How To Unlock Touchpad On A Laptop ? Complete Guide

The question is how to unlock the touchpad on Dell, HP, Toshiba or any other brand of laptop. It is very simple to unlock it and start moving the cursor through the mouse. Often laptop users locks the touchpad because it also consumes the battery power and they lock it for saving improving the battery life.

When it has been long time since touchpad is locked, they do not remember how to unlock it. Though it is very easy to perform the unlocking process but still requires knowledge.

Therefore, we are sharing information with you which can easily help you in unlocking the touchpad area of your laptop and can easily operate through it.

Let’s start discussing about the main issue, so we can fix it.

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How To Unlock Touchpad On A Laptop ?

There are almost the same steps involved in unlocking the touchpad on different laptops; the overall difference will not be significant because these are manufactured by different manufacturers. But no laptop involves a complicated process to unlock the touchpad.

Laptops With Lock & Unlock Button

There are some modern laptops coming with buttons used for enabling and disabling the touchpad. These buttons will be placed beside one of the USB ports on left or right side, user needs to press and hold it for a second to lock or unlock the touchpad. These buttons make it very easy for the user and no need to follow the manual steps.

How To Use Function Keys For Locking / Unlocking Touchpad

There are some laptops that enable the user to press any specific function key from F1 to F12 for unlocking the touchpad. You can try all your function keys one by one to check whether the same case with your laptop or not? These twelve functions are basically provided for the user’s convenience and enabling using short-cuts for the most frequently performing tasks.

How To Unlock the Touchpad On Your Laptop Windows 10

User enjoys the easy user-interface from Windows 8 to the latest version of the Windows. Its user-friendly interface allows them to fix every issue on their own and troubleshooting was never so easy. It needs to follow these easy steps to unlock the touchpad mentioned in the following.

  • Type Touchpad Settings on the search bar, it will appear the required settings option which needs to be clicked.
  • User can also go to the Settings directly, then select the Devices option where further needs to go Touchpad Settings.
  • You need to find Additional Settings option and then click on it.
  • You can see new pop-up windows which show your touchpad is locked and this option is checked, user needs to uncheck this option to unlock the touchpad.

It is possible that users see the opposite of this checked and unchecked option which needs to handle respectively.

How To Unlock the Touchpad On Your Laptop Windows 7

Many people are still satisfied with Windows 7 experience and they really find it helpful in daily routine tasks. Therefore, we are also sharing the method of unlocking the touchpad on a laptop using Windows 7.

  • Go to the Control Panel directly or type Control Panel on search bar, the same option will appear then click it.
  • Go to the Hardware from the Control Panel, and then go to the Sound option.
  • Find the option Devices and Printers, where needs to further find Mouse option and needs to be clicked.
  • Go to the Touchpad Properties, where you can find the option which allows keep the touchpad on or off. This option will be labeled as Touchpad or something similar.

Laptop user wants to unlock and navigate through the touchpad because they do not want to carry extra input devices and enjoy the portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions in the following.

How Can We Unlock the Touchpad On HP Laptop ?

Mostly HP laptops comes without lock/unlock button which offers most convenient way to unlock the touchpad. Then, it depends upon which version of Windows user is using and accordingly can perform mouse pad unlocking or locking.

Windows 10 is more user-friendly than Windows 7 and allows easy steps to unlock the touchpad. We have shared the procedure for both Windows 7 and Windows 10; you can go above and see.

How Can We Unlock the touchpad On A Lenovo / Dell / Toshiba Laptop ?

You can probably find buttons on the both sides of Lenovo laptop which allows locking and unlocking the mouse pad. Otherwise, there will be a same procedure like on HP laptop. As we mentioned earlier, it also depends upon which version of Windows using on laptop.

Is locking the touchpad good for saving the power ?

When the touchpad is unlocked and even user do not use it for navigating, it consumes the power from the charged battery. It also keeps the laptop heated especially during summer and users disable it to avoid the high temperature which also affects its performance.

Therefore, it is advised to the laptop users that always keep the touchpad locked and disabled because it can help you in enjoying the better performance of the laptop.

How To Unlock or Locked the Laptop Mouse?

User can only unplug or plug the mouse into the laptop. Otherwise, Windows operating system only offers and enables the user to control the motion speed of the mouse cursor and also make some other adjustments such as choose the primary click button, the wheel speed and the representation of mouse cursor for performing different tasks.

Final Words

We shared all information and steps involved in locking and unlocking the touchpad of the laptop. It will be more convenient on Windows 10 as compared to Windows 7 because of its user-friendly interface. Moreover, if laptop comes with its buttons which allows locking / unlocking touchpad, then nothing is better than that.

We also discussed about how keeping the touchpad unlocked consumes the battery power and also affects the laptop performance. It is better to keep the touchpad locked to avoid the performance issues. To keep the touchpad unlocked also heats up the laptop during summer and many people finds no heating issues when touchpad is locked.