Factory reset can refresh your system as it is brand new and you just bought it. Once you apply this option, it will delete all of your apps, files and data was stored in its storage chip. We will also answer the question “ How to Reset Acer Laptop Without Password ” ?


Acer Company has developed a software name “eRecovery Manager” which helps its users to restore their Acer system to default factory settings. The main benefit of this eRecovery Manager, it can easily perform the factory reset on Acer’s laptop in just one click. This software can factor reset the laptop without the need of any CDs or DVDs.

It can also help you in recovering the important data which you lost during the factory resetting process.

“eRecovery Manager” is the great customer support in restoring Acer laptop to default factory settings.

To reset the Acer laptop is one of the easiest things to perform.

How to RECOVER LOST DATA from Recovery Process

Acer’s user can also recover his data lost during the factory reset process.

To recover the lost data, user needs boosting his/her laptop from the recovery partition.

They need to follow these steps.

1. Turn on the laptop and let the Windows appear.

2. Press and hold down these keys Alt + F10. You need to hold these keys as long as you see this message appearing “Starting Acer Recovery”. Select one of these options “Factory Backup”, “Recovery Backup” and “Recovery from CD”.

Once you have selected one from three options, press Enter. Let us explain this to you with detail in the following, keep reading please.


If you do not have a DVD Rom installed on your laptop, then gets it connected with external ROM and run the setup on Acer laptop. You need to follow the following steps.

1. Click the option “Next”, once installation screen appears.

2. There will be an option “Repair this” appearing, click on that.

3. Now, user needs to select “Troubleshoot”.

4. In the last step, click the “Reset this PC” option.

It will run the installation process and on completion, laptop will be reset.


Acer’s laptop is very easy to get repaired by the user without any professional required; user needs to press Alt + F10 keys to start the Troubleshooting process. You need to follow these steps.

  • Turn/Switch your Acer laptop off.
  • Turn/Switch on your Acer laptop, press and hold Alt + F10 keys simultaneously, it will appear the Acer’s logo on the screen.
  • After few seconds, it will appear a screen with multiple-options to select.
  • Out of all options, need to select “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Once the troubleshooting is completed, needs to click “Reset this PC” option.
  • Now, user needs to select the option “Remove everything”.
  • Click the “Restart” button and it will begin the factory reset process.
  • It may time few minutes until it completes the process.
  • Once the resetting process completed, user needs to follow the instructions given on screen to set up your Acer laptop.

If you want to set a new password for user’s account, you need to press “Shift” key and click the “Restart” button on the startup screen, it will get you into the troubleshoot section, where you can set the password.


This software is not installed on your regular storage drives and Acer’s developers come with innovative technique as RMS working from hidden partition.

This hidden storage includes not only the RMS software but also maintaining the backup data you chose to maintain for recovering it in any critical situation. Acer’s developers provide this solution to keep the RMS software and your backup hidden and separated because if any problem/virus affects the regular internal drives would not harm the backup data.

This feature not only protects your data but gives you access to backup data, when even you are not able to access regular Windows partition.

When the Windows installed has been crashed and fails to boot, Acer laptop will automatically open “Recovery Management” screen. If it does not show up Recovery Management screen, need to hold and press these keys Alt + F10 simultaneously.

How to Use Recovery Management System and Perform Factory Reset in 9 Steps 

  • Turn/Switch off your Acer laptop.
  • Now, Restart it.
  • Hold and Press Alt + F10 keys simultaneously on starting the Windows.
  • Click the option “Restore”.
  • Reset the laptop, it will rest to its factory default.
  • Acer laptop restores to its default settings.
  • Restore OS.
  • Retain Backup Data
  • Re-Install all required programs and hardware’s drivers.

This process will restore your Acer laptop to factory default as system has already saved its duplicate copy in one of the hard drives.


These two keys do not function while operating system is already on the run. If the recovery partition has already been formatted by the user, ALT + F10 will not perform / help any function for system recovery.

On re-installing the Windows, Hot key will not function anymore because they rely on drives. Re-Installation of Windows also deletes the drives which makes hot keys not functioning.


Your Acer laptop should not be turning off during recovery process because otherwise indicating serious issues. These issues might be:

  • Your data stored on laptop can be damaged during recovery partition.
  • Your laptop cannot afford whole booting process on regular basis.

You must get the laptop fully charged to make sure does not turn off during recovery. You should also not quit it and once started, complete it.


It is best to build recovery partition on the first day bought the laptop, when you have not saved any data yet. Build the partition causes deleting all your data. If you have already stored the data, then must build its backup to avoid any data lost during partition process. Follow these steps which can help you out in this.

  • Go to the Start menu, where you need to click “All Programs”.
  • It will open the list, find “Acer” folder and click it, then need to click “Acer Recovery Management” icon.
  • Click Yes on “Account Control”.
  • Click the option “Restore” given on “Recovery Management” Window.
  • It will appear the “Confirmation Screen”, where you need to select “Yes” and Start.
  • Click the “OK” option to confirm the restoration process and it will restart the system.

We hope have shared with you the useful information about how to reset Acer laptop without password and how to build recovery partition. “eRecovery Manager” has made very convenient for the user, to restore the Acer laptop to default factory settings.