How Much Space Does Roblox Game Takes in MBs ? Complete Guide

Every gamer compares Roblox game with Minecraft in terms of its storage size, its true Roblox takes only 96 MB space and also offers better graphics comparing to its big game in competition. There is also a discussion about how much RAM requires for running Roblox and should we have high-end GPU to enjoy the game at its most?

All these questions will be answered while also discussing what aspects must be considering in the PC or laptop if you want to enjoy Roblox.

How Much Space Does Roblox Game Takes in MBs ?

We are going to discuss about how much space does Roblox game take in the following.

What Aspects Needs To Bring into Consideration ?

To play and enjoy Roblox, not same things need to be considered for laptop and desktop PC. System requirements are little different for both kinds of system.

The most critical hardware is going to be GPU because near 70 percentage of game performance depends upon the graphic card which is responsible for rendering better gaming experience to the Roblox fans.

The second most critical hardware is the processor responsible for processing the all game related data in no time and provides the lag-free gaming experience. No gamer can bear lagging while playing a game like Roblox which is full of pleasure.

This game is very easy with amount of RAM and internal storage space. As mentioned earlier, Roblox game only takes 96 MB space and does not consume RAM much.

Minimum System Hardware Requirements

We are going to share its minimum system requirements in the following.

Graphics Card

User must install DirectX 10 or higher to run Roblox on Windows OS. It is also suggested to play it on computer less than five years old and comes with dedicated video card. In case having laptop, it must be less than three years old with an integrated video card.


It is officially recommended to come up with a processor having minimum 1.6 Ghz clock speed.

RAM / Memory

It is officially recommended to have at least 1GB of RAM on a laptop to play Roblox.

Free Storage Space

It is recommended to have 20MB of free space after installing Roblox.   

Operating System

Windows 7 32bit

Recommended System Hardware Requirements

We are going to share recommended system requirements for Roblox, in the following.

Graphics Card

It is recommended to install NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO graphic card to enjoy better Roblox gaming experience. For AMD fans, come up with AMD Radeon HD 3850 to have best experience.


The recommended processor is Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 Ghz. As far as AMD processor is concerned, Install AMD Athlon X2 280 to enjoy lag-free Roblox gaming experience.


Roblox new mods requires 2GB of RAM to enjoy at its most.

Free Storage Space

It is recommended to leave 20MB free drive space after installing the game.

Operating System

Play Roblox game on Windows 10 64bit and also installing DirectX 12 to enjoy best experience.

Minimum Requirements for Smartphone Users

We are going to share minimum requirements for playing Roblox on Smartphone.

Amazon Fire OS

User can play Roblox on Fire HD 6 and 7, they belong to 4th generation.

Android OS        

The oldest android version 4.4 can run the Roblox. Android device must be having ARMv7 or faster processor to run the game.

Apple iOS

User can play Roblox on iPhone 4s or later released device. As far as iPad is concerned, it requires minimum iPad 2 to play the game.

What is mod Menuz and its Benefits ?

The mod Menuz is designed to keep the performance of all Roblox mods improved and better. It will send you the all latest updates, so you can install them and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

These updates help the player in fixing all the glitches and bugs which cause lags while gaming. It also eliminates the security threats on your own online gaming platform and prevents your account from being banned.

How Mod Menuz’s Roblox Hacks Works on Other Platforms ?

To run it on different platforms, you will have to perform few actions.

Windows PC – A user is required to apply the DLL injection technique in Windows to easily hack the Mod Menuz Roblox.

Android – User may have to root the device.

Mac – It is more complicated to run hacks on Mac comparing to Windows. Its user can run custom code.

Why should be gamer using hacks in Roblox ?

Though, Roblox is a game which user can play free of cost but then it requires money to play its paid exciting mods, otherwise no access to them. Roblox player pays for many items which makes the gameplay experience better, but using hacks will make the player earn Robux currency and buy anything they want.

This is called hacking because the currency was never earned but hacked and you can buy several items in the game, through this currency. This hack is totally safe and you will have no security threat after using it.

Frequently Asked Questions by the Visitors

  • What Platforms Can We Play Roblox On ?

Roblox game can play on multiple platforms as this game has 37.1 million daily active users worldwide. This game is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, macOS, Fire OS and classic MAC OS.

  • How Much Space Does Roblox Game Takes in MBs ?

Roblox game only takes 96 MB of space and requires 20MB free storage space. It does not take much space because it’s an online game.

  • How Much RAM Requires To Play Roblox ?

Roblox requires 2GB of RAM to run smoothly without lag. Though, this game can also be played on 1GB RAM but would suffer from lagging.

  • How Much Space Does Roblox Take on iOS Devices ?

It will take same amount of space on iOS devices as it takes on Windows and other platforms.

Final Words

We shared some critical details about the Roblox game including its game size which is only 96 MBs and it also requires minimum 20MB free storage space. To run the Roblox smoothly, system requires recommended 2 GB of RAM which offers great experience. This game is also available on other platforms like Android, IOS and it also does not require much space on other platforms.

Roblox and Minecraft are similar games in terms of space it takes on internal storage and both games also offer hundreds of new Mods, all new keep coming. One who loves Roblox would also love the game Minecraft.