How To Record Screen On Discord On Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linus Platforms

Discord has become the first choice for online official meetings, online school classes. Furthermore, hard-core gamers also love the Discord platform and enjoy the big gaming communities to enjoy all related activities. The video calling experience is also amazing on Discord and the majority of Skype users have already switched to this platform.

Therefore, this makes the user record the all videos while using Discord on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linus. Everyone wants to record the screen on discord to watch it later.

Basically, there is no screen recording feature available on Discord. But, modern technology provides the solution and also makes this possible to record screens on Discord for free.

What It Requires To Record Screen on Discord ?

There are basic requirements which need to meet, and then user will be able recording screen on Discord.

I have been using Discord for last two years and already used on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Before sharing the information on to record the screen on Discord, Let’s discuss first about the must system requirements to perform this.

System Requirement For Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux PC

We are going to share with you the minimum system requirements for screen recording on Discord, if using PC / Laptop or Smartphone.


As far as Windows and Linux PC is concerned, there must be at least 8GB RAM to smoothly record the screen on Discord. On iOS and Android platforms, it requires 6GB of RAM to enjoy the smooth experience.


On laptops and PC, there must be minimum Core i5 technology installed which not older than 6th generation. It would not be good experience of recording screen on Discord if having older generation processor on Laptops / PC.

To record screen on Smartphone, must be having a mid-range processor on mobile. Best mid-range mobile processors are such as Snapdragon 780G, Snapdragon 778G, Snapdragon 768G/765/765G, Snapdragon 750G, Snapdragon 730 Series, Snapdragon 600 Series, MediaTek Dimensity 1000 series, MediaTek Dimensity 800 Series, Exynos 980, Exynos 1080 and Exynos 9611.


It also depends upon the duration of screen recording and also the quality. However, there must be at least 10GB free space available, this requirement is for both PC and Smartphone.

How To Record the Screen On Discord Using iPhone / iPad ?

Apple always offer productive features exclusively for its iOS users to provide them best user experience. Similarly, Apple introduced a screen recording feature on iPhone/iPad which can also be used for recording the screen on Discord.

  • Go to the Settings, and then tap on Control Center, Customize Controls.
  • Swipe down and will see + icon, which needs to be tapped to add Screen Recorder.
  • Once you tap on + icon, there will be “Screen Recording” in the list.
  • Launch the Discord app and then open “Control Center”on it.
  • You can see Screen Recorder icon, tap on it to start recording. (When it turns into red, recording has started. )

Once you want to stop the recording on Discord, tap on the same icon to stop and save it. The long period of screen recording can heat up your iOS device, so do not recharge the device immediately after recording the screen as it can damage the device.

How To Record Screen On Discord Using Android Device ?

All latest versions of Android phones from 8 to onwards come with built-in screen recorder feature. Android users do not require any third-party app or tool to record the screen. One who using the older version of Android can download AZ Screen Recorder for the same purpose. Lets us take you to the procedure and steps takes to record the screen on Discord using Android device.

  • Launch the screen recording app.
  • There will be a Record button on app, tap it to continue.
  • Now, tap on “Start Now” to start capturing the screen.
  • Once you want to stop the recording, tap on “Stop” button.

Android is available on multiple brands of phones which comes with unique interfaces, we have shared with you according to the interface of Samsung.

How To Record Discord On Windows, Linux and Mac ?

Millions of Discord users are using it on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. We know that they also want to know about how recording screen on Discord. We would recommend them OBS Studio which provides the best screen recording solution on all desktop platforms. This software comes with many advanced features and capable of performing wide range of screen capturing-related functions.

Note: We are going to share the procedure which applicable on Windows, Linux and Mac. You do not have to be confused with its different interfaces.

Configure OBS Studio:

  • User needs to visit OBS site, to download and install the software.
  • Once you open the OBS Studio after installing, it will show Auto-Wizard Configuration.
  • No need to make any changes and keep all settings on default, click “Next” to continue.
  • It will start be conducting some process for few seconds, let it completed.
  • Now, user can set the resolution quality of screen recording.

OBS is the best choice for screen recording and its all features are very user-friendly, not requires advanced technical skills. On the older machines, user cannot get 1080p quality and has to compromise by recording the screen at 853x480p.

How to Configure Audio in OBS Studio

  • User needs to click on + icon, then select the option “Display Capture” to continue.
  • OBS will detect all audio arrangements comes under “Audio Mixer” and it will start capturing the audio on Discord.

It gives the user full control over audio and one can mute own microphone.

By default, “Audio Mixer” is taking two sources of audios in it’s under, “Desktop Audio” and “Mic / Aux”, if they are missing on the system. Then, a user can add the sources of audios from Speaker or Microphone Input.

Final Words

We have shared the procedure how to record screen on Discord for all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac. OBS Studio is best choice for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, where Android and iOS users can enjoy its built-in screen recording feature which requires no need to install third-party apps. The high quality screen recording on Discord also requires faster RAM and processor.