How To Use Laptop In Bed Without Suffering From Over-Heating Issues ? Complete Guide

Everybody wants to use a laptop in bed before finally go to the sleep, though it is a portable device but also having over-heating issues while using it in bed. Mostly of us spend around eight working hours on laptop and then use it for watching or Netflix to relax our minds. This relaxing thing wants to do in bed and not at work desk, using laptop in bed heats-up the hardware because it covers the all ventilation area and video streaming consumes big amount of resources.

We should admit that we cannot compromise our comfort zone in night and no way getting off the bed for watching movie somewhere else. Then, the question is how can we use laptop in bed for relaxing our mind without leaving the bed ?

We are going to discuss about this issue and then how to fix it?

Why Our Laptop Starts Heating-Up in Bed ?

You may have noticed that every laptop has its ventilation area which throws out the all heat generated from hardware and keep the laptop temperature maintained. When a user performs heavy duty tasks on laptop, it puts pressure on hardware including processor which extremely use their cores then and all this process produces heat which needs to be ventilated from ventilation area.

When we put our laptop in bed, it leaves no space for ventilation because mostly laptops have ventilation holes on the bottom side of the laptop. Soon user starts streaming the videos and consuming big amount of processor and RAM without any ventilation of heat, it starts burning up and slow down the system.

Now, let’s discuss how to fix this issue without getting off the bed and not enjoying the quality time.

How To Avoid Over-Heating Issues While Using Laptop in Bed ?

There are many ways to fix this issue, user has to pay little cost for one way and other ways are totally free of cost. We are going to share with you the one which involves cost and requires user to spend some bucks to resolve this over-heating problem.

Buy and Place the Cooling Pad

You can easily buy the cooling pad from Amazon as well as near your computer shop. Cooling pad are technically designed to keep your laptop cooler during summer and in a situation where user placed the laptop in bed. It will cost you in between 30 to 40 bucks.

This is such an investment which can not only improve your user experience and also increase the life of your laptop. The continuous over-heating issues with laptop affect its hardware performances.

What is a Cooling Pad ?

The cooling pad provides your laptop a fan which is placed on its bottom side and keeps laptop cool. It absorbs the all heat and releases the air which keeps temperature cool for laptop.

How To Use Cooling Pad ?

It is very easy to place the cooling pad on the bottom of laptop and connects the both devices through USB cable. There are few models which allow the user to control the speed of fan according to the room temperature.

Portable Table for Bed

It is a portable table especially designed for bed and allows user to place anything including laptop. It enables the user to lying down on bed and use the laptop without any discomfort. This is an adjustable portable table which can be fixed at the position which suits you most and maintains the comfort level.

There are specific kinds of tables which come with built-in fans and also provide an additional space to the user, where they can place cup of tea / coffee or something want to grab easily while using a laptop.

Everyone wants to buy this portable laptop table who wants to enjoy the video streaming and watching movies on laptop without going out of the bed.

Keep the Exhaust Area Clean

Exhaust area of the laptop is also known as vents, this is an area where the air flows out from the laptop; this air is produced by processor, ram and other hardware in data processing.

If the user does not keep this area cleaned, it will result as laptop starts having over-heating issues and can also affect the performance of hardware. Mostly this area is covered by layers of dust due to the user negligence; it prevents the heat to come out and then causes heating the laptop.

Keep the Fan Clean

Mostly laptop users do not care to clean its fan because they do not know how to open it and get an access to laptop fan. You are suggested go to the nearest computer shop and get the professional services for this.

You can also try yourself by watching related YouTube videos, which guides you in this step-by-step. After cleaning the laptop’s fan, you will notice its overall performance has been improved.

Service the Laptop

User needs to servicing own laptop every six months. This includes physically checking the hardware to make sure placed properly. Moreover, it also includes clean the hardware and remove the dust on it which affects the performance.

As far as its other side is concerned, user needs to keep deleting all malware and virus affected files, download the all latest updates which improves the system efficiency and enhance the life of system hardware.

Important Tips to Avoid Over-Heating and Improve the Life of Laptop

  • Apply the graphics settings at low level, if you are not doing graphic-intensive work like on PhotoShop or Corel Draw. This will keep your laptop cool and also consume less battery.
  • Keep the laptop fan always clean.
  • Make sure about exhaust area is not covered which prevents the ventilation and over-heat the laptop.
  • Always avoid using a laptop in heating area, where temperature is high because it also impacts the temperature of laptop.
  • Keep the graphics setting at lowest possible level while using laptop on bed, it will help you in avoiding heating issues.
  • Do not keep the laptop on for no reasons, mostly people do not follow this. The truth is, keep the laptop on for no reason reduces its battery life and affects hardware performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions in the following.

How Can I Check the Temperature of My Laptop ?

There are various software available which enables to keep the check on laptop temperature and monitor it on daily basis. We will recommend you Core Temp which also shares other valuable information about the system which helps you in improving the hardware performance.

Why My Laptop Starts Over-Heating On Bed ?

If your laptop exhaust area is placed on the bottom of laptop, it covers that area while keeping it on bed which prevents its heat to flow out and it further leads to laptop over-heating.

Is This Really Hazardous For Health To Put the Laptop On Lap ?

Yes, it is true that putting the laptop on your lap will affect your health and body. Its exhaust are releases the heat and rays which can damage the human body.

How Can I Prevent Laptop Over-Heating While Placing it On Bed ?

We have already recommended you two solutions which include little cost. The first one is, buy the Cooling Pad which will cost you around 40 bucks. The high-quality cooling pad will keep your laptop cool.

The second thing we recommended was portable bed table which comes with enough space to keep the laptop and can use it while staying on the bed. This portable table provides the ventilation space to allow the laptop releasing its heat outflow.

Final Words

We shared all essential details with you to avoid laptop over-heating issues while using it in bed. Cooling pad is the most effective one which comes with built-in fans and keep your laptop cool from its bottom side. The second solution is portable laptop table which provides the space to flow out the laptop’s heat and user can also easily use the laptop.

In this article, it is also advised the user to keep the laptop’s fan clean and also its heat ventilation area which otherwise would stop the heat outflow from laptop, this will lead to over-heating issues.

Moreover, always keep removing the malware and virus infected files from the system because it consumes lots of ram and processor which leads them to over-run and again causes over-heating issues. A virus free laptop is more likely not to suffer from over-heating issues while using it in bed.