How To Record Zoom Meetings Without Host Permission On Laptop / Smartphone – Complete Guide

The demand of Zoom app has been tremendously increased since the Pandemic started and this virus affected the whole world, changed their working style and prevented them from going outside. Zoom app is the only option left for online meetings, conferences and learning from the teachers. Unfortunately, the massive usage of this Zoom app has created several technical issues for the users which results in delivering bad user experience.

So, if you are also one of the victims of such issues on Zoom app then we can also offer you a solution and share the information how to fix them.

Let’s start discussing them one by one in the following.

How To Record Zoom Meetings On Laptop / Personal Computer

There are only three cases which allows the Zoom user to record the Zoom meetings which going to mention in the following.

  • How can we record a meeting on Zoom app as a host.
  • How can we record meetings on Zoom with the permission of host.
  • How can we record Zoom meetings as a participant without the permission of host.

We are going to discuss every case one by one with all details.

Being a host

You can easily record zoom meetings being a host and the process includes few easy steps to make this done. Let’s discuss it in the following.

Launch the Zoom app on Laptop / PC.

If you have already logged-in, then find a button “create a new meeting or join a meeting”, you need to click on that button.

Once you click that button, you have successfully created a meeting as host. You will have a dashboard where you can find many options on the bottom of dashboard.

One of these options on dashboard, there will be “Record” option which needs to be clicked.

Once you click the Record button and it will start be recording your Zoom meeting / lecture.

You can try two options during the Zoom meeting, Pause and Stop. These options enables the user to go anywhere during the meeting.

One the Zoom meeting is over, user can save this file anywhere whether internal storage or cloud storage.

So, tell us did you find this process of recording Zoom meeting difficult or easy? We think it was too easy to follow and perform. This easy process is not limited to Windows operating system but can also try the same method on Android devices. You may find its menu bar little bit different from the one when using Zoom on laptop.

By Permission of the Host

If you are attending Zoom session as one of the participants and not hosting it, then you can only record the video when host grants its permission. The host can allow the participants recording Zoom session by enabling local recording option.

Once host hits the local recording button, all participants can see recording button on the bottom of screen and by clicking can start recording the video.

A host can see the names of those who are recording the Zoom video as host is empowered for this.

How to Record Zoom Meetings Without Permission of the Host

Mostly users believe that as a participant video recording is not possible on Zoom without the host permission. They do not that there are many third-party apps available which enables the all participants to record meetings even host has not granted the permission for this.

We are going to share these third-party apps and discussing how it works.

Vid more Screen Recorder

This is a powerful screen recording app which also records the screen while Zoom session is going on and not only records video but also its audio. Zoom meeting participants can download this app / software and record the all Zoom meetings without permission.

Tune Fab Screen Recorder

This is very easy-to-use app which allows recording all Zoom meetings in high quality without the permission of host.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

Can we record the zoom meetings on mobile ?

You can definitely record the Zoom meetings on your Smartphone by downloading its app and follow the same steps which mentioned for a laptop / personal computer. User will also find a record button on app which needs to be clicked.

How to record Zoom meetings on Chromebook ?

Chromebooks uses different version of Zoom app and its user needs to download Zoom PWA from Google PlayStore. You need to download this app on Chromebook, then Install it and start using this. It also involves same steps like creating account and then login.

The process of recording the Zoom video is also the same, the only difference is the difference of its version.

Final Words

We discussed all three situations which allows the user to record the Zoom meetings as a host, as a participant but with the permission of host and as a participant but without the permission of host. All three methods includes easy steps to follow for recording zoom videos.

We understand that teachers, students, professionals and employees need to record it for future reference because everything is going to be online in near future and technology has enabled the common man to keep the records for own safety.