How To Make Overwatch Game Run Better On Laptop – 5 Tips Shared

Mostly hard core gamers have joined multiple gaming platforms where they discuss about having any game settings-related or technical issues which makes them unable to enjoy the game at maximum level. In this article, we will share 5 tips to follow and you can make a game “Overwatch” to run better at its best.

According to the online statistics available, there are 5 million players who actively spends time on playing a game “Overwatch” and this number peaked as high as 7.3 million. This is an online team-based shooting game which is the most favorite genera in online gaming world. To skill the enemy in its gameplay is a very satisfactory experience which also makes this game very addictive.

But, its players often complain about frame freezes on game and slow down issues. A smooth gaming experience will make the players enjoy “Overwatch” as much as a true passionate gamer should deserve. We are going to make recommendations and be sharing tips which must be followed to make Overwatch run better.

The Recommended System Requirements of Overwatch ?

As long as your laptop does not have its recommended system requirements, should not be expecting smooth gaming experience for “Overwatch”. Its developers have already shared the recommended system requirements and if you want to enjoy this game, then play it on a laptop having these specifications.

Recommended Requirements

Operating System                                              Windows 7, 8 and 10
 Processor                                                            Intel Core i5 or Better
 Video                                                                  NVIDIA GTX 660 or Better
 Memory                                                             6 GB RAM  
 Storage                                                           30 GB Empty Space In Hard Drive Space
 Internet                                                           Broadband Internet Connection
 Recommended System Requirements for Overwatch
Recommended System Requirements For Overwatch

Remove Applications Running In Background

There are always applications running in background on our laptop, which we may have already closed minutes / hours ago. Such applications are also consuming certain amount of RAM & Processor power for no good except contributes into deteriorating our gaming experience. We can remove these running applications in background by following the below steps.

  • Perform right-click on Taskbar and then click on Task Manager.
  • Select the background running app, and then click on End Task to remove from running in background.           

Once you select and remove all unused applications running in background, more amounts of RAM and Processor will be free and only used for “Overwatch” to make it run better.

The Optimization of Internet Connection     

We can smartly manage the load on internet connection to optimized its performance while playing the online games like “Overwatch”. Below tips must be followed for the optimization of internet connection.

  • There is a common believe that online games require higher Mbps internet connection with wide bandwidth. Whereas, not the case with “Overwatch” and can run smoothly on low Mbps connection.
  • Running applications like YouTube and Netflix consumes large amount of bandwidth, these two apps always leads to lagging problems which can also disturb your gaming experience.
  • Multiple devices connected with same internet user using for playing “Overwatch”. It can result as “Overwatch” will start be lagging which ruins the whole gaming experience.

The all above techniques has to be followed which can help in achieving the optimization of internet connection to make Overwatch game run faster and better.

Compromise on Game Quality 

If you have a gaming laptop with low specifications which does not meet the recommended system requirements for a game “Overwatch”, then has to compromise with graphics and overall game quality. You can intelligently compromise on advanced level settings which are easily ignorable during gameplay.

Such as low shadow details, low reflection quality and extra effects, make compromise on these details would not ruin the gaming experience.

  • Go to the game settings and choose for low quality in above mentioned fields.
  • Only choose full-screen mode, game runs faster on this mode.

Keep System Clean from Virus

Virus reduces the performance of gaming laptop and causes too much lagging issues while user playing the game. You must first remove all viruses like malware, adware, spyware before going to play “Overwatch” and otherwise it would be the worst gaming experience for you. It needs to install anti-virus software having mostly positive reviews to successfully remove the virus from system.

Use it for removing the virus, every time you go to play “Overwatch”, so you can run game smoothly and shoot all enemies before they shoot you.

Updated Graphics Drivers

To expect the optimized performance even from the old graphic card, try to always keep its drivers updated on laptop. It helps the graphic card to achieve its maximum performance capacity which is most likely enough to enjoy better gaming experience like “Overwatch”.

User can go to the official website of the graphic card installed on their laptops, where they can download the latest drive and install on the system. Most of the laptops come with either Nvidia or AMD graphic card.

A latest driver of your graphic will make the “Overwatch” run better on your system.

Final Words

It is very frustrating for the hard core gamer to get through lagging and slow performance issues while playing the game like “Overwatch” which requires a full attention for make a perfect aim at enemy. Even a game frame freezes for a second and meanwhile your enemy can come and shoot you to end the game.

Therefore, above mentioned five tips can greatly help you in avoiding such lagging issues and you will enjoy the thrill of “Overwatch” as it is supposed to be. All these 5 tips are easy-to-follow and does not require a complicated procedure to perform.

Always remove all unused running applications in background before go to play “Overwatch”, also set low-graphics settings if having a laptop with low specifications. Try to minimize the connected devices with your internet on playing “Overwatch”, sharing limited bandwidth is not good for online gaming experience.