How To Rotate Camera In Sims 4 On Laptop ? 360 Degree Camera Rotation

Sims 4 is such a game requires lots of construction and building houses. Players comes with new ideas and building Spanish style houses, historical architecture, mansions, medieval castle, palaces and many more. An accurate construction also requires rotating camera which enables the player to see the progress from every angle possible. Many players are complaining about unable to rotate the camera in Sims 4 game on Laptop / Desktop Computer / Gaming Console and looking for how to fix this issue.

We will be sharing the method and what steps involved in Sims 4 for rotating the camera. This blog post discusses the method for all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, macOS and Windows. We will also be sharing few hotkeys which creates convenience for the player to enjoy the game at its most.

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How To Rotate Camera In Sims 4 On Laptop / Desktop / Gaming Console ?   

We are going to share the technique on all platforms one by one, in the following.

For Laptop:

There are two different ways of rotating the camera in Sims 4 game if using laptop.

1) Press and hold Ctrl button and then use four directional arrow keys to rotate the camera or tilt the angle.

2) If user using a trackpad on laptop, then press and hold Ctrl button + A/S/D/W keys will be used as an alternative of directional arrow keys.

For Keyboard:

It is also easy to perform the same function on keyboard. You need to exactly follow the below steps.

  • Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Tab.


  • Press Esc >
  • Go to the Options, select it.
  • Then go to the Controls and Camera.
  • Camera will be popped up and now player can control the camera view.

How Can Player Move the Camera Up & Down in Sims 4 on Mac ?

To move the camera up and down, below combination of keys needs to be followed.

Press and hold Command Key + Up/Down arrow which tilts the camera respectively.

How To Rotate the Camera in Sims 4 On XBOX ?

If you have an XBOX gaming console and love to play Sims 4 on it, but having trouble in rotating the camera on this game. You need to press and hold these following combination of buttons on the controllers.

Hold LB + RB and now use the stick for rotating the camera.

Hotkeys in Sims 4

Sims 4 player needs to use these following hotkeys to perform the required functions quickly.

How To Rotate Camera in Sims 4 Game
How To Rotate Camera in Sims 4

Now, once you exactly know that how to rotate the camera in Sims 4. You can better build the houses and exactly see every detail to make some better construction. The ability to control the camera angles also increases the fun of playing Sims 4 more than ever.