponsive programs, rebooting on random basis and others. If the user performs multitasking all the time on laptop, must get more amount of RAM. Whereas, user only wants not to suffer from lagging issues, then adding up small amount of RAM can be enough.

How To Increase RAM By Using Virtual Memory ?

Using virtual memory is the best technique to get more RAM on laptop without spending even a single cent. Virtual memory is a technique which frees up RAM by transferring the data from RAM to internal storage. This technique is very helpful performing the multitasking, though it is not a permanent solution as virtual memory is slower than RAM.

To be using the virtual memory, follow the below steps.

  • Perform right-click on This PC and then click on Properties.
  • Go to the “Advanced Settings Option”.
  • Now, go to the Settings of Performance.


  • Click on the “Advanced” tab, and then click on Change button.
  • This will show you a window of virtual memory.
  • Now, click on the option “Customize Size” and then select the amount of memory you require, must be within the limit.


  • If you select 2GB of limit, it will add up 2GB into physical memory and also reduce 2GB from the internal storage disk. No user would mind losing 2GB from hard disk for having 2GB additional RAM.
  • User needs to restart the laptop for applying the changes. Once it restarts, you can go to properties and see that RAM has been increased.

Congratulations, You have successfully increased the RAM on your laptop and now will not suffer from lagging issues while performing the multitasking.

How To Get More RAM By Upgradation ?

It is better to come up with RAM upgradation and physically adding by buying a new RAM chip. But you must know about your laptop’s model and also the maximum RAM holding capacity, whether you can add more RAM or not if it exceeds the limit.

To enjoy the better performance, a new RAM chip must be of the same style of existing one, in terms of shape and size memory module.  

You can go on internet and check whether you can upgrade the RAM on laptop or it does not allow any upgradation. All you have to enter the model number of laptop in order to get the required information. You can also visit the manufacture’s site to ask the same question from customer support.

Furthermore, visit the nearby computer repairing shop where an experience worker can give you an opinion whether RAM can be upgraded on the system or not, because it does not require advanced technical skills.

Once you have known the maximum holding capacity of RAM on your system and also have bought the RAM chip accordingly, now you need to insert it on system inside the casing. You can perform the physically installation by following the below steps.

  • To get the system related information, perform right-click on This PC and then click on Properties, where can get the full information about computer model and system type.
  • Once you get the all required information before buying a RAM. Now, you can go for buying the new one as per your laptop model and after knowing the maximum RAM’s holding capacity.
  • Turn-off the laptop and remove the all devices plugged-in.
  • Remove the laptop’s cover, find the RAM slot and fix your memory module on it.
  • Put back the laptop’s cover and turn-on the laptop to check if it has been installed.
  • Go to the Properties of the This Computer, where you can check whether RAM has been increased or not. If it has not been recognized by the system, means it is not placed on the slot.

Otherwise, Congratulation you have installed and increased the RAM which can help you in smooth working experience without any lagging issues.

How To Get More RAM By Using USB Drive ?

You might be wondering but can use USB drive to get more RAM on system.

User needs to follow the below steps to enjoy more RAM by using USB drive.

  • Plug-in the USB device into the laptop.
  • Now, open This PC and then select the plugged-in USB.
  • Perform right-click on selected USB and then click on its Properties.
  • Select the “ReadyBoost” tab by clicking on it.
  • Choose and click on the option “Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost”.
  • Enter the number in MBs of the required amount of RAM want to add on system.
  • Apply the settings and then press OK.

This method can increase your RAM if you having a USB flash. Now, you cannot only store data on flash but can also use it for getting more RAM on system to perform multitasking and increase the work productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions about this topic.

How To Increase the Maximum holding capacity of RAM ?

User can increase the maximum holding capacity of RAM by upgrading the motherboard. Actually, motherboard comes with limited holding capacity of RAM, without changing motherboard cannot get more RAM on laptop.

What are the Benefits of Adding More RAM ?

User will be able to perform multitasking without any lagging issues; more number of applications can run at simultaneously basis. Faster RAM increases the work productivity of the user and reduces the work burden from processor.

Does RAM Also Increases the Processing Power ?

RAM does not increase the processing power but shares the work load with processor to improve its efficiency and also enhance its life.

Final Words

We explained the significance of RAM in the system in a way that a processor cannot achieve its maximum processing capacity without a compatible RAM; this shows the significance of Random Access Memory.

We also shared the signs of low RAM which should get you know that need to get more RAM on system. First of all, users will experience the non-responsiveness or slow response of the applications on the input command, it will also slowdown the system and take more time in switching from one application to other. Laptop will start be crashing on random basis for no apparent reason

We also explained virtual memory which can help you to get more RAM on laptop. Virtual memory comes from hard disk / internal storage and also shared the steps involved to utilize the virtual memory for better experience.

USB flash is also the source of adding more RAM into the system and also explained above how to get additional RAM by using USB drive.