How to Use Single Jack Headset Without Splitter

Headset / Headphones are such a product used for enjoying music, movie sound and a low-quality headphone ruins the entertainment experience. Mostly who are passionate about music want to spend big bucks on buying premium-level headphones.

How to Use Single Jack Headset Without Splitter

Here, we discuss the issue of “ How to Use Single Jack Headset without Splitter ”, several readers have asked this question because most quality headphones come with a single jack, these days.

Headphones with two jacks, first jack was used for sound output and second jack for working as Microphone. These days single jack headphones have replaced double jack headphones, still, people facing issues those have headphones with a splitter.

The problem is what to do when a PC has two ports, whereas a user having a single jack headphones, the one solution is to use a splitter. You can also connect headphones to the splitter and then its two jacks can be connected to the PC and this is the second solution. But when the user wants to use single jack headphones without a splitter, then we also have a solution for this.

Does the Use of Splitter Affect the Sound Quality?

The user puts the single jack of headphone into the splitter and then the two jacks of a splitter is connected into the PC. It helps the user to get the single jack headset connected with PC even if it was built for two jack headphones.

The device “Splitter” does not cause volume loss but it produces low audio quality.

How can Single Jack Headset be Functional without Splitter?

The demand for wireless and Bluetooth headphones has increased dramatically and millions of buyers gave a positive response. The demand has been surging for the last two years, but still, some users are comfortable with wired headphones and prefer using it over the latest technology it.

Splitter device enables the user to make the single jack headset functional for the CPU which only accepts two wires of headset, input and output wires.

You must know about the different functionalities of input and output jacks of headphones, then you can better understand how single jack headphones require splitter to be functional?

The Functionality of Input and Output Jack

First of all, you need to see a recently released high-end headset; you will notice three rings that separate the golden contacts. All the older headset comes with one ring; this one performs mono functionality, whereas remaining two rings functions as stereo.

PC provides the support for both input audio and output audio separately through two different jacks. You can see these two jacks, the first color is green and the second color is pink. These colors are used for differentiating between output and input audio, one for listening and the other for recording own voice.  

New Advanced PC’s

There are mostly two jacks on every new PC and when you take a look at them, you will notice that one jack indicates this port is dedicated for output and another port is dedicated to input. Users with a single jack headset can connect it to the second port and then you will be able to listen to the sound/music as well as use it as a microphone. The second port supports both audio input and output.

Laptops and MacBook offer only one port used for dual-purpose which means its single port can be used for both input audio and output audio both. We also have a solution for the users who have old PC. Lets us also share this with our readers as how can old PC’s users use single jack headphone without a splitter.

Old PC’s

Users of old PC needs to follow these following steps and then they will be able to use single jack headphones without splitters.

For Windows OS

1. Go to the Control Panel.

2. There are multiple setting options are given, you need to click and select sound option.

3. It will result as number of sound options appears on the screen, click on recording section from them.

4. It will appear multiple devices as options, you need to find the device currently in use and make it default.

5. In case unable to find it, click Set up Microphone button. It will automatically search your device and detect if it is inserted.

6. You must apply the changes and then test it.


1. Go to the settings and click on Sounds.

2. Open the sound preferences.

3. Get into the input tab, once it appears in the pop-ups.

4. Done.

This method will definitely work; if it does not then it also may be your jack is damaged.

Final Words

This is the fact that it takes a complex procedure to use a single jack headset without a splitter. The other way is changing the whole jack system; this will cost you more expensive.

The average cost of Splitter varies from $1 to $5 and quality also varies from price to price. Splitters with low prices do not offer high quality. The method we shared in the above is the easiest method to get the single jack connected with PC without a splitter. Let’s try this method and ask any query if you want ask.