Why My Left and Right Pair of AirPods Are Not Being Charged ? How To Fix This Issue ?

User’s buys AirPods for enjoying better experience and comfort, it becomes big headache when AirPod stops being charged and you do not have no idea how to get pair of AirPods fully charged? This device is using the high-quality components which makes this Apple product distinguished from competitors.

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Why My Left and Right Pair of AirPods Are Not Being Charged ?

Let’s discuss about this issue and also its solution how to fix it.

How To Charge Pair of AirPods Equally ?

Apple has provided full software support to its AirPods (Hardware) through optimizing iOS, but still system having bugs & glitches. Mostly users are experiencing the bug which fails the AirPods from being fully charged and charging stops before 100%.

It’s easy solution is available, just apply the reset function and this will remove the old configuration.

  • Put the pair of AirPods in its charging case.
  • Turn-on the Bluetooth from Settings option.
  • Search your AirPods from the list and then tap the (i) button.
  • Tap and select the option “Forget This Device” and then apply this option “Remove Device”.
  • Make sure AirPods are already inside the casing, then press round button which is placed behind charging case. User needs to press & hold that button till it starts flashing yellow color light.
  • After a minute, get the AirPods paired with your Smartphone.

After following these steps mentioned above, AirPods not charging issue should not be persisted. Apple has come up with another solution by launching firmware, but it also does not come up with perfect solution. It is suggested to have all latest updates from internet for wireless device.

AirPods Case Not Charging

Apple AirPods is still a new technology to its big audience and they mostly fail to understand how to use this wireless technology and fix its charging issues. Most of the times AirPods fails to charge for two reasons, we can fix this issue by applying following methods.

Weak Battery of Charging Case

The battery of AirPods charges from the charging case, user should place them inside the case to keep them charged. But, charging case also requires to charge its battery. Otherwise, if it is empty of power then would not be able to charge the AirPods.

Charging case comes with 398 mAh battery and user needs to plug it into the switchboard to get the power charging.


Though, AirPods have great resistance against sweat & dust but still requires handle with care. User should keep own device clean and free of dust particles which can otherwise create connection problems. You can use air-blower machine to remove all tiny dust particles placed inside the AirPods.

Charging case also needs to be kept clean, a good care helps user to enjoy high-quality experience for long time. A bad care will be wastage of your money.

Keep the Charging Points Clean

Apple outsourced its AirPods manufacturing to Cupertino-based company which is known for innovating new technology and they also did with AirPods and introduced next-gen charging technology. Its charging points are highly sensitive which enables to get it charged quickly.

It also requires great care and keep these points clean is critical. Any negligence in cleaning charging points may hurt its charging ability and overall efficiency. Do not use brutal method to clean and rather apply following procedure.

  • Use soft fiber cloth to apply the cleaning process on AirPods and its charging points.
  • User can use mini size air-blower and keep its throwing pressure at lower level, otherwise can damage the charging points.

User should not be using any sharp object to clean AirPods from inside; it can easily damage the points inside and no chance of repairing from Apple service centre.

We have also suggested you that the throwing pressure of air-blower because these charging points are sensitive. We strongly do not recommend usage of brush to clean it, damaging chances also increases with sharp objects.

Keep the Charging Case Compartment Clean

You pay for AirPods and also get a case, which is used for charging and known as charging compartment. User needs to keep the compartment clean to keep AirPods cleaner. A dust particle can affect its performance and sound quality which would be easily noticeable.

You can wish for dust and water proof AirPods, but Apple did not come up with such AirPods so far. Using micro-fiber cloth to keep it clean is the only solution.

Users often have the issue where charging case is unable to establish the contact with charging points, this issue mostly occurs because charging points are filled with dust particles which prevent the connectivity between two.  

You need to follow these two steps to keep the compartment clean.

  • Always use the dry cloth to clean the compartment from outside and inside both.
  • Air-blower may also be used to remove the dust particles on the case and make it all clean for AirPods.

We are warning you again and again that never use the sharp objects and something having hard edges which can create scratches on the case. Apple designed them very sensitive and they can be easily damaged by its rough usage.

Broken Charging Cable  

It is most likely that charging cable stops functioning after some time because many users have complained about this.

  • User can purchase a new charging cable from Apple Store for $19.
  • Amazonbasics can also help you in charging your AirPods, can buy it from the Amazon store.

It is recommended to go for high-quality cable or charging device, low-quality choice can also damage your case and also the AirPods. User also has to be wise about how to maintain own AirPods, after buying them.

How To Repair Apple Made AirPods

If AirPods stops working during the warranty time period, Apple service centre will take the responsibility and can provide you new one. If the damage occurred due to your own mistake or negligence, you have to bear the loss. Apple provides discounted prices to its customers who subscribed to AppleCare+ service, otherwise prices are higher for regular customers.

Final Words

AirPods and its charging are both sensitive devices which require extra care. Apple designed them as delicated devices which delivers good user experience and let them enjoy the music or whatever they are listening.

To charge pair of AirPods definitely require careful handling because these are dedicated devices. It requires a gentle cleaning process with soft micro-fiber cloth and has to avoid using harsh objects to make these devices clean from inside and outside both.