How Much Space Does Sims 4 Game Take With All Mods Installed ?

To answer the question of how much space does Sims 4 take after installation, the answer is, it depend how many mods and packs player wants to install. Sims 4 is very entertaining and fun game which keeps its players engaged by releasing new mods every season. In order to enjoy Sims 4 at its peak, player has to install all of its high quality mods which offer best life-simulation experience.

They have recently released the new mod “Snowy Escape” where player can enjoy the snow environment and winter season at its peak. Everything is about the Winter season and player accordingly makes choices.

How Much Space Does Sims 4 Game Take ?

It is always very challenging for the Sims 4 player and they want to install all mods in the storage. This game has more than 200 mods and the research we conducted shows us that it takes around 30GB to install all packs. Though, this game also requires 25GB space must be free for smooth gaming experience.

It is important to install all mods and complete expansionary pack as all mods offers great fun to play and live the simulated life. A true fan of Sims 4 cannot afford missing few mods because having low internal storage.

Let us share with you its system requirements which make big difference on quality of gaming experience.

Minimum System Requirements of Sims 4

We are going to share the minimum system requirements to play the game Sims 4.


User must have at least 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. As far as AMD processor is concerned, it requires AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+.


The system must be installed with at least 4GB of RAM.


Sims 4 game requires minimum 25GB free space, after game has been installed. As mentioned earlier, it takes around 30 GB to install its all packs and mods.

Graphic Card:

It requires NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or advanced.


It’s versions from 9 to 11 which are compatible with the game.

Recommended System Requirements of Sims 4

The recommended system requirements are the one which offers best smooth gaming experience.


To enjoy the Sims 4 game at its best and do want to suffer from any interruption during life-simulation game, it is better to get Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. In the AMD, its AMD Athlon X4.


Mostly players come across are very much satisfied with the performance of 4GB RAM, because they have not played the game on 8GB RAM. It is recommended to come up with 8GB RAM and enjoy the game as one should be.


It is recommended to leave 30GB space free after installing the game. It should not be an issue for the player because these days laptops come with 1TB HDD.

Can We Run Sims 4 On Mac ?

The good news is Yes, you can run Sims 4 game on Mac, originally this game was only compatible with Windows OS. On 17th February 2015, its developers released the new version of Sims 4 game for MAC users.

Minimum System Requirements of Sims 4 on MAC:


The processor is responsible for processing the all game logics and complex data. It requires minimum Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz processor.


It is also the same minimum requirements of Windows OS. It requires minimum 4GB RAM.


User has to leave 25GB free space minimum.

Operating System

Mac OS X 10.11 ( EI Caption )

Recommended System Requirements of Sims 4 on MAC


It is recommended to go with Intel Core i5 or faster. As far as AMD series is concerned, Its AMD Athlon X4.


4G RAM is only to good to play the game, 8GB is recommended to enjoy the game.

Graphic Card

Sims 4 is such a life-simulation game which everyone wants to enjoy at its peak potential. Accordingly, it is recommended to have NVIDIA GTX 650.


Player is recommended to leave 30GB free space after game installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will more ram deliver better gaming experience for Sims 4 ?

The answer is definitely Yes. Faster ram can help you enjoy smooth gaming experience and no lag. The new mods of Sims 4 offers lots of fun can’t imagine any lag while playing life simulation mods.

Is 8GB ram good for Sims 4 ?

8GB RAM is definitely good for Sims 4 and can store the all temporary to process it faster and allows smooth gameplay. Its player ideally requires 8GB RAM and not 4GB.

Can I play Sims 4 with 2GB RAM ?

There is no way using 2GB RAM to play the game like Sims 4.

How much space Sims 4 take ?

This game takes around 30GB space after installing all its mods and packs.

Final Words

This was the most request question about the Sims 4 and many players showed their concern about how much space does Sims 4 game take with all Mods Installed ? and we answered it with essential details. Sims 4 system requirements are not that high as latest games these days are demanding.

It is good to play life-simulating games especially its developers are releasing new fun mods to keep you more alive in this game. You can enjoy the different style of living in this game such as “Live in Business” mod enables you to run the business from home, “Better-Build Mod” enables the user to keep the objects organized in better way.

The old laptops used to come with low internal storages and it is very challenging to meet the free storage requirement of Sim 4 on old laptops. You are recommended to buy dedicated 1TB HDD just to install and play Sims 4.

Otherwise, you would not be able to install all of its mods and expansionary packs. A true fan of Sims 4 game cannot afford missing fun-to-play mods just for having low storage capacity and would manage the enough space anyway.