How To Play PlayStation 4 on Laptop / How To Connect PlayStation 4 to Laptop

To get the PS4 connected with a laptop and play its all games on the laptop’s screen is a tricky thing to perform especially for the one who has not established the connection of laptop with any other device. This is important for using the laptop as monitor for your PS4.

This could be a cup of tea even for the immature user who has not tried such thing yet, they just need to follow the given steps and consider it to be done. You can play and enjoy all PS4 games on your laptop’s screen once they both get connected through the technique would be mentioned below.

 How to Connect PlayStation 4 to Laptop

Your laptop requires video input from the source and Its video output will show up on the screen. Though, It is not that easy and it requires a special technique to apply and this is not possible simply by using HDMI cable, because HDMI is not a two-way connection and instead it is a unidirectional connection. HDMI cable is used as output port on PS4 and same goes with the laptop.

Therefore, connecting the PS4 and laptop through HDMI is not possible as long as you do not know the trick.

Once you know about the technique and apply it rightly, you will be able to play PS4 games on your laptop and its screen becomes the new monitor for your PS4.

We will discuss and teach you two different methods can be used for establishing the connection between PS4 and laptop.


The use of video capture card is definitely going to enable you get the PS4 connected with laptop through HDMI and play games. This is the easy solution and this card plays powerful role to make it possible for the gamers. All you need to follow the steps discussed in the following.

Resources required making it possible:

  • PS4
  • Good Internet Connection
  • HDMI with dual-functioning
  • Laptop
  • File sharing enabled
  • Video Capture Card

Once you have managed the all above resources physical and non-physical, now it’s time to follow the steps.

Step 1: Check all Settings & Connections

You need go to the settings in PlayStation 4 menu and then further go to the network settings. Here, you need to go and open Internet Connection Settings and you have to find own internet connection to make this sure that PS4 is connected with your internet connection.

For Instance, if you are having weak internet connection or it’s unavailable at that moment, you are recommended to get the PS4 and laptop configured through the same router with the help of Ethernet cables, this way you can establish the connection between two.

Step 2: Install the software                

In this step, user needs to make the connection between Video Capture Card and a laptop; it can be achieved via USB port. When you buy the Video Card, It comes with a software without which card cannot be functional. User needs to install that software to function it correctly.

Before buying the Video Capture Card, you need to make sure about its high quality. 

Step 3: Get HDMI and PS4 Connected to Video Card

In the third step, user needs to establish the connection between PlayStation 4 and Video Capture Card and this requires you to have a S-video connection cable. There are two sides of HDMI, first is HDMI-IN and second is HDMI-OUT, HDMI-IN needs to get attached with capture card and HDMI-OUT with PS4.

Step 4: Open and Run the Software

The software which made available with the captured card, you need to open it and power up your PlayStation 4. This software will take the all inputs from PS4 and show the output on the screen of laptop. It needs to ensure the application is open in full-screen mode and then it will be able to display on the full resolution.

Once you have followed the all steps and completed the process, now it’s time to run the software.

These simple steps will enable the user to play all PS4 games on laptop’s screen as now both have been connected with each other. Laptop is configured with the PS4 to stream gameplay without even single lag.

This whole process which involves “Video Capture Card” is surely expensive, but one thing is sure as does not compromise on video quality.

The other inexpensive solution is also there for you and we are going to discuss it in the following.

2. Use the Built-In Recording Function  

Its Built-In recording function can be used for capturing the gameplay of PS4 games.

First of all, play the game which you want to record and then go to the share page. There, you will find the option “Share Settings” go to that option. You will further find the option “Advanced Settings” go to that option and then “Broadcast Setting”. You need to check off the option “Include microphone audio in the broadcast” so you can record your voice while playing the game.

Now, you need to select that game which you want to record.

This technique does not cost you much and enables you play PS4 games on the laptop’s screen without buying a Video Capture Card.

Built-In function is definitely going to help you a lot in streaming the PS4 games on the screen of laptop.


OBS is the abbreviation of “Open Broadcaster Software” and it has become the first choice for the professionals and offers lots of features which leads to user’s convenience.

