How To Use iMessage App On Windows PC – Easy Solution

iMessage app is exclusively developed for iOS users which can be used on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple watch. But, we will share multiple ways which enables you using iMessage app on Windows 10 PC and it will be great fun.

Can I Be Using iMessage App On My Windows PC ?

iMessage is very popular messaging app which offers amazing texting environment and especially designed for iOS users. Its useful features enable the iOS users to enjoy the data security, backup and great amount of customization. Even, the non-iOS users want to use iMessage app and now they can on their Windows PC.

Apple is working hard on its eco-system and using this technique to maintain the customer base. They have not left any option for its users using Apple and Non-Apple branded products together. The kind of users, who has spent lots of money on Mac and iPhone, now is likely to switch on Android and Windows.

The last thing Apple’s top management and developers want its loyal customer also have non-Apple products. They have designed such an eco-system which makes clear distinction, either you are a loyal customer of Apple or you have to choose competitor’s brand. Therefore, Apple has never released the Windows, Linux or Android version of iMessage to also make other users enjoy such an amazing app. This is according to their strict eco-system policy which succeeds them in having unique brand identity.

A Way To Access iMessage on Windows PC

There is a way and solution provided which enables the user using iMessage app on Windows PC, which is basically designed for iOS users.

Using the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

Google Chrome is very popular web browser on both platforms, Windows and Mac OS. Chrome also offers iMessage extension for its Windows users, so that they can also enjoy a good experience of iMessage app on Windows platform.

To Download & Install the iMessage Chrome Extension, follow the below steps.

  1. Download this iMessage extension on your device.
  2. User needs to click the option “Add Extension” to install the app on Windows system.
  3. User must have already an account on Google, otherwise have to create it.
  4. It will ask the user to click on “Authorize” to continue.
  5. You will have to choose one of two options, 1) Remote Assistance, 2) My Computers. You will have to go with Remote Assistance to access MacBook or Mac PC.
  6. User needs to enter 6 characters PIN, on both ends.
  7. The process cannot take place until; iMessage app is not running on MacBook or Mac PC devices, whichever you have.
  8. User has to enter the PIN on Mac.
  9. After entering the PIN, click on an option “Connect” to get enabled using the iMessage app on Windows PC.

Top Amazing iOS 15 Features

We are going to share with you top popular iOS 15 features which keeps its users not to switch to non-Apple devices.

FaceTime App and Non-Apple Device Users

Earlier, FaceTime app was only limited to iOS users to communicate to, no users from other platform can join the FaceTime call. By the release of iOS 15, now Windows and Android users can also join FaceTime call.

Notification Summary

User will manually give the permission to specific apps which notification must be shown on the screen. It does not matter, select tens of apps and accordingly start receiving hundreds of notifications on daily basis. iOS 15 will show all as per user’s command.

Siri is More Intelligent Now

Siri is able to process the request on device without going back to the server. It means Siri is faster and quick to response back. Siri has also been developed to better understand the questions and answer them more intelligently.

Now, Siri covers more wide range of topics to answer and its like iOS user is talking to real intelligent human who knows all. 

Live Text

If a user is reading something on iOS device, able to pick the word whatever reading from and put it into the Apple made translator app to translate the word. This System-wide translation apps supports many languages such as Italian, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and many more.

A Feature of Drag and Drop   

On iOS 15, a user can drag all types of files from one application to another. For Example, a user is reading an informative & interesting article on Safari and also wants to share its link on WhatsApp. User is only required to hold the finger on the link to drag and then able to switch to Whatsapp or any other apps to drop it.

Cross-app drag and drop is possible now.

Final Words

There is only one way using the iMessage app which exclusively developed for iOS users. User can download Chrome iMessage extension, this extension is especially designed for Windows users, so that they can also use such amazing app iMessage and enjoy the chatting experience.

There are Bloggers and YouTubers claiming that one can use iMessage on Android and Windows platform by downloading iOS emulators. Mostly readers believe that because they know Android emulators exist and take it as iOS emulators would also be existed. There is no such working iOS emulators and the only using iMessage on Windows platform by downloading and installing the Chrome extension.

Google used its authority and developed the extension of iOS app for Windows users. Google Chrome is the popular browser on Mac OS and iOS users cannot afford losing the Chrome experience.