How To Transfer the Photos From Smartphone To Laptop ? Complete Guide

Data transferring from the phone to the laptop is one of the most frequently performing tasks by users, the invention of Bluetooth and Type-C USB technology has made the data transferring process very convenient and it enables the user to transfer a big amount of data in no time.

The efficiency and convenience of the Data transferring process also depended upon which operating system is being used on Smartphone and Laptops. Smartphone comes in two operating systems Android and iOS. Mostly users are using Windows and Mac OS on laptops.

How To Transfer the Photos From Smartphone To Laptop Having Windows OS ?

  • Turn-on your both devices Smartphone and Laptop to establish the connection between two.
  • Use the smaller side of USB cable to get connected with Smartphone.
  • Try to put the larger end of USB cable into laptop to establish the connection between Smartphone and laptop.
  • Devices have to detect the connection and both devices confirms it by showing the “Detected” message.

How To Transfer Data From Android Phones To Laptop ?

Once you connect both devices, and then need to follow the below steps in the following.

  • You will see this message on your Android Phone “Allow Access To Your Data”, user needs to tap the message and grants the access.
  • On the laptop, user needs to tap this option displaying as “Import Images and Photos and Videos” which then go to the internal storage of laptop.
  • User can also be using “ Windows Explorer ” to navigate the Images / Photo folder, so that you can copy the all images and paste on the laptop. Usually, Photos / Images are stored in DCIM folder.

How To Transfer Data Through iPhone ?

  • When user connects the phone cable to laptop, it appears the message “Trust this Computer”, which alerts you about data sensitivity and user needs to give own permission by tapping on screen.
  • Navigate the DCIM and click on this folder. Select and copy the all required Images / Photos from the folder and paste them on the laptop storage.

Note: If there is iCloud enabled on your iPhone which means all those images are actually stored on iCloud service and not in the internal storage of the iPhone. It means cannot transfer them from phone to laptop.

In this case, the user needs to be using an iCloud application which allows importing the images first on the phone internal storage, and then one can copy and paste them on the laptop.

How To Transfer the Data From iPhone To MAC ?

The user needs to follow the below steps to transfer the data from iPhone to MAC.

  • Get the iPhone and MAC connected through data cable.
  • This will appear the message on your iPhone “Trust this Computer” , user needs to tap on the Trust.
  • User needs to manually launch the Photos application.
  • If the app does not automatically appear the Import option, then manually click the import option.
  • Then choose and select all required images want to import, then copy and paste them.

How To Transfer Data From Android Phone To MAC ?

The user needs to take the below steps in the following.

  • Get the both devices connected to each other, Android phone and Mac.
  • Launch the required application and go to the Images folder where all photos are stored. It will be DCIM or Camera folder.
  • Select and copy the all required photos, paste them on one of the folders on Mac.
  • There are multiple photos transferring applications available on both platforms Android and IOS, user should be choosing the one offering easy features and allows quick transferring.

How To Fix USB Connecting Issues On Windows and MAC ?

It is observed that sometimes Mac or Windows-based laptops come with outdated USB drivers which raises connectivity issues as unable to get connected with external devices. Only laptops with updated USB drivers allow a successful connection with the phone or external hard drives.

If you fail in connecting your phone with the laptop through the USB port, which means something wrong with its USB drivers which needs to be re-installed or installing its updated version and nothing wrong with your device.

Final Words

We often need to be transferring our valuable photos from one device to other to keep it secure. We also perform data transferring to utilize the ample internal storage of our laptop in the best way and maintain the space on phone.

We come across a situation where our phone and laptop from two different operating systems, which raises some technical issues for the average user. This article explains how to handle such issues and allow to successfully transferring the photos.

Email and web-servers are not effective in ample data transferring, USB technology has enabled the user to securely transfer big amount of data from one device to other in no time.

Sometimes, user is transferring very personal photos from phone to laptop, because already running out of storage and cannot afford losing them. It allows user managing the space by transferring data from phone to laptop.

This also maintains the data security because one can avoid using online facility for data storage which can be hacked by the closed one. These days’ laptops come with fingerprint technology which prevents the unauthorized access on the laptop. Therefore, it is better transferring the valuable data and memorable photos on laptops instead of using web-servers.