It is very easy to get access on OBS and perform the required function.

You need to be installing PlayStation 4 remote play and then get it connected to the PS4. Now, open “Open Broadcaster Software” and go to its main menu where you can find the option “Add”. Once you click the option “Add”, you can find the next option “Window Capture” which needs to be click on for capturing the gameplay.

OBS allows the user to avail all types of customized recording results by choose the own choice of settings and make changes accordingly.

It is proved that using OBS software for capturing the PS4 games is the cheaper source to do that, it also does not compromise on the quality of the results.

User must be choosing that option which is convenient and doable. This technique does not require purchasing the “Video Capture Card”.


Yes, Remote Play also enables you to get the all PS4 games streaming on laptop’s screen whether its Mac or Windows.

This app gets you connected remotely to your PlayStation 4 and this enhances fun for the gamer. To make “Remote Play” app work, you need the following resources.

  • – Laptop
  • – PlayStation 4
  • – Fast-Speed and Strong Internet Connection
  • – The USB Cable
  • – Get Registered and Create Account on PlayStation Network

Let us share with you the steps needs to be taken for setting up the Remote Play on your laptop.

To make this happen, you need an LCD or any type of screen before you can stream the games on the laptop’s screen, as you have to play some techniques and changing in settings.

Step 1: Download the Application

The official application for Sony “Remote Plat” will be available on its official website and user can download its latest version on the laptop. Once, it has been download and now needs to install it, run the Installer.

Step 2: Enable the option “Remote Play”

It needs to ensure that “Remote Play” option is turned on and otherwise it would not be working. Go to the PS4 settings, then further go to the “Remote Play Connection” where you can enable or disable the “Remote Play” option.

To have the access on the games through network, It needs to ensure that the “Rest” mode is also activated.

Step 3: Activate PS4 Network

This step requires making sure “Rest Mode” is activated, though it is activated by default but still needs to be checked to confirm it. In the option “Settings”, you can see “Power Save” option through scroll down where you can set it in rest mode. This step is very important and essential to PS4 stream the games on laptop.

Step 4: Set all settings

You have to choose and select different settings from the settings option.

It needs to choose FPS rate which impacts the overall gaming experience. You can set own choice of resolution from 720p to 1080p, to enjoy 1080p resolution must be having PS4 Pro, PS4 can only go as high as 720p.

You can choose FPS not higher than 60, high FPS will eat up your network and only faster-speed internet can survive this.

Step 5: Connecting DUALSHOCK 4 Controller

To get the DUALSHOCK 4 Controller connected with requires following steps.

1. In the first step, you need to press and hold Share and Circular buttons placed on the controller, hold it as long as light bar does not start flashing.

2. Get the USB adapter plugged into your laptop, It may take time while holding it till it get connected.

Step 6: Search for PS4 Network

There will be an option “Start” on remote play application, once you click the “Start” button will be asked your log-in PS4 Network.

Once you enter the information, PS4 will search the best available network and then the home screen of PS4 will be appeared. It means console is successfully streaming on your laptop. It also enables you to enjoy online chat typing through laptop’s keyboard.

Step 7: How to power-off

When you want to switch off the PlayStation 4, take the DUALSHOCK 4 controller in hands and press and hold down its PlayStation button for one or two seconds, now go to the main menu and choose the option “settings” and click “Rest Mode”. Once you turn on the rest mode, your PS4 will go to the sleep and it stops the game streaming.


We have discussed two methods which requires HDMI to get the PS4 connected with laptop and play games on its screen, the other two additional methods/techniques are discussed to help you with such a technique requires not big expense and would be convenient for you.

Though, the two techniques / methods explained with the use of HDMI are also very convenient to apply and mostly people found it really helpful.

The method which requires “Video Capture Card” is very expensive because user needs to pay for it, but it also produces high quality results and gameplay would be lots of fun.

Those who cannot afford such an expensive video capture card, go for the other option where simple techniques are applied without any card.

We hope, you will successfully follow the method and all of its steps to get the PS4 connected with laptop and using its screen as a monitor for gameplay.