How To Make A Monitor Wireless? Complete Guide In 2022

Nobody likes full of cluttered cables on a desk or all around the room, especially in an era of wireless technology. Productivity is efficient-driven and using wireless gadgets and devices keeps your mind free and focus at work, otherwise bulky wires bother us in our subconscious mind.

Fortunately, these days everything is wireless including keyboard, mouse, speakers and headphones except the monitor. It includes a wire which needs to be connected with your PC, mostly using HDMI cable to establish connection which takes its space on the desk. We will answer your question “How to make a monitor wireless” and yes it is possible. The all latest technologies has enabled us to find the solutions and use them for own convenience.

Is it possible to make a monitor wireless?

To answer the question in one sentence, yes it is very much possible and going to bring lots of easiness in your work life. All big tech giants have been competing each other on the basis of offering minimalistic design technology which adds the convenience factor and they all are working hard to come up with fully wireless monitor which also highly portable.

Do wireless monitor exist?

You may not have heard about but any wireless monitor in the market, but they do exist and a leading brand Dell has been selling it. Though, yet not many brands selling them but we will also see the tough competition in wireless monitor market in the future.

Heads up: These wireless monitors still require a power cable (HDMI) to get connected to electricity / power switch. Developers have not yet found a solution to consume power without any cable.

What do I require to make wireless monitor on my own?

It does not require something highly expensive devices to convert own wired computer monitor into completely wireless one. All it requires are:

  • You have to buy at least one HDMI input adapter.
  • Then, it will make you spend few bucks on buying a wireless HDMI and receiver system, why you have to buy them will discuss later in the following.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Make a Monitor Wireless?

There are four main steps involved to convert a wired computer monitor into wireless one.

  • We hope, you have already purchased a HDMI input adapter, wireless HDMI adapter and receiver system, which we advised you to buy earlier in this article.
  • There is no single device better than Google Chromecast which enables you making a monitor wireless. Using Chromecast is better choice because then its HDMI server is already installed on your mobile or PC as its app available to download. Its app is less than 20MB and does not take much space.
  • Now, user just needs to connect the Google Chromecast device by plugging it with the monitor through HDMI input on your monitor. The plug of Google Chromecast easily gets connected with HDMI plug as specially designed for it.
  • It needs to make sure that your PC and Monitor / Google Chromecast setup both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise there will be issues.
  • This successful connection will add the “Cast” option under the Display Settings. Once you click on Cast option, it will start transmitting your desktop display on monitor or TV screen.
  • Google Chromecast will help you to enjoy the wireless monitor and no more suffering from cluttered cables.

Final Words

Technology has been evolving to fix our problems and provide better solutions. We all want to be more productive by efficient usage of technology and keep our minds relaxed. The wireless technology including monitors provides us more space and let us enjoys the portability.

This is an era where wired technology has totally been obsolete and everybody likes to stay minimalistic.