How to Switch on the HP Laptop Keyboard Light ? Complete Guide

HP brand has launched several light-weight and slim body laptops, very eye-catching and attractive.

Hewlett-Packard is enjoying the largest market share in laptop industry and has emerged as trustworthy brand.

This article is about to explain to the readers “ How to switch on the HP Laptop Keyboard Light

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Importance of HP Laptop Keyboard Light ?

Use the laptop at the night time when you are not allowed to switch on the room lights, it gets dark and the keyboard is almost invisible to the user. It is hard to press the required keys while gaming, streaming, or typing which ruins the experience.

The Keyboard light feature on HP’s laptop enhances work productivity even in night time and improves gaming experience when everyone is asleep.   

Do you also want to switch on the keyboard lights on HP Laptop?

The good news for HP laptop users is they can turn the keyboard light on any time. They will be able to see the keys and press them all accurately after turning on the keyboard lights.

Once, you turn on the keyboard lights and now it does not matter whether the room lights are on or off.

This feature is not only about “turn-on” and “turn-off” the keyboard lights, the user can also adjust the its brightness according to their own requirement.

Some HP laptops also offer colorful keyboard lights and users can try multiple colors which look good and also serve the basic purpose. Mostly, students and gamers love this feature.

How to Check Your HP Laptop has this Feature?

You need to make sure whether or not your HP offers the keyboard light feature. To check this out, visut the HP’s official site and search by its Serial Number (SN). You can find its serial number on the back of laptop’s battery.

On entering the correct serial number on its official site, it will provide you complete information and other details about whether your HP laptop offers the keyboard light or not?

There is also a quick way to check does your laptop has a built-in keyboard light feature, the user can use its function keys.

You may try and press any one key F5, F6, or F10, and if it does not turn the lights on which means the feature is not available on your laptop.

How To Turn-on the Light ?

Step 1: Do not try to turn on the keyboard light, when laptop charging is low. First, make sure the battery is more than 20% charged, and then try to switch-on the keyboard light on HP laptop.

Step 2: Then, user will need to find light key on the keyboard. You can see three small square-shaped boxes on the light key also glowing. This is a key also knowns as F5 which is placed on the top row of the keyboard. Press this key and it will turn on the keyboard light on HP’s laptop.

Step 3: There are few models of HP’s laptops in which have to press Fn key first before pressing light key.

How to Adjust the Brightness of HP Laptop Keyboard Light?

Light adjustment is an essential feature because it also depends upon your room’s light. Users can adjust it from low to high and high to low.

The user needs to press both the function key and light keyboard key, try pressing these keys multiple times and light will start be increasing with every press.

What You Learnt from this Article?

Hopefully, this guide was very useful and helpful to get you informed about how to use HP laptop keyboard light feature step-by-step.

Its keyboard light features helps the user to stay productive and achieve faster typing speed even sitting in dark room. User can also change the keyboard light colors which looks beautiful and amazing.

Keyboard light is such a feature which overall improves the user experience.