How To Turn On Bluetooh On Your HP Laptop ?

Bluetooth is the second most used technique to transfer data from one laptop to another after flash drive. Though, Bluetooth 5.0 transfer speed is only 2 mbps but still it can be very helpful in transferring the critical data on such situations when flash drive is not available. Friends and Family members often share the events photos on each other devices through using the Bluetooth technology, if they do not want to bother for managing external drive.

What if you are using HP laptop which suffers a lot from Bluetooth connectivity problem, all friends and family members wants sharing photos on laptop, but you are unable to turn on the Bluetooth on HP laptop. It would ruin the whole experience and you should be thinking why to spend money on such laptop if I cannot even share photos through Bluetooth which is already such an old technology.

Furthermore, Bluetooth headphones are also in demand as users are tired of using full of wires headphones which handling is very frustrating experiencing. Bluetooth Headphones comes without any wire and its long-distance connectivity improves the user experience.

What if you bought expensive gaming headphones having Bluetooth technology, you are about to start playing game but finds out unable to turn on Bluetooth on HP laptop. This would again ruin the gaming experience and also the weekend.

All these things have been happened to us and then we spent hours on finding out the solution of this issue which we will share in this article. I assure you that this piece of content will provide you the best solutions to resolve and fix this issue on your HP laptop.

How To Activate / Turn on the Bluetooth on HP Laptop ?

Users often commit this mistake and they want to turn-on the Bluetooth system instead they should first turn-on Bluetooth device. It is important to understand the functionality of Bluetooth technology and turn on the Bluetooth first by following the below steps.

  • Type Control Panel on search bar and hit Enter.
  • User needs to find the option “HP Wireless Assistant” on Control Panel, and then click that option.
  • Once you enter “HP Wireless Assistant”, click on the Bluetooth option.
  • Click and turn the Bluetooth on.

Congratulation, you have successfully turned-on the Bluetooth on your HP laptop. Now, its time to establish the connection with other device through pairing the bluetooth technology on both devices. Let’s find out how to do this.

How To Get the HP Laptop Connected With Other Devices Laptop / Mobile / Headphones ?

Once you have successfully turned on the Bluetooth on your laptop as well as the device you want to be connected with. Both devices must be within the range of 20 to 30 feet with each other, but it would be better if distance is not more than 5 feet to establish the strong connection and avoid any disconnection issues.

User needs to follow the below steps.

  • Once you turn on the bluetooth, without any delay search for other device for pairing. Keep bluetooth turning on without connecting to other device will automatically turn it off.
  • It will search all other devices which bluetooth is turned on.
  • Find out the name of device you want to connect with, tap on it and then tap the Connect option.
  • Once you hit the Connect option will receive the notification of pairing of devices, user has to allow this pairing of both devices.
  • Once, the pairing process has been successfully completed, now you can transfer the data with each other.

How To Install Bluetooth Drivers On Windows 10 Using HP Laptop ?

User has to install the updated drivers of bluetooth on laptop to enjoy strong and stable connection with other devices.

In case, the bluetooth drivers have been corrupted on your laptop, they should be uninstalled first and then re-install them back.

How to Uninstall the Drivers on HP Laptop

  • Go to the Control Panel, then device manager.
  • Find the bluetooth driver and then perform right-click on it.
  • Find and click on uninstall option, to start its uninstalling.

Now, you can also follow the below steps to re-install these drivers.

You can easily find many ways of installing the drivers on internet, we will be sharing with you three best methods which are convenient and helps user in easily and freely installing the required drivers.

How To Update Bluetooth Driver Using Device Manager ?

This method requires the user to go to the device manager for updating the bluetooth driver.

  • Type “Bluetooth” on search bar and hit Enter.
  • Find Bluetooth device and click on it to expand.
  • Perform the right-click on bluetooth and then click on “Update Driver”.
  • You will see two or more options, click on the option which automatically performs the search for updated driver software.
  • This will automatically search the updated drivers for bluetooth technology on laptop.
  • Once the device manager detects and updates the driver, restart the laptop.

Once the booting process completes, you can go and check if drivers have been updated successfully, if users follows the right steps will have the updated drivers installed on laptop.

How to Download & Install Bluetooth Driver from manufacturer’s website ?

Every bluetooth manufacturing company offers its drivers on official website, go and download by visiting the site.

  • Go to the control panel and then device manager, can also go directly to device manger.
  • Click on the bluetooth information, where can read the manufacturer’s name.
  • Enter the web address on web browser, visit the site and download the bluetooth drivers from the given link.
  • Once downloads the drivers, now can easily install it on laptop.
  • User has to restart the laptop to apply all new changes.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the bluetooth driver and now connect your new wireless headphones using bluetooth technology and enjoy the gaming / music experience.

How Can Third-Party Tools Helpful In Installing Bluetooth Driver ?

Let us share with you the names of workable third-party tools which can easily let you installing bluetooth drivers on your HP / others laptop.

  • Smart Drive Care
  • Driver Max
  • Avast Driver Update
  • Driver Booster
  • Driver Talent

You can easily find them on internet to download. User can run all of these third-party tools on Windows 7, 8 and 10, no compatibility issues. These tools will easily download & install updated bluetooth driver for its user.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions asked by the visitors.

What is the Data Transferring Rate of Bluetooth ?

The latest version of bluetooth technology is, “Bluetooth 5.2”. It can transfer the data at the rate of 2 Mbps and it will take one minute to transfer 120MB data from one device to other.

What is the Range of Bluetooth 5.2 Technology ?

The range of Bluetooth 5.2 technology is 400 m and this allows you to enjoy strong connectivity even from long distance. But, it is better connecting devices from short distance to put less burden on battery.

How Low Energy Power Control Feature Better In Bluetooth 5.2 ?

When user shares the data through the bluetooth 5.2 technology, it uses low amount of bandwidth and power. It introduced the technology of Ic3 which allows the information to be much more compressed on the input side without losing the quality. This feature was first time introduced on 4.0 version, but it was never as sophisticated as on 5.2. It does not consume much battery power while sharing the big amount of data from large distances.

Why My Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting On Windows 10 Using HP Laptop ?

You can perform the basic troubleshooting for your bluetooth on laptop; it will fix the issue for you. If the problem still persists, then must check if you having outdated drivers installed. If Yes, then install the updated drives which procedure already discussed above.

Final Words

This article discussed about how to turn on the bluetooth on HP / Other laptop, what might be the issues occurring which preventing the laptop from turning on the bluetooth.

We recommended three methods of fixing the bluetooth issue if the user is unable to turn on the bluetooth or having weak connection. The first method requires the user to perform basic troubleshooting on laptop.

The second method is visiting the official website of your bluetooth’s manufacturer and downloading the updated drivers from its site. The third method is using third-party tools to download & install your bluetooth drivers on laptop.

We also answered the FAQs questions about latest 5.2 version of bluetooth, it surely offers better features such as consumes less power and bandwidth.