How to Measure Laptop Screen Size: A Guide in 2021

The question is how to measure the screen size of any laptop and what is the right way to do that? We will discuss this in detail and try to clear some misconceptions people have in their minds about the right way of measuring laptop screen size.

The measurement of laptop screens vary into sizes and ratios. User wants to know this as screen size is the most demanding feature on any laptop from the user side. Brands also often charge higher for offering big screen size on their laptops, this makes the user to be very concerned about measuring the exact screen size of the laptop they are paying for.

Screen size is also supposed to be associated with screen resolution. A specific screen resolution would be offered on screen size. This is another way to get a good idea about screen sizes.

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What is the Right Method of Measuring Laptop Screen Size?

Mostly people already have an idea that the screen of laptop is measured diagonally. This is not the complete fact as It should also be measured from top left corner to the bottom right corner of the screen. This measurement must not cover the body but only the screen surface.

People usually commit the mistake in measuring and also include the bezel part which lets the user over-measure screen size.


Measuring tape is the best tool which is more efficient for the exact measurement and so it can measure screen size of laptop. User needs to make sure that measuring tape is from top left corner to bottom right corner diagonally as mentioned above; it can be tricky while using it.

User also needs to take precautionary measure and check if the tape is dirty or clean, it can make your screen dirty.

Help from Laptop Manual

You can also confirm the measurement from the manual which shares complete specifications for all hardware including screen. It also shares the information about its screen size and can confirm from there as well.

Take a Look at Backside / Bottom of the Laptop

You need to find the sticker on the backside of laptop which contains the information about laptop model and also highlighting some major specifications.

You can also check its screen from right top side which may contains some number. These numbers also reveal the screen size in code such as C21PB which means screen size is 21 inches.

Visit Official Website

In the times of internet, It is easier to visit the official website of your laptop brand and enter the model number correctly. This step will share complete details about your laptop including manufacturing size of the screen. This method is useful for those who still does not know how to measure laptop screen size ?


You can also try this option which may probably get you the results. You need to open Google search engine and write the model name of your laptop, It may provide you the required result about your laptop screen size.

Final Words

We hope, you have learned about how are laptops measured from their screens and accordingly confirm whether or not the seller sold you the laptop with the right description.