How To Check IF Laptop Fan Is Working ? How To Fix Laptop Fan Issue?

Let’s understand the critical importance of laptops fan by this example. As proper water drainage system is critical for any city, otherwise it is going to sink the properties and residents living in that city. Similarly, a laptop fan plays the same critical role as a drainage system, if it stops working then badly affects the overall performance of a laptop and even its hardware components. Accordingly, every user must ensure if the laptop fan is working or not?

How Fan of Laptop Perform Critical Role ?

It is important for the laptop fan to keep the temperature cool while processor is processing the data, RAM storing temporary information and other hardware also performing their functions. Otherwise, temperature gets high and hardware will soon start be damaging. To always check whether or not fan is working, is very critical for laptop’s health.

Over-heated laptop always goes slow and delivers the frustrated user experience. When a user is least worried about over-heating issues and do not ensure any caution, it deteriorates the laptop’s performance and also reduces its life.  

Laptop delivers its peak performance while having cool temperature; hardware performs at its best before any heat up issues. User will experience fast speed and overall data processing because every hardware is delivering its best performance.

You can also take the example of human anger, a state of mind when man lost control over body. This is the similar case with a laptop without working fan which keeps the laptop hot and then it bursts up everything. Therefore, keep testing the laptop’s fan must be included in To-Do list.

How To Check If Laptop Fan Is Working ?

There are different methods to check whether or not laptops fan is working, we will discuss all one by one in the following.

Method 1:

This one is the simplest method to check the performance of fan and to what its functional. When you turn on your laptop and it starts the booting process, try to listen the fan noise. There is a standard fan noise while processing the data on user’s request. If you can hear the fan noise, it means laptop fan is working properly.

User also needs to test the same method while performing heavy duties like running PhotoShop, this is heavy software and requires more processing power.

This would be the big test for checking the fan performance, if fan also starts to keep the temperature cool and does not let the laptop heat-up which means fan is working properly.

It is not essential that fan starts working as soon as you turn-on the laptop. The manufacturers of latest laptops have been designing such fans now as they only start working when system is under stress and processing complex data.

This helps in improving the battery life because fan consumes lots of battery and manufacturers have started developing such laptops in which system booting is no more stress on high-end hardware.

This method is only good for the laptops which fans starts noising at some level. It mostly happens with the budget and mid-range laptops. What if you have an expensive laptop which fan does not make any noise in the first place? We are suggesting you the second method for this situation to check if laptop fan is working ?

Method 2:

This method is also easy to perform, get to know whether laptop fan blows the air out or not.

You are most likely to find the laptop’s exhaust either on its left side or on the back of the laptop. If still unable to find on both sides, then manufacturers have placed it on the bottom.

Now, you need to put a piece of paper on the exhaust side from where it is blowing out the air/heat. After five minutes, if you feel paper gets little hot due to hot air blowing out. It means fan is working properly and actually blowing out the hot air through exhaust system.

The design of all latest laptops is highly-efficient, usually the size of exhaust fan is too small and it releases the air out through small holes. It might take some more time to heat up the paper; you need to wait for minimum five minutes.

We have shared with you two easiest methods to check whether or not laptops fan is working. You will most probably get to know if the fan is functional and cooling down the temperature or just causing heat-up issues.

But, we also have third solution to apply the same test with different method; will be discussed in the following.

Laptops Fan Testing Software

We are going to recommend you a fan performance testing software called SpeedFan.

You can download this software without any cost, available on its official website. It is popular testing software and can find downloading links on other software downloading sites.

This software was developed with the idea to check the overall performance of PC and laptops. It scans the whole system and presents the report to share if any error detected or highlighting the area of bad performance. But, it mainly accesses the temperature of the system and monitors the voltages.

It also detects which hardware and model you using in CPU and GPU both.

There are specific GPU’s having own dedicated fan to keep the temperature cool, this software can automatically identify and detect them, ensure proper configuration with the GPU’s model and apply the test to get the reliable results of its performance.

It will show the results in Celsius temperature. If fan delivers bad performance, the system temperature will be higher or vice-versa. Its configuration system is excellent and can quickly identify almost all models of CPU and GPU.

The best feature about this amazing software is, can check the temperature of all hardware components contributing into the system. Its main page automatically shows you the temperature of your three most critical hardware including CPU, GPU and Hard Drive.

It also shows the temperature of CPU with multiple cores, you can get the temperature for each core separately.

If you see the temperature of one hardware is going high and other hardware having low temperature, there is some issue with the hardware with high temperature which can also affect the whole system.

But, you have to wait for another result which is the performance of fan. It shows you the fan speed and how good it is working. This result will help you to get a better idea about whether something wrong with hardware or fan.

If you are performing heavy duty like working on PhotoShop and it feels like fan is working slow which also causing heat accumulation, it is definitely wrong with the fan.

Now, the thing is what to do with the laptop fan when it is not working properly. You are suggested try to clean it first because it is more likely having dust issues. If the issue still persists, then you need to buy the new fan for replacing with the old one.

It is better to invest in new fan rather keep cleaning the fan for better performance.

SpeenFan is also the top choice of hard core gamers, who wants to keep close monitoring on the temperature of multiple cores processing heavy-graphic data for them.

The effective usage of SpeedFan is going to enhance your laptops life and overall quality user experience. When your laptop starts delivering some issues, it is never sudden but a continuous disruption results this. We as a user fail in continuous monitoring of our system, by not using such software on daily basis.


We shared with you the two most effective methods to check if your laptop fan is working or not because if it is not then the laptop can suffer from over-heating issues. The user is most likely to get the issue resolved by trying one of the first two methods and the laptop fan would start be working properly.

A third option, SpeedFan is an amazing software also used by professionals who are engaged in performing heavy duties and they also keep check on laptops’ overall performance and temperature. When a laptop suffers from high temperature all the time, its life starts reducing by leaps and bounds.