Record a video on Windows 7 is not a big deal and one can easily do this. There are many applications available and used for recording the screen on a laptop, so that can watch it later. These screen recording apps are mostly used by YouTubers and Gamers who wants to upload their recorded videos on a platform like YouTube to share it with the world. We will share different methods used for recording the videos on Windows 7 in the following.


These are the steps to record the videos on Windows 7, mentioned in the following.

1. Use the Laptop Camera For Video Recording

You need to search for software highly compatible with your laptop camera and download it. You can install it on one of your drives and it will make your camera functional.

Now, open the camera and start the recording button to begin the screen recording.

This is the simplest method of video recording on Windows 7 which offers much compatible software online for downloading.


Webcams are placed on the laptop and enables the user to record the videos while taking the laptop anywhere they want. Webcam installation is very easy to perform and it has to be connected with the laptop through USB port. You must have an installation CD for your webcam to install it and then starts functioning.

Once, you install the webcam software on your Windows. A new icon will appear on desktop and double click the icon will get you on the new window, where user can enable/disable the webcam and enjoy its access.

When open the camera and see your face on the screen, it means webcam is fully-functional and working. You can find the option on the bottom of screen, whether like to capture the photos or videos through webcam.

When you select the recording option, it will start recording the video and its file will be saved on laptop. There are multiple applications available for downloading which provides great support in video recording will all convenience.

Windows 7 is very compatible with mostly software available online, user is most likely to get the own choice of software for video recording.

If it is about recording the screen on Windows 7, it again requires useful applications designed for the same. Fortunately, there are several screens recording applications available compatible with Windows 7, in free and paid both versions.


User can access one of the online video recording apps for making videos, without even downloading it on laptop. It is very simple to use and does not require a skill, all online video recording apps promises the data security and privacy. No other person can access your personal videos and it only gives you the authority & access.

If you want to record multiple videos on Windows 7 and it takes big amount of data to store, can save them on Dropbox instead of saving on internal drives.


MOVAVI screen recorder is very popular and recognized as one of the most useful applications for screen recording on Windows 7 platform. Its use is quite simple and takes you to follow these steps.

First of all, it requires selecting you the screen area which you want to record. Select it by clicking on starting point and drag it up to ending point, screen recorder app will record your pointing area only.

In this app, it offers you preset size and make it convenient for the user. You do not need selecting and dragging. When the area has been selected, now it asks you choose the audio device that will be used for recording the sound.

User needs to press F10 key to start the recording, can also click the “REC” button. Once you want to stop recording, press F10 or click “Stop” button.

User can take a break during video recording, press F9 or click “Pause” button and resume it whenever they want.

User can also perform and apply video editing skills in this application.


You need to open VLC player and then go to its “View” tab and select the “Advanced Control” option. When move to the next Window, you will see “Media” tab and then click “Open Capture Device” option.

It will give you two options to choose from

  • Capture from the Screen
  • Capture from a Webcam

This video recording software can easily download from its site and also easy-to-use.

  • Complete GUIDE for “Capture from the Screen”

User needs to adjust and set the frame rates according to the own choice. A standard frame rate varies from user to user and experts suggest choosing in between 25-30 frames per second. The higher the frame rate, the smoother video will be recording. User should also know the fact, videos with higher FPS takes more time to process.

Video will start recording on clicking the “Save” button. There are also two other buttons “Pause” and “Stop” which performs the function according to their names.

VLC is freely available on Windows 7 and also comes with many codec options which improve the user experience. VLC is also easy-to-use and provides high spend and efficient video encoding.

6: FILMORA SCRN – Unlimited Recording

FILMORA SCRN is very popular among the YOUTUBERS as offers variety of tools to use them and enjoy better Video/Screen recording experience. FILMORA SCRN does not limit the length and allows unlimited length of recording.

It provides several easy short-keys to perform video recording without get involved into multiple clicks. Its codec support is more than VLC offers which makes it popular among users. This video recording software is very popular among freelancers to perform video editing category projects.

7. BANDICAM for Personalize Experience

It is definitely the first choice of gamers and enjoying big following. This screen recoding app comes with three modes; the first one is “Screen Recording” used for recording a screen for the specific area user has selected on laptop.

This software will compress the all videos at higher ratio without compromising on the quality; keep the video as good as original.

You can record your voice for the background and also adds logo on the screen to promote it for branding.

This screen recording app is easily available and can download to install on Windows 7.

Final Words

All screen and video recording apps offers useful features which makes it easier for the Freelancers, YouTubers and professionals to record the screen for different types of tasks. YouTubers finds all these apps helpful to record their gameplay videos which they need to upload on own YouTube channel. Freelancers also take such projects from big YouTubers and also using one of these video recording apps. Thousands of teachers are also using these screen recording apps for uploading lectures on sites like Udemy.