HOW TO MAKE AIRPODS LOUDER – How To Fix Low Volume Issues – Complete Guide

You are not the only one complaining for low-volume of the AirPods which makes you not enjoying the music and streaming. It feels also not good when you paid a decent prize for these pair of Pods to enjoy better user experience. But, the good thing is Apple also offering some settings option which enables the user to make its AirPods volume louder and mostly users are unaware of this setting.

Why Apple Does Not Offer AirPods With Louder Volume ?   

One of the most valuable American companies Apple and its well-reputed supplier Cupertino-based Company which manufactures the AirPods for Apple consumers, they both show responsibility and knows the fact that using earphones with louder volumes extremely dangerous ear alignment and millions of people are suffering from this due to extreme usage of earphones.

It has become a serious threat and only responsible Corporate can show such serious behavior through designing its product accordingly which restricts the user to commit such negligence. Millions of users who used to be listening music in loud volume are suffering from hearing impairment and this disability may long everlasting.

Now, we are going to share an information which helps you in using AirPods with loud volume without using any third-party tools.

All following technique are going to help the user in how to make AirPods louder.

Remove the Volume Limit On Your iOS

iOS users can turn-off the option which is restricting the user from keep increasing the volume and make it louder. Apple leaves it on people to turn this option on and use AirPods on louder volume at their own will. Here, we are going to share with you how to turn-off this option which otherwise prevents from increasing the volume at certain level. Follow the below steps and remove the volume limit.

Go to the Settings and then tap on Music app.

How To Make AirPods Louder

Scroll down and find the option Volume Limit, tap on it to continue.

Scroll and find EU Volume Limit and turn-off the setting.

Now, you have turned-off the option which limits your iPhone / iPad volume and you can make AirPods volume louder to enjoy the music or stream at its most. If you see the changes you made has not been applied on the device, then you better restart it to make this change take place.

Turn off iPhone Equalizer

No doubt, iPhone equalizers improve the sound output and applies the filters to make its quality better. However, these iPhone equalizers also decreases the sound volume and this is something undesirable. But, iOS allows its user to disable the equalizer and listen to original sound quality which would also be louder.

You can follow the below steps to disable the iPhone equalizer.

Go to the Settings and then select the option “Music”.

Scroll down and find the option EQ to continue. (EQ stands for Equalizer)

Now, turn EQ option off which wills turn-off the equalizer.

It is good that Apple has enabled its users to turn-off the equalizer when they want to listen the soundtrack at its original form without adding any filters which alters the sound waves.

Disable Sound Check

“Sound Check” is the new feature comes in the latest version which maintains the same sound volume for all soundtracks. It happens when the audio of one soundtrack is louder than other soundtrack which makes the user re-adjusting the volume as per own comfort. Apple developers added this new feature Sound Check which maintains the same pattern of audio for all soundtracks set by the user for first song.

User needs to disable this feature because it does not keep the volume at maximum level because the audio of few soundtracks is less louder than others. Therefore, go and disable this function because it is preventing you from listening music at the loudest volume of AirPods.

Go to the Settings and tap on option Music.

Scroll down and tap on Sound Check where you need to disable this feature.

The green button will be turned into gray as you disable Sound Check.

Once you make these changes, you only have to once set the volume at maximum level and then your device will play all soundtracks at its loudest.

Check and Keep the Sound Settings Balanced

When your iOS device is suffering from unbalanced sound settings, it will be resulting as lowering the sound output. This will make you not listening to music on your AirPods at its loudest volume. You need to make sure go and keep the sound settings balanced to enjoy better experience.

You can perform balanced sound settings by following below steps.

Go to the Settings.

Scroll down and tap on the option Accessibility.

Find the Hearing section and tap on it.

Then go to the option Visual / Audio and tap on it.

Now, move the balanced button in the middle from one of the other two sides.

The while button should be placed in the middle to keep the all sound settings balanced. In-balanced sound settings are going to damage your ears and also produce bad sound experience.

Restart or Unpair AirPods

Apple developers still have been working on the bugs and glitches in the AirPods which makes its users suffer from bad user experience. However, user can also try to fix any bug or glitch by restarting the device which already has been helpful for many AirPods users.

Turn off the AirPods.

Keep it turned off for ten minutes and then turn it on.

This is a simple technique which has been proven useful most of the times.

Otherwise, user can also try re-pairing the AirPods. You can perform the repairing of AirPods by performing following steps.

Go to the Settings.

Go to the option Bluetooth from the Settings.

Find your own AirPods and then tap on (i) button.

Tap on the option Forget This Device and it will un-pair your device.

Tap on Forget Device to remove it.

Once you perform the unpairing of the AirPods, then turn it off for few minutes. Then turn it back on and now pair the AirPods with your iOS device.

Final Words

Basically, AirPods are not louder to keep the user protected from hearing impairment and Apple leaves this option upon users to turn-off the volume limit option and then keep the volume at its maximum level. The rest of the methods to keep the AirPods louder are more about the techniques applied.

To turn-off the equalizer is a technique which increases the AirPods volume because equalizers adds the filters in audio which prevents the music from being loud and rather remains soft and classic.

To remove the Sound Check feature is also the way to take a control and enjoy the music at its loudest, because this feature maintains the volume which is neither too low nor too loud for average user. Though, Apple developers introduced this feature for the own good of users.

We hope, this article helped you in answering your question how to make AirPods louder.