How To Tell If Your CPU is Dead? Simple Ways To Fix the Issue

If you are even unable to turn on your computer for few seconds or it does shut down automatically few seconds after it was turned on. You must be wondering what the issue with your computer is. I think, its most likely that your CPU is already dead and once the processor is bad, the user cannot turn on their own computer.

But, there are certain signs and symptoms of having a dead CPU inside computer and otherwise, there might be another issue that keeps your computer turned off.

Most Common Signs of Having a Dead CPU Inside Computer

Once users are familiar with the all signs and symptoms of Dead CPU, they can themselves diagnose the issue and accordingly find the solution which can save time and trouble.

These signs are discussed in the following.

  • Once you turn-on the computer, there will be no beep sound as it normally does and there will be empty screen nothing starts up.
  • On turning-on the computer, you might notice that the sound of fans is very loud and they were never running that much faster.
  • It will never reach the point where operating system starts loading.
  • It is most likely to be turned-on for few seconds; even it will automatically be turned-off within a second which show CPU is totally dead now.
  • The screen will stuck at some point after turning on the computer, it might stuck where OS like Windows starts loading. It will freeze the Windows logo on the screen and there will be no going forward.
  • There will be some indications on screen which is a big sign of CPU is dead. For Instance, it will show blue-death screen with strange codes and numbers on turning on the computer.

How To Exactly Recognize the Problem “ CPU is Dead “ and Not the Failure of Other Hardware?

There are definitely certain ways and methods to make sure that whether issue prevails on any other hardware or indeed a CPU that has been failed. Try one of the following methods to confirm this.

The Pattern of Beeps and Noises: Once you turn on the computer, it will release the sound of a beep or make some noise in different patterns. Each pattern indicates a different problem. Often, a motherboard sending these signals in the form of a beep sound that Computer is suffering from the big issue and most likely something wrong with the PC.

Disconnect and Dismantle the Hardware: You have to dismantle every hardware from the motherboard to disconnect. All hardware including CPU, RAM, Power Supply and system fan. Once you have removed the all mentioned part, now its time to turn on the computer. If it starts making long beep sound, it will be the indication that every hardware is fully functional. This long beep is complaining of having no memory which is true.

In the contrary, if there is no beep sounds on turning on the computer. This is a clear indication of failure of the motherboard or CPU.

Try Processor on Another Computer: There is still a possibility that the CPU is good and because of failure in the motherboard or any other hardware, the computer is unable to run the operating system. Therefore, one should remove and disconnect the CPU to another available computer to test. You have to make sure that the CPU is compatible with the all internal hardware in that computer, else there will still be doubts.

How To Determine the CPU Failure: Follow Below Steps

  • Keep turning off the computer after turning it on, perform this activity several times. Every time, do notice what exactly the beep sound sounds like and do you hear short or long beeps. Write it down that how many times there was short and long beeps respectively and did you also see any error message on screen?
  • Get all contact information written on motherboard and contact its service center. Share the all observed data about beep sound and error messages with them. They can exactly tell you what exactly the problem it indicates and accordingly perform the troubleshooting. It also helps you in diagnosing the problem.
  • If you are still unable to solve the issue. Then, disconnect the parts from motherboard one by one. First of all, unplug the power cord to avoid any current shock. Now, remove the power supply and then disconnect the processor from motherboard. Take a close at motherboard and see if this is burn from anywhere.
  • If you see that there are burning sign on motherboard or observe that it has already been damaged from the fire. Then, it is also most likely that CPU has also been damaged and dead now. The burning motherboard may also cause to burn other hardware placed inside the computer.
  • Now, if there is nothing wrong with the motherboard. Then, put back every hardware which you removed earlier to check the motherboard. Every part has to be securely connected with each other.
  • If the same problem still persists with the computer and not starting the operating system, its CPU is dead already for sure.

Try to Clearing CMOS

CMOS stands for “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor” and this is a battery responsible for starting the booting process and helps the processor to configure the data in a systematic manner and disciplinary flow. If there is something wrong with the CMOS battery, it will also hurt the booting process and would not let the operating system be loading.

Therefore, it is also advised to keep cleaning the CMOS battery placed inside which does not let the processor configure the data and successfully start the booting process.

How To Configure the Issue If CPU is not Dead?

The user has to disconnect every hardware from the motherboard and then add them back one by one to see where it stops the booting process and is unable to upload the Windows or other operating system. The last hardware you connected with the motherboard is creating an issue.

Final Words

These above-mentioned symptoms closely indicate that something is wrong with the CPU and it needs to be replaced with the new one or at least requires repairing. It is better to visit the computer repairer shop who expert at working on the dead processor. This definitely requires technical knowledge and one cannot learn it from YouTube, especially when dealing includes high sensitivity